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    Motherboard Vendors Optimistic about High Price-Performance Ratio of AMD Ryzen

    Where did you get this from? The only piece of news i've seen on this subject is a confirmation that indeed AM2/AM3 coolers are compatible with AM4 boards.
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    my linux mystery

    There is no mystery. Win10 MUST have secureboot enabled. Nowadays you can change firmware settings or change firmware itself from OS. Sure you need a reboot but you do reboot each time windows wants to apply most of updates. Obviously you didn't notice. Do as OneMoar said and everything should...
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    Samsung Starts Production of 8-Gigabit DDR4 Based on 20 Nanometer Technology

    "32 GB modules" Yes please! Now thats the reason to go for DDR4, at some point.
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    How Intel Plans to Transition Between DDR3 and DDR4 for the Mainstream

    People don't want to upgrade new CPU because they'll have to upgrade also MB and Memory and all of that because of new memory standart. So Intel invents another memory standart that is also incompatible with todays solution and works on specific mobos that supports them, meaning people will...
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    Intel Core i7 "Haswell-E" Processor Lineup Detailed

    Intel :banghead: Before that we had x930K HT + non crippled PCIe + abit more cache + 2 more cores comparing with x820K x820K HT + non crippled PCIe Now x930K will have same cores ammount and so that people would still buy it over x820K they'll cripple x820K beyond the belief taking out HT...
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    2014 Intel Solid State Drives Detailed in Leaked Slides

    Intel? The prices for those will be soooo hiiiiigh.
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    Intel's 2014 Thunderbolt Controller Detailed

    Well Intel, you're late then. USB 3.1 - cheaper, just as fast, backwards compability, less power consumption, all devices support it. Seriously Intel, you've lost.
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    Khronos Finalizes OpenCL 2.0 Specification

    AMD APP is just an SDK to make work with OpenCL look easy, who cares if its proprietary, majority don't use SDKs anyway.
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    Microsoft Windows 8.1 Is Now Available

    They added StartButton for normal desktop that waves you to metro one, they added ability to have 2 more tiles in metro ui(at the same screen !!!!) and ofcourse last but not least deeper cloud integration. Its worth way more than 3 Gb. Dat MS, doing wonders since 1985(1983 infact). :rockout:
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    AMD Explains Why Mantle Doesn't Work on Xbox One

    Bad move for MS themselves. I agree, PS4 will have better optimisation than XBOne, how can they not realise it? O_o How so?
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    PCMark 8 Updated, Gets Windows 8.1 Compatibility

    *chokes with tea* wait a minute, benchmarks cost money?! Wow.
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    Radeon R9 290X Features 64 ROPs

    2 RCoon It amuses me more because some people think that there is a valid comperission between the tech even though its released in different timeline. Using your logic its Nvidia who will try to fight 290x by releasing their new card. So you don't have the problem with Batmen, Metro etc but...
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    Windows 8.1 Available on ORIGIN PC Desktops and Laptops

    Multitask my a**. Tiles are useful in some cases and exist on true OSes hand to hand with other types of interface just fine. But W8 pushes only one option at a time. And no, slapping 2-4 windows together doesn't mean it'll work for all use cases(for majority it won't). Metro UI IS crap, the...
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    Radeon R9 290X Priced at $729.99 on Newegg.com

    Maybe its first day prices and they will go down in a week or two as usual.
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    Radeon R9 290X Clock Speeds Surface, Benchmarked

    Holy shader O_O Is this true? Cores at 800 Mhz + ram at 4,5 Ghz + no overclocking and still stomps Titan at some games while goes toe to toe with the others? Damn. I need more benchmarks, if its true then wow.
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    AMD GPU'14 Event Detailed, Announces Radeon R9 290X

    You said that they didn't announced the price, i said they did. Ruby killed Titan lol
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    AMD GPU'14 Event Detailed, Announces Radeon R9 290X

    But they did.
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    Valve Announces Steam OS

    Yeah, clearing some things would be great. What i get from the news. You have SteamOS that streams your game from another PC that has installed Windows/Mac. Thats not really helpful or game changing. I thought they'll make some SDK or some special offering to lure out big companies for making...
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    Valve Announces Steam OS

    Nothing truly excited. Why would they need to make a new distro when they could just release sdk for games and polished steam client. And the second part is even worse. This stuff will only stream. Did i get it right? Why would i need to install new distro just for streaming?
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    Radeon R9 290X Pictured, Tested, Beats Titan

    Right on the spot =) especially if prices will be the same as for HD7xxx. Its strange that Nvidia are from East yet they never heard how Titans fall, with one precise strike, a tactics that Armin made for Misaka to execute under Dot's grand scheme.
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    New 64 GB Crucial LRDIMMs Double a Server's Memory Capacity

    Well, i don't need so much, work files are relatively small, its just rendering and sims that can take ram. And the system as a whole(OS+programs+work_files) is 10.7GB. By the time DDR4 comes there will be some realy fast SSDs and reading for them is ok. So i think alot of people will push the...
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    New 64 GB Crucial LRDIMMs Double a Server's Memory Capacity

    My message didn't come through. In short - no, Windows have it thanks to non-free really buggy hacks that 3-rd party tools brings, i've read alot of bad reviews with them. Mac has old realization even though BSD has ported Linux' new variant long ago. So yes, Linux(and BSD) has it much better...
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    New 64 GB Crucial LRDIMMs Double a Server's Memory Capacity

    rsync helps with that just fine.
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    New 64 GB Crucial LRDIMMs Double a Server's Memory Capacity

    I am well aware of that. But i've seen alot of "crashes" comments in all reviews of such programs for Windows and its quite limited to what you can do with it. On Linux(and BSD) its a standart feature and can be treated like any other partition and its stable, not to mention there're 2...
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    UPDATE: Which Linux flavor are you currently running?

    Ubuntu with KDE environment at home(where i sometimes work) and Debian at work. I plan to move on Gentoo on my next upgrade(which is not too soon though), install strictly what i need without strange dependencies.