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  1. Analog_Manner

    HP Launches New MediaSmart Home Server for PCs and Macs

    Sweet. These things kick ass. I have one of the older ones, they are great. The only problem I've found with them is really microsoft's fault; see after about six months of use there is this multi-gigabyte log file that screws everything up. If you don't purge it yourself every couple of...
  2. Analog_Manner

    Whats your graphics card history???

    EVGA Nvidia GeForce 6600 GT (2005) PNY Nvidia GeForce 8500 GT (2007) BFG Nvidia GeForce 9800 GTX (2008)
  3. Analog_Manner

    Atom Not For NVIDIA: Intel

    THAT sounds like great idea. I second this.
  4. Analog_Manner

    Dell Adamo Nears Reality

    I think netbooks are great, because they keep the same functionality of a laptop, but they are ultra portable. More like a giant PDA than a small personal computer. Netbooks make for great modding projects too; you can open them up and hide the components in silly places, like under the...
  5. Analog_Manner

    what is the best graphics card you have owned?

    The best card I've ever owned was a BFG 8500gt 512mb. Not high performing, but it was reliable and took a lot of crap.
  6. Analog_Manner

    GeForce GTX 295 Preview Suggests Aggressive Pricing

    So, looking at relative performance, the GTX 280 is only 6-7% slower than the 4870x2 http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/Sapphire/HD_4870_X2_Atomic_Watercooled/26.html So it takes 2 of ATI's best gpu's to compete with Nvidia's best single gpu card! What's even more odd, is that the 9800GX2...
  7. Analog_Manner

    GeForce GTX 295 Preview Suggests Aggressive Pricing

    I dunno, Nvidia can do better. I think a dual 280 would be better than a dual 260. I wonder if the reason they used two 260's is because they can't use 280. Possibly heat/power problems or something?
  8. Analog_Manner

    SPARKLE Introduces GeForce 9800 GTX+ 1GB Graphics Card For Mainstream PC Gamers

    mmmm tasty displayport Is that a Displayport port? That would go great with a Dell 3008 WFP monitor. I've been thinking about getting two of them.
  9. Analog_Manner

    GeForce GTX 295 Preview Suggests Aggressive Pricing

    Yeah, ha ha, I wouldn't.
  10. Analog_Manner

    GeForce GTX 295 Preview Suggests Aggressive Pricing

    http://i3.techpowerup.com/reviews/ATI/HD_4830/images/perfdollar.gif Maybe this chart is old, but it looks like the 9600 GT is the champ in performance/price:confused:
  11. Analog_Manner

    GeForce GTX 295 Preview Suggests Aggressive Pricing

    Does anyone else think that the texture fill rate on the 4870x2 is interesting? Why is that, does it have faster memory/more memory than the gtx 295?
  12. Analog_Manner

    What case do you think is the best ?

    I find that with most people they don't like the top part. It's too bad, because I would love the front drive bay cover to be on the pc-a77.
  13. Analog_Manner

    What case do you think is the best ?

    Yeah, it's spacious. Like the orignal Thermaltake armor, only with 12 bays. I'm using it to accomodate 8 of Thermaltake's HDD water blocks in my next build. Anyways I think the pros of Lian-Li's PC-a77 are: Room for three PSU's. Two on top (on their sides), one on bottom twelve 5.75...
  14. Analog_Manner

    What case do you think is the best ?

    I like the Lian-Li PC-a77b http://lian-li.com/v2/en/product/product06.php?pr_index=212&cl_index=1&sc_index=25&ss_index=61 But I have a lot of stuff to fit into my computer.
  15. Analog_Manner

    Do you like playing with lego blocks?

    Doesn't look too bad. Nice idea for a shoebox server. I saw a lego technic set that I wanted while christmas shopping, my SO talked me out of it, saying "You are 21, we shouldn't even be in this department."
  16. Analog_Manner

    Dual GeForce GTX 260 to be Officially Named GeForce GTX 295

    If you think DX10 is a joke then I don't think you have every played DX10 World In Conflict and compared it to DX9.
  17. Analog_Manner

    Wire gauges

    Howdy TPU, I was looking at buying wire for some custom-length cables in my computer. I was wondering if you guys would happen to know what gauge to use, I'm kind of at a loss. See, the cables that came with my power supply are kind of short, and I want to run them behind the motherboard...
  18. Analog_Manner

    Dual GeForce GTX 260 to be Officially Named GeForce GTX 295

    By calling it the GTX 295, should we expect it to be 5.3% faster than a GTX 280? Or about as good as two GTX 260's in SLI?
  19. Analog_Manner

    Super Computer!!??

    Wow. Well you can do all of the things your are doing now twice over with a core 2 duo, never mind core i7 ;). The only cause for a machine like that would be for Solidworks (or Pro Engineer, I know you people are around). And even then it's only if your are plopping textures on all of your...
  20. Analog_Manner

    Core i7 Shipments to Pickup Only by Q3'09

    So if they stall development because they want to price gouge they get yelled at, but as soon as they advance the market you call it "odd", as if the price drops in core2 this is causing are a bad thing lol
  21. Analog_Manner

    VIA Ready with VIPRO Embedded Kiosk PC Panel

    "the machine is can run" Say what?
  22. Analog_Manner

    Microsoft Introduces Online Store for the U.S.

    Uh, wow I guess their left hand can't see what the right hand is doing:laugh: There is a link to "http://www.windowsmarketplace.com/" in the program files list of every computer I've ever used. I think it's been there for years, and it's better too.
  23. Analog_Manner

    CHIEFTEC Launches L-type All-in-One PC Chassis

    Hey, I'm not saying they are the best choice for the hospitals, but they look exactly like the ones we have in the Umass hospitals in my county. And they are open and exposed too, and they aren't wall mounted, they just look to be smaller and neater than the Lenovo boxes they seem to be...
  24. Analog_Manner

    CHIEFTEC Launches L-type All-in-One PC Chassis

    You guys can point out flaws all day long, but the hospitals where I live are buying hundreds of little boxes like these. They are everywhere. They say "Lenovo" on them though.
  25. Analog_Manner

    Transcend Introduces 128GB High-Speed 2.5 inch SSD

    Nice. It's so odd to hear the drive in my Zune. You can feel it seek when you hold it too, if you fast forward through video. I wonder if I can crack the case and replace it's drive with this one.