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  1. deathvirus_me

    BFBC2 better with i7 Hyperthread on ?

    eer i dont think u read my post correctly .. i think i mentioned that if BFBC2 is HT aware then it'll perform better with HT .. otherwise not .. i kept it simple .. so if somewhere in the readme of by the devs directly u get the info that BFBC2 is HT aware then u should always play with HT...
  2. deathvirus_me

    BFBC2 better with i7 Hyperthread on ?

    But physically its still 4 cores running 8 threads .. unless BFBC2 can exclusively benefit from HT i don't think u'd notice a great increase in performance .. in such cases a higher clocked 4 core proccy should be better than a lower clocked HT enabled quad with 8 threads .. particularly since...
  3. deathvirus_me

    core2duo and dual channel memory efficiency

    Actually for the E2140, running at stock FSB and ddr2-800, the ratio will be FSB : DRAM will 1:2 and not 1:1 .. proccy FSB will be at 200(*4), and RAM at 400(*2) .. 1:1 signifies both being at same clock :p From my experiences, i can say that the C2D's are very much FSB sensitive, meaning it is...
  4. deathvirus_me

    Need For Speed Undercover

    Is it me or does that look worse than Most Wanted :twitch: AA is definitely gone kaput (obviously bad implementation in the game :shadedshu) .. and there seems to be a missing sharpness :confused: ...... :cry:
  5. deathvirus_me

    Fallout 3 Thread

    WTF !!! just completed the game and damm the ending is awkward and boring !! ... lol .. all that rush for such a boring ending :( ... starting over fresh .. will do all the side missions this time :) ..
  6. deathvirus_me

    9600GT GDDR3 Timings

    Well , if i were u i'd go for 1066 @ 5,5,5,15 over 800 @ 4,4,4,12 ;) .. try it and u'll know why :p ..
  7. deathvirus_me

    HD tune Thread

    deathvirus_me Western Digital Caviar SE16 640 GB AAKS AHCI Avg. Speed : 93.7 MBps ICH8R still manages to well :)
  8. deathvirus_me

    Stalker: Clear Sky Thread

    ^^ try the attachment in my post earlier .. u'll get sun rays 24x7 in dx9/dx10 mode :)
  9. deathvirus_me

    Spore most downloaded game ever because of DRM?

    I feel really good about the whole situation :).... the more bs ways they use to "protect" something the more they get hammered :p ... Oblivion sold more and it just had a simple dvd check .. lol .. Why don't these people go for aggressive pricing ?? Selling 4 copies at 25 bucks would make them...
  10. deathvirus_me

    Stalker: Clear Sky Thread

    in default settings , san rays are only visible till 8 am in the morning after sunrise ... u could try the cfg. i'm using to enable sun rays all the time :) .. the game simply looks amazing with that :) ... check the attachment .. if u have any problem post it here , or pm me ... :toast: and...
  11. deathvirus_me

    Stalker: Clear Sky Thread

    My friend uses my cfg on Win XP with SP3 , and gets the exact same iq as i get on Vista .. so sun rays are definitely not dx10 exclusive .. also , i don't have xrD3D10-Null.dll file :( ...
  12. deathvirus_me

    Stalker: Clear Sky Thread

    sun rays are not dx10 features , u can get sun rays on a dx9.0c card in Clear Sky for 24 hours :p Also , edge smoothing is nowhere as good as MSAA in dx10 mode :p , i've tried it myself and it look damm good with normal MSAA , edge smoothing blurs the whole scene a bit .. I play in dx9.0c mode...
  13. deathvirus_me

    Stalker: Clear Sky Thread

    Its pretty simple .. do u get Wet Surfaces and Volumetric Smoke in XP ?? If i'm not mistaken , dx10 effects are set by totally diff. variable than dx9 one's , r3_.. as compared to r2_.. of dx9.0c .. so unless it lets u could fool it to be running in dx10 , the effects should still be disabled ...
  14. deathvirus_me

    Need testing of new GPU-Z feature: Monitor Info

    Works fine here :)
  15. deathvirus_me

    1.5TB Seagate drives are available from the egg now =) 189.99

    OMG !!! u can fit me in that :p .. wonder how they'll perform :p .. for now i'm happy with my two WD Caviar SE16 640GB AAKS drives :) ..
  16. deathvirus_me

    Which browser do you use?

    FF 3 anyday :P .. i'm one of those geeks that are into customization i guess :p .. plus i'm so used to it now :p .. plus the last time i checked , Opera still had issues with displaying certain sites properly :( ..
  17. deathvirus_me

    [review]13 VGA coolers Roundup

    But thats just for HD4850 :p .. 8800GT rockz with the Thermalright HR03-GT , and in actual testing it does beat the Accelero S1 :) ... i can only say for the 8800GT though ... plus it takes less space too :) ..
  18. deathvirus_me

    Mullered07's Everest Memory Benchmark Thread

    Good enough for my old chips :)
  19. deathvirus_me

    WD 640GB failures :mad:

    Its been 10 days that i've been using two of these drives .. haven't face any problems yet, and hope that these don't fail on me coz i've everything dumped in these .. performance seems fine, and i've been defragmenting a lot coz of my new installs :P , OS and applications and games etc. etc.
  20. deathvirus_me

    9800gt vs 8800gt

  21. deathvirus_me

    keep my q6600 or buy a e8600

    Keep the Quad, it'll be better over a longer run .. keep it at 3.2 GHz and enjoy the show .. instead u could buy a better display to crank up the res., which should lessen the bottleneck .. but even at 1680*1050, the diff. wouldn't be drastic between the two CPU's, more like 100 to 110 :P, isn't...
  22. deathvirus_me

    Bully heads to PC in October

    ^^ eeh ?? CoD series is one of the best out there, on PC i.e. ..
  23. deathvirus_me

    PhysX FluidMark results thread

    Here's mine :P Intel Core2 Duo E6600 @ 3.2 GHz , XFX 8800GT 512 MB 670/1675/1900 Score : 8050
  24. deathvirus_me

    Lightsmark 1.2 benchmark

    598.5 here :) , proccy is a E6600 @ 3.2 GHz , and a 8800GT runnin' at 670/1675/1900 :) .. check my specs on the left ..
  25. deathvirus_me

    Nvidia PhysX 8.07.18 driver ( Geforce 8/9/GT200 series )

    1280*1024 , 8x CSAA , maxed in most games .. and now with PhysX if supported :P .. :toast: