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    Samsung Announces Its New USB Flash Drive Family

    Where is the 256 GB and 512 GB models?
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    SanDisk Reinvents Consumer Mobile Storage With New Wireless Flash Drive

    Ughh, just put the effin Micro-SD slots back in the phones, and then we won't need this foolishness. SanDisk already makes a 200GB Micro-SD card.
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    Want to be the Face of TechPowerUp?

    ------------------- It may be illogical, but it is common usage. For example, it is common in the military, airlines, and in expatriate / international business circles to ask someone "Where are you based out of?" The implication of the usage is that it is recognized that the person has a...
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    Samsung Mass-Producing SM951 PCIe M.2 SSDs

    Uh oh... no 1TB version. I guess they didn't think it would sell at $1K per copy. They were probably correct. Good to see the blazing speed on the 512GB version though. Nice bump up in speed.
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    AMD Announces Move to Nasdaq

    I'm calling BS on the transforming for growth theme. AMD was bought out by vulture management who first destroyed the company's engineering talent and now are flailing around half-heartedly trying to rebuild it. The trouble is they simply see the products as cash-cows and have no real passion...
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    ASUS Republic of Gamers Announces the G751 Gaming Laptop

    Needs a high resolution display and more drive bays.
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    Mushkin Announces the Next Entry to the Ventura Ultra Series

    How are the innovations going on warranties? The last version had a measly 2 year warranty.
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    Mushkin Announces Official Availability of World's Fastest 240 GB USB 3.0 Drive

    Short Warranty Warranty is only 2 years versus the Patriot Magnum's 5 years.
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    New AMD GPU Family Codenames "Volcanic Islands" and "Pirate Islands"

    Huh? So lets see... Hawaii is a large volcanic island (the 'Big Island') originally populated by Polynesians; and New Zealand is two large volcanic islands (the South Island and the North Island) originally populated by Polynesians. -------- So what's so confusing about a single GPU...