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    ATI list specs and prices of first six X2800 cards

    ATI has listed some of its first DirectX 10 offerings with specs and prices. Topping the list is the X2800XTX, with a 750 MHz core clock and a Gigabyte of GDDR4 running at 2.2 GHz on a 512 bit bus. Like Nvidia's new cards, it features 128 shaders and an 80nm architecture. The card will initially...
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    AMD/ATI developing external R600 and Crossfire cards

    Codenamed lasso, AMD's external graphics solution will use the external PCI-e connection announced last week. This solution is targeted at both desktops and laptops, but obviously will make the biggest difference in the latter. Laptops are not known for their high powered graphical solutions...
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    Intel quad-cores likely to use 1333 MHz FSB

    1333... 4 MHz too slow.
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    Wi Console Specs Unveiled

    I thought it was the Wii, not the Wi. Have they shortened the name?
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    The Nuclear War Launcher (and USB hub) heads West.

    Nah, I would find a way to set it as a macro for easy network nuking. Set it up with ettercap so the little red button fucks everyones connection on campus. Then you can threaten people with it and stuff. Demand money when they're feverishly working on a huge project for the next day. :D Alla yo...
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    The Nuclear War Launcher (and USB hub) heads West.

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    Lenovo to ship AMD based ThinkCentres

    Lenovo, the company that bought up IBM's Thinkpad and Thinkcentre brand, plans to use AMD processors in their PC's. Until now, the brand had been exclusively Intel based. The first AMD based business solution, the ThinkCentre A60, will be outfitted with either Sempron 64 or Athlon 64 X2 CPU's...
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    Creatives introduces new Media player - the Zen V

    Any idea what these will retail for?
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    Intel: Let the pink slips hit the floor

    A month after news of the layoffs was first heard, Intel is cruising along, quietly pruning workgroups. The first to find the notice on their desks were those in the XScale group, followed by the Software Solutions Group. However, while it's not exactly pleasant to find your senior manager...
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    Newegg.com, one of the most sucessful online retailers of computer hardware, appears to be eyeing the European market. Having cleared approximately 1.3 Billion USD in sales last year(5-7 Million dollars every day), the American etailer is considering targeting the european market via an...
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    Conroe XE not supercharged

    And how does it show this?
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    Black Frog: Blue Frog reborn

    As many of you will remember, Blue Security went under just a few weeks ago. The company offered a powerful antispam service called Blue Frog, and when it began to take a toll on spammers' networks, a russian spammer launched a massive DoS attack on their servers, overwhelming them with a...
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    Conroe at 4GHz

    Well, first of all, FSB is nearly synonymous with HTT anymore. Second of all, “HT bus” refers to Hyper Transport, which has nothing to do with our conversation. I was talking about the HTT. Well, assuming you are talking about hyper transport, you're right, but since AMD isn't changing that...
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    Conroe at 4GHz

    I think Conroe is going to be pretty sweet, but I don't think it's going to blow AMD out of the water like people are saying. Remember when intel compared their conroe to a "projected FX-62"? Conroe beat it by a fair amount, but independant tests showed the overclocked FX-60 performing...
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    Conroe at 4GHz

    Holy crap. The chip isn't even out yet. And look at that FSB. Conroe sure is going to be a nice overclocker.
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    Dell and AMD: Official

    Yup yup. I'm looking forward to pics(you know someone will post them). :roll:
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    Dell and AMD: Official

    ROFL. I had to rewrite it too, because while I was writing the first one, their servers came back up, and I had been writing it like it may or may not be true. Now it obviously is, but it looked kinda suspicious what with the PR being offline and all. :D
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    Dell and AMD: Official

    Dell has announced that at long last, AMD's Opterons chips will be finding their places in the Texas-based company's server line. The press release came out earlier today, and after a bit of trouble with their website this afternoon, the press release is back up for all to see. The PR details...
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    AMD Opteron 144, 146, 148 OVERCLOCKING!!!

    I went for the 148 because when I bought it, it was $220, and my mobo doesn't do so well at high htt's. So the multi was the selling point for me. Plus, at the time, all the good 144's and 146's were getting sucked up fast by people hoping for good stepping. So I bought the less popular 148 and...
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    Creative sues Apple

    Nobody buys stuff direct from creative dude. Apple sometimes, but I have yet to meet the person who ordered their soundcard/mp3 player/speakers/etc from creative's website. I sure didn't.
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    Socket F hits the streets this July

    AMD's new pinless server socket will debut this July(Yes, AMD is going LGA). The 1207 pin future home of the Opteron series will support DDR-II speeds from 400 to 800. The K8L Opterons will also sport an improved memory controller capable of using FBDIMM's. Source: The INQ
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    Creative sues Apple

    Actually they do. They're just an option to turn it off(which I do).
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    Creative sues Apple

    Uhh, when did I say it was better because it gets radio? In any case, the vision:m display offers more than four times the color of the video ipod (262,144 vs 64,000) It makes a huge difference, believe me. The ipod looks washed out in comparison. The player may be thicker, but I don't mind...
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    Skype offering free PC to land-line calls in US and Canada

    The very same. Bastards.
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    Creative sues Apple

    Crappy mp3 players? Have you seen the new zen vision:m's? They're awesome. They even beat out the iPod at CES, winning both the best of CES prize in "mp3 and portable video" , and in "best in show". It has a better screen than the ipod video, and you can watch videos without losing so much...