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    [Case Gallery] Build 2 Update

    I voted 9/10 because: very good
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    [Case Gallery] my gaming monster

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: cpu intel core 2 quad q 6600 @3200mhz,cpu cooler coolermaster hyper 212 plus,motherboard ASRock P45X3 Deluxe,4gb Corsair XMS3 ddr3 1333mhz,gpu gigabyte nvidia gtx 260 super overclock,psu coolermaster real power 620w modular,case coolermaster...
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    [Case Gallery] ATCS 840

    I voted 10/10 because: beautiful case
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    [Case Gallery] my new pc (ZALMAN GS 1000 SE)

    gracias gracias,tu ordenador tambien es muy bueno
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    [Case Gallery] Thefish3r Cosmos S I7 Dominator

    I voted 9/10 because: 5ye45
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    [Case Gallery] my new pc (ZALMAN GS 1000 SE)

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: intel core 2 quad q6600 @2400mhz stok(3200mhz oc)4 gb ddr2 1066mhz corsair dominator ram, vga ati radeon hd 4870 256bit 512mb ddr5,2x500 gb segate hdd 7200rpm,1x160gb segate hdd dedicated for windows ,520w corsair psu,zalman 9500 cpu...
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    [Case Gallery] OVERDOSE

    I voted 8/10 because: dth
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    [Case Gallery] SUPRA -MOD-10CZ

    I voted 9/10 because: uuygy
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    [Case Gallery] XXX Gaming

    I voted 8/10 because: cool
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    [Case Gallery] DRG's Latest Upgrades

    I voted 9/10 because: wery goood