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  1. CoD511

    Razer Phone Unveiled, First Smartphone with 120 Hz Display

    Aren't they all using vsync though? This is a cooler product than I was expecting though from Razer, the 120Hz panel is a nice move and I'd love the fluidity. Though I currently wouldn't sacrifice the AMOLED display on my Note 8 for 120Hz, as much as I love high refresh rates. I doubt it, not...
  2. CoD511

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Ditches Amazon Web Services for Microsoft Azure

    That's honestly exactly what I would have thought too, so it left me somewhat confused as I thought AWS would have massive scalability potential. All I know is that their Asian servers, quote from this article, had an issue where the "cloud service ran out of capacity". That and their constant...
  3. CoD511

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Ditches Amazon Web Services for Microsoft Azure

    That's actually quite interesting, wonder how far the stability and capacity can be ramped up compared to the issues with AWS.
  4. CoD511

    First Intel Processor with AMD Radeon Graphics Within 2017

    Because AMD isn't nearly as much as a threat to Intel as Nvidia is in terms of their establishment of several new revenue streams in all massive growth segments. Intel sales were down last year, if I recall. The problem is, Nvidia isn't establishing themselves as a chip manufactuer but has...
  5. CoD511

    AMD Announces the Radeon Instinct Family of Deep-Learning Accelerators

    Perhaps each FP32 core is simply running operations in FP16, without a specific design where Nvidia as the example, have FP32 cores than can run two FP16 operations at the same time if they're of the same type. I imagine that unless they made specific chips for FP16, they'd have to use the...
  6. CoD511

    ASUS Announces the BRT-AC828 Ultra-Fast 802.11ac Router

    Ah, damn, considering ASUS support can be relatively spotty (though my Rampage IV Formula got many updates for many years, but STX sound card driver support might as well be the opposite)... the Merlin guarantee was always good to have. Like you said then, guess we'll have to wait and see but...
  7. CoD511

    ASUS Announces the BRT-AC828 Ultra-Fast 802.11ac Router

    Fully agreed, I own the RT-AC87U too but over the years it pays for itself. Merlin firmware is excellent and you'll be at the latest feature levels and it's effectively impossible to brick due to the emergency restoration function of the router. I've had too much trouble with badly programmed...
  8. CoD511

    Intel to license AMD Radeon IP

    I don't see any Intel & Nvidia coming to terms for a licensing agreement due to the fact, it'd make $1.5 billion from 6 years ago look like nothing. Nvidia had a blazing year and is extremely highly valued, in a market much larger than it previously was as gaming becomes increasingly more...
  9. CoD511

    When do YOU replace a PSU?

    The AX1200i I purchased received an extension of warranty recently to 10 years, so I'll replace it whenever it starts showing issues or perhaps if that warranty runs out; but I can't imagine having to worry even if it does die, the issues shouldn't extend outside of the PSU I'd hope at this...
  10. CoD511

    Why I didn't buy an MSI graphics card?

    In terms of warranty, some companies can be a pain to deal with so sometimes it's preferable to have one or the other. EVGA doesn't have a local warranty center in Australia for example, unlike MSI, Gigabyte and ASUS. $60 to Taiwan. But EVGA service is also quite amazing and flexible. And so...
  11. CoD511

    Why I didn't buy an MSI graphics card?

    Last warranty I used for MSI, was them replacing a US purchased 680 Lightning in Australia, despite clear terms and no obligation to. Also, I'd damaged the card and they were aware and replaced it anyway via an Australian service center. Does that mean that one fantastic experience determines my...
  12. CoD511

    ASUS Announces Republic of Gamers Announces G501 Ultra-Slim Gaming Laptop

    Looks decent enough but nothing too special and definitely nothing that makes me regret just ordering my MSI GS60 Ghost Pro, phew.
  13. CoD511

    G-Sync is Dead. VESA Adds Adaptive-Sync to DisplayPort Standard

    The flood of monitors should hopefully come with G-sync very soon, the first one I know of is being released in the UK in two weeks. I can see most other 1080p 144hz monitors like that AOC one being released being anything but right behind it. The ROG Swift a little longer perhaps but sometime...
  14. CoD511

    G-Sync is Dead. VESA Adds Adaptive-Sync to DisplayPort Standard

    Could you clarify what you mean by full-screen 3D mode, if you could? A bit bamboozled by your meaning :P If you meant limited to 144Hz capable monitors, then that one would be a no, it isn't and can be used on any monitor. There was a demo with G-sync on a ASUS 4K, 60hz monitor at CES by Nvidia...
  15. CoD511

    NVIDIA Dramatically Simplifies Parallel Programming With CUDA 6

    Nvidia is far from desperate I'd say just from a bare glance at them; they're seemingly not caring even in the slightest for the most part. Saying CUDA is useless due to not being open-source I find ridiculous considering how many companies and compute setups feature it and AMD have barely...
  16. CoD511

    EVGA GeForce GTX 780 Classified and GTX 770 Classified Pictured

    Read the article again and if you still don't get the reference to an EVBot header on the 780 Classified and what it means for voltage control, Google EVBot! :toast:
  17. CoD511

    ASUS Readies GeForce GTX 660 Dragon Edition Graphics Card

    Whilst lacking the sense to avoid creating it in the first place, at least it's limited to the Greater China region :laugh: The so obviously blatant rip-offs from both MSI and ASUS to each other are quite hilarious though it does make me cringe at times.
  18. CoD511

    NVIDIA to Bundle Metro: Last Light with GeForce GTX 660 and Above

    So sad that it's basically guaranteed from previous promotions is that earlier buyers are shafted and don't get the deal. $2000 for a couple of Titans and I don't even get a single bonus besides some promotions not worth the mention... :shadedshu How am I meant to afford games after that!
  19. CoD511

    MSI Also Shows Off GeForce GTX 660 Ti Gaming Series Graphics Card

    I don't realistically expect a non-reference board, but we've already got Titans shown sold with waterblocks and the like (Inno3D "iChill" Titan/Accelero Hybrid fitted on reference to be sold), I don't see why custom air cooling would be restricted.
  20. CoD511

    MSI Also Shows Off GeForce GTX 660 Ti Gaming Series Graphics Card

    Any Lightning-esque cooler on a Titan yet, I'm waiting... :cool: