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  1. Bundy

    Creators update hanging

    Thanks I reinstalled the update and all is ok.
  2. Bundy

    Creators update hanging

    I recently upgraded to creators update and immediately began to have problems with Chrome. After about 3 -10 minutes of use it would begin to stop responding. It starts with bits of a page not responding. After about 15 seconds or so this would spread to the whole page. Then one by one the...
  3. Bundy

    tpu 10 years old?

    I don't come around here so often now, but have fond memories. I learnt a LOT from here. Cheers and happy birthday TPU!
  4. Bundy

    I don't understand what is wrong

    Yes, something like that. What threw me off was that BIOS was content with booting at 2560x1440, and so was Win 10, unless the internal graphics were activated - then Win 10 would only boot at 2560x1440 on a soft boot. The graphics card was a $50 nvidia, quite effective considering the grief I...
  5. Bundy

    I don't understand what is wrong

    I resolved this issue. The problem occurred because I was using a monitor without a scaler (one of the korean jobs). I took the PC to its new owner today and set it up with some commercial monitors and had no problems. So there you go. I think Ford was closest to the likely problem, the PC...
  6. Bundy

    I don't understand what is wrong

    @Jetster - I have tried reflashing @FordGT90Concept - I have the BIOS on UEFI and Windows 10 setting. Interesting what you say about the driver loading, the behaviour does fit.
  7. Bundy

    I don't understand what is wrong

    It is not a NVMe, rather an earlier model. It's AHCI. Yes Win 10.
  8. Bundy

    I don't understand what is wrong

    I just put together a new rig, using a Gigabyte z170-HD3 and a Samsung SM951 as the SDD. It is a PCI-E SSD using AHCI protocol. Initially all was good but somewhere as I installed rivers, something has gone wrong. If I do a cold boot, I see the POST screen but it does not appear to pass over...
  9. Bundy

    Hello sir! It's been some time between communications. Hope you are well. Regards

    Hello sir! It's been some time between communications. Hope you are well. Regards
  10. Bundy

    Windows 7 and 8.1 also spying on it's users?

    If Microsoft showed no interest in what I like, then I would be concerned. It is a good thing that they seek to understand me better and deliver what I want in new ways so I will let them have it all.
  11. Bundy

    MSI to Fuse OC and Gaming Lines with Z170 Family

    I didn't use either of those terms.
  12. Bundy

    MSI to Fuse OC and Gaming Lines with Z170 Family

    Its not a very good value for money purchase (as a gamer) if it includes all the OC gear.
  13. Bundy

    Dean "Kreij" Kortenhoven: 1959 - 2014

    I don't come around these parts so often any more. On this sad occasion, I'm here. Kreij was one of the good guys, who had a great sense of humour, tolerance and wisdom. He was an old guy (like me) and simply someone I always found to be worthy of respect. RIP
  14. Bundy

    How long can unused thermal grease last?

    If it's old, the base oil may have separated from the soap. Just remix it and you will be fine.
  15. Bundy

    Android Vs iOS: A Mussels review

    Nice review Mussels. Would be nice if you could find someone with a LTE sim so you can add a 4G comparison. If you cannot, I might be able to but not for a couple of days.
  16. Bundy

    Gaming at 4K

    Unless you bought a catleap. I did and am still smiling $320AUD delivered.
  17. Bundy

    General Nonsense Club Thread April 1st Edition

    Did you know that GN got the better of TMM? He don't come around visitin no more. All of GN compressed into one thread.:eek: There will be zillions of pages to read after work.
  18. Bundy

    Slow loading?

    Aarrgghh Gn still down. I'm going to work but if it's not working by tonight, I'm posting here about the hot girls who want the government to buy guns for their illegitimate children to take to school.
  19. Bundy

    Slow loading?

    Can you post?
  20. Bundy

    Slow loading?

    It is inevitable sorry. Without GN, we can only post here:D
  21. Bundy

    Slow loading?

    It seems that GN is up again but not working, database error
  22. Bundy

    Saphhire hd7850 bottleneck

    You definitely need more RAM FOR BF3. I think the advice Trickson orginally gave is spot on, with the addition of 64 bit OS.
  23. Bundy

    Can ping depend on router?

    Based on your ping, your probably will not get better, assuming it's DSL. A better router will be less likely to crash though.
  24. Bundy

    Who makes the best graphics drivers?

    I vote nvidia. Less issues with driver updates, better interface and more reliable for me in general. That being said, my main rigs run AMD at present and works ok.
  25. Bundy

    HELP! New mobo/cpu, no windows boot!

    Have you checked the RAM? I suggest you run Memtest over it to be sure.