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    Axiomtek Announces AMD G-Series Embedded SoC GX-210JA Pico-ITX SBC

    with this design they can get 4 ddr slots
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    ASUS Announces the World's Fastest Wireless Router is Available for Pre-Order

    wireless 600 mbps will be useful for local transfers (wifi to gigabit lan), like copying or playing large files
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    Logitech Announces the Wireless All-in-One Keyboard TK820

    it is very common to use F5, F3, F12, F3 key when BROWSING internet it is still common to use ALT+F4 keys PG-UP PG-DOWN, Home, End helps alot, almost all laptop keyboards have them... but you will not find it here
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    Logitech Announces the Wireless All-in-One Keyboard TK820

    Fail as you can see from product image: F1..F12 keys are blue, that means they will be activated only with blue FN key by default this keys will be [play] [rewind] [forward] etc , not [f1] [f2] [f3] etc
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    Streacom Shows Off Upcoming NUC Case

    Looks like it doesn't have Kensington Lock ? ???
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    Foxconn NanoPC Released to Market

    I thought atom was canceled year ago...
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    Intel Reveals 22nm "Avoton" SoC for Micro Servers in 2013

    they are still producing atom in 2013 ?
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    New Details on ASUS ZEUS Emerge

    We need more x79 in mATX with 8 dimm slots, without gpu
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    Icy Dock MB971SP-B Backup Enclosure Generally Available

    too much heat, not for long usage
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    TIM is Behind Ivy Bridge Temperatures After All

    xeon ivy bridge release date is tomorrow but they was fabricated for some time, asian market already have them so it is still a big question what thermal solution they have inside
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    TIM is Behind Ivy Bridge Temperatures After All

    xeon ivy bridge may have gpu part on die, but it will be disabled on most models, so you will save some temperatures and tdp making xeon ivy bridge best alternative for i7/i5 "without K" models especially for i5 models, because most xeons have HT, and i5 don't
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    TIM is Behind Ivy Bridge Temperatures After All

    if you want overclock - it is better to use sandy bridge ivy i5/i7 is useless for everyone except fans of intel gpu sandy for overclockers xeon ivy to take advantage of new tech - for stability performance and temperatures
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    TIM is Behind Ivy Bridge Temperatures After All

    who care about i5/i7 with attached overpriced crappy video chip big question is what they will put in Xeon parts (which have HT, no vga, and better priced) we will know after 14th may 2012 (xeon ivy release date)
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    ViewSonic Launches the VX2460h-LED Ultra-Slim Display

    resolution 1920 x 1080 ... not funny anymore, how long are they going to troll us with tv resolution ? 24 inches to waste vga, 2 hdmi ports, no other digital ports may be they need to switch from monitors to tv manufacturing?
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    Intel Unveils NUC Mini Computer

    thunderbolt works as mini-displayport too? wifi antenna is internal? price will be around price of laptops (minimal model), up to price of mac mini (with ssd and other features) this is crazy that you put price in this article, what you have to do - ask intel rep about it and post quote...
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    Intel Core "Ivy Bridge" Processors Start Selling

    we are talking about ivy bridge, for overclocking it is better to buy sandy bridge anyway
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    Intel Core "Ivy Bridge" Processors Start Selling

    best value Ivy Bridge model is Xeon E3-1230 v2 (3.3 GHz, 3.7 GHz turbo, 4C/8T, Hyper-Threading, 8mb cache, $215) Core i5-3550 vs Xeon E3-1230 v2 (same socket, same base/turbo frequency, same price) Xeon have more cache (8mb > 6mb), less TDP (69w < 77w), HyperThread (8threads > 4 threads), no...
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    Third GK104-based Single GPU Graphics Card SKU Detailed

    don't hold your breath until christmas
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    Sharkoon Intros QuickPort Intern Multi 5.25 inch Front-Panel

    this one looks like can do hot-swap too i don't quite understand how on-off works - it disables power for all inserted devices? the only thing that concerns me - it will be hot inside
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    Sharkoon Intros QuickPort Intern Multi 5.25 inch Front-Panel

    I like it. Anyone know similar devices?
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    Ivy Bridge-powered Acer V3 Start Shipping This Weekend

    1366x768 is low end, especially at 15.6", it should not be in $1000 laptop DDR3-1333MHz should not be on i7-3612QM, because it support 1600Mhz
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    Mitsubishi Intros New DiamonCrysta Wide Series IPS LED Monitors

    only LG is making IPS panels too bad this is probably 2011 LG IPS, not AH-IPS which should be released this quarter
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    J&W Unveils First Nano-ITX Atom "Cedar Trail" Motherboard

    put 2 ddr slots on each side and we have a deal
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    Intel to Bring Ivy Bridge Launch Forward to April 23: Report

    already on sale http://s.taobao.com/search?q=3770k&cat=110203
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    Desktop Core i3 "Ivy Bridge" CPUs Won't Arrive till Q3

    intel want to improve a little GPU reputation so they are giving i5 ivy bridge gpu a full quarter to tease users with expensive hd4000 part and then they will release i3 with weak hd2500 part, and pentiums/celerons even worse gpu they can't make hd4000 as basic part for all integrated cpu's...