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    AMD "Zen" CPU Prototypes Tested, "Meet all Expectations"

    Saw the news a couple of days ago. The source is basically some random guy on the Internet claiming he talked to someone who allegedly worked at AMD and heard from an ex-colleague that Zen is doing great. Here's the original source...
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    It's Now Been Over 160 Days Since a Catalyst WHQL Release

    I think he makes a good point. AMD used to do monthly releases and until recently they often churned out multiple beta releases per month. The last half year has been very quiet on the driver front, perhaps the driver team fell victim to the latest round of job cuts at AMD in late 2014? It's not...
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    AMD Faces Securities Fraud Lawsuit

    The problem isn't the failure of the chip but the withholding of information and misleading claims about Llano supply & demand. AMD told investors production issues were over when they knew this wasn't the case and there seems to be a lot of evidence to support this claim. A copy of the court's...
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    EK Launches the New Line of Pastel Nano-Coolants

    EK's website says these are made by Mayhems.
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    Zalman Wakes Up PC Display Division, Starts Off on a 1080p Diet

    They had LCD displays before, like this one: http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/review/1725745/zalman-zm-m240w-inch-3d-lcd-display
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    MSI Announces its AMD 785G Motherboard Lineup

    Of course not, these are sub-$100 boards with integrated graphics. Mainly for basic PCs and HTPCs, you don't need CrossFire on those.
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    Kingston Shows Off HyperX Fan

    A noise level of 28dBA is actually very quiet, the noise level in a quiet room is usually over 30dBA. The problem is that dBA readings provided by manufacturers are very misleading, the further away from the noise source the less decibels the meter will read and manufacturers never state at...
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    Video of the Day: 23 GeForce GTX 295 Video Cards Installed in a Single Server Rig

    It's a Folding@Home farm. http://atlasfolding.com/?p=448
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    Intel May See Red in Q1, First Time in 87 Quarter FYs

    It's because demand is dropping very hard. There's a risk that their costs will be higher than what they're able to sell this quarter. I wouldn't count on it, the first quarter will be another terrible quarter for AMD.
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    First Images of NVIDIA's 55nm GT200b GPU Emerge

    That's photoshopped. The colors of the text don't match.
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    Intel Will Defend Patent Rights Against AMD

    It's about the cross-licensing agreement between Intel and AMD, which includes the x86 license. A financial analyst guesses Intel will use this to make AMD drop the antitrust suits:
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    Have you ever imported physical goods from another country?

    A lot of things from other European countries and other continents (America and Asia): DVDs, books, digital camera, small consumer electronics, clothes, shoes, gifts and many other things.
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    Bloodbath for AMD at the Stock-Markets, Company Struggles to Survive

    That will probably not happen as a takeover of AMD would be too costly and too risky. AMD is worth about $3 billion on the stock market but they also have a bit more than $5 billion in long term debt and IIRC another billion or so in short-term debt. An acquisition will likely cost more than $10...
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    Bloodbath for AMD at the Stock-Markets, Company Struggles to Survive

    If AMD gets its act together you might get a decent return within a couple of years but before you invest money in a stock you really need to analyze the company. It's not a good idea to invest money in a company just because you like it or because the stock has dropped a lot. There's a reason...