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  1. netieb

    AOC Announces the Agon AG352UCG: Ultrawide 35", 3440*1440, 100 Hz and G-Sync

    Just wanted to say that AMD supports freesync in windowed mode since the latest driver installment. Source: http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/desktop?os=Windows+10+-+64
  2. netieb

    Looking for a decent phone

    Hi I don't know how much money you would like to spend but i got a Oppo Find 5 a month ago and it's a really good phone with up to date Hardware. There is a 16GB and 32GB model available and works on all US Carriers and European. You can order it from http://oppostyle.com/ . I has got a...
  3. netieb

    Best "Big" Mouse

    I have been using the old lachesis for about 5 years and it is still good to go only the click function of the scroll wheel died on me.
  4. netieb

    Which phone? Sprint Plan

    i already own 2 android phones the gt 540 and liquid a1 and i can only say, take the nexus. Why? Well the OS is from google and the phone. You will always get the lastest updates without trouble and you dont have to worry about not getting a newer android version. The best ist there will be many...
  5. netieb

    Android or iPhone or Blackberry or Other

    Acer Liquid on 2.2 LCR-F Rom LG GT540 on 2.3 CM7 RC2
  6. netieb

    Homefront - my thoughts after playing.

    Okay just played through it in one day and a few hours. Really liked it. In a german preview i read that the ki is not strong enough i can tell you the developers took that a bit to serious. Now the KI is ripping you ass away. But thats fine ^^
  7. netieb

    P4 rebuild help? quickly?!

    I dont know if this counts even with sata, but is the IDE jumpered as Primary? If yes the other wont be recognized.
  8. netieb

    OEM Vs. Retail CPU's

    +1 thats the only thing that really matters.
  9. netieb

    Serious Sam 3 Screens

    And is always out of gum
  10. netieb

    Problem with 6950 PCS++ "Flashing"

    Its not their fault you should haved informed yourself better.
  11. netieb

    3D or Hardware Sound in games dead??

    You would have shit your pans.
  12. netieb

    Post your Speedtest.net Speeds!

    Here mine
  13. netieb

    Google Android users clubhouse

    Updated my GT540 to 2.3 Gingerbread ^^
  14. netieb

    Crysis 2 leaked almost 50 days early

    well i played it and its very buggy but the grafiks look very good. But not playable atm.
  15. netieb

    Crysis 2 leaked almost 50 days early

    Just in time only to prove that it makes no sense to develop games for the pc anymore.
  16. netieb

    Dead Space 2 DLC Coming to PC [Read More]

    Great find man thanks like the hand gun ^^
  17. netieb

    Got my new motherboard but not happy, what should i do?

    If it is only looks i would keep it as long as it works.
  18. netieb

    Intel Quad processor choice for upcoming 2011 games

    I have quad and its enough to power all games on the recent market
  19. netieb

    Battlefield 3 Teaser Trailer

    Man thats just some stupid flashing grafic.
  20. netieb

    Dead Space 2

    Man dead space came out last month ^^ Does anyone know where to find the bonus suites?
  21. netieb

    Dead Space 2 savegame

    Thought about this too but this is truley useless can i just say to make sure you watch dead space extraction, first before playing the second game... as they directly follow each other... Isnt this the game for the wii?
  22. netieb

    BattleField 3 - Must haves

    The REAL battlefield titles for pc always had prone. And BC2 is just a port so i hope dice will differ between port and a real pc game.
  23. netieb

    Dead Space 2 savegame

    Tried it in hardcore really sucks that you can only save three times.
  24. netieb

    Dead Space 2 savegame

    Dont know bro im sorry.. Edit: Just had a look seems like you will need to finish the game once. I can only choose in the normal new game hardcore. If you know which file contains information about if you cleared already I will send them to you.