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    NVIDIA Announces GeForce GTX Titan, The Fastest GPU in the World

    If i want to pay 1000 euro (cause that much it gonna cost in EU) for a SUPER magnesium cased AWESOME design than ill buy jewelry and not a GPU with just a minor performance boost over last gen. I would say NVIDIA give us instead a naked ugly PCB with astronomical performance and not a nice...
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Graphics Card Pictured in Full

    Not really. Even in the time of gtx280 it was affordable even at release and it was the fastes single chip for a while. I think they turned the GREED ENGINE on since the gtx500 serie and it was just a refreshed 400 serie. The 680 is so insanely priced,the GK104 not even designed to be high...
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Graphics Card Pictured in Full

    I am really worried abot the price... NVIDIA is my favorite forever.. but lately the become GIGA GREEDY.. They do the same like apple: nice designe,low cost hardware,gigantic marketing= Astronomical price. I suspect that it will cost the same as a 690 but it will be slower and if that so there...
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    SilverStone Sugo SG10 Packs Enough Room for a Serious Gaming Kick

    The description is wrong as it is cause just by looking at the image you can see a 12.7mm slot loading DVD drive which is 129mm wide that means that the top fan cannot be 140mm 1cm more make no difference the fan still a lot wider,they are next to eachother so you can compair them. Take...
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    SilverStone Sugo SG10 Packs Enough Room for a Serious Gaming Kick

    Only the blind cant see that its actualy an SG9 with a fixed front panel and renamed for SG10. Since many people complained how ugly was the front of the SG9 thats the minimum from silverstone to get it fixed.But renaming its to SG10 it lame,and writing another review from it is wasting time.
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    [Case Gallery] EIZO Complexity Case Mod 2009

    another 10 from me :)
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    [Case Gallery] EIZO FlexScan T68 Monitor – Gaming Case Mod 2009

    10/10 from me for an original idea
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    [Case Gallery] BlueRazor

    Hi. I just have a question about your 3sli. if you have the 3 card linked tougether and you decide to dedicate one of them as physx and let 2 other card in sli you dont need to remove the bridge? is just enough to change setting in the NVIDIA controll panel? Thanks. PS: nice rig :)
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    New Asetek Liquid CPU Coolers Support PCs with 92 mm Fans

    I expect a nice performance cause the CORSAIR H-50/70 using asetec pumps, exactly this on the H-70. Even the bracket is the same lol. I have H-50 and love it. cant wait to be released and i will go to smaller case (not if my not small enough) :)
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    [Case Gallery] Cooler Master elite 341

    About the messi cabling: My compleat case is so small that i can put it inside your case and you might still can close it. If you know the CM elite 341 than you know that is no way to hide any cablecause its a really small basic but wery light case,with my mods the case itsefl weight just 2.3kg...
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    [Case Gallery] CuboPC 3

    I voted 10/10 because: I love mini space saving pc's Nice work.
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    [Case Gallery] False Floor Mod/Lighting/Cable Management

    I voted 10/10 because: that plexiglas melting action is cool and a nice looking rig
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    [Case Gallery] Predator REBUILD

    I voted 10/10 because: Nice massive rig User withdrew this vote on: Nov 27 2010 05:15
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    [Case Gallery] Cooler Master elite 341

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: Asus rampage II gene, Core i7 920 4Ghz 24/7 at 1.225v max 44c under load. 6GB xms3 c9 1600,2x gtx470 SLI,2x intel x-25m 160gb SSD RAID0=320gb :) (system),+wd scorpio black 320gb (small storage), cooler master silent pro modular 1000w, corsair H-50...
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    [Case Gallery] Cyber woman

    I voted 10/10 because: nice one.
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    [Case Gallery] Corsair O8D Revision

    i withdraw my bad vote cause you was fair,i didnt meant to be bad but this is really a case moding galery.you have to clik on the menu CASE MOD GALERY to see the works but i got angry cause nameless ppls voting me 1/10 not even says why and other get 10/10 just cause bought a nice rig,probably i...
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    [Case Gallery] The RELiC™ Project

    I voted 5/10 because: ok
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    [Case Gallery] Corsair O8D Revision

    I voted 1/10 because: easey to buy something but this forum about MOD. real had work on the case not the inside. User withdrew this vote on: Feb 22 2010 21:09
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    [Case Gallery] Darkness Falls

    I voted 10/10 because: nice
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    [Case Gallery] HP pavilion 745...ROG edition. lol

    this case not been made to competite the big names whos working whit high precision expensive tools,i made cause similar quality and size cases cost over 50$ what can support large graf card. i only used a drill mashine whit heads for metal,a 180mm metal cutter disc and some screw driver.
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    [Case Gallery] HP pavilion 745...ROG edition. lol

    Hi and thx for the vote. The case you working on was also on my list of choises but so hard to find this oldies in acceptable condition. Iam 100% shure that when you done will be an excellent and cheap rig. my cost include paint and all materials 20$.
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    [Case Gallery] HP pavilion 745...ROG edition. lol

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: Rampage II gene,6gb xms3 1600,BFG GTX280 OCX,Super-talent 700w PSU.2x wd scorpio black 2.5" in RAID0,core i7 920 minor OC to 2,9ghz ,stock cooler. Modded HP P4 MicroATX case Mods: mods: custom paint,side panel windows,front panel mods like make the...