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  1. Benetanegia

    GPU Memory Mapping

    [AMD, in context of Tahiti] should have really used a different name other than IOMMU to explain what they were doing, because GART is an IOMMU. I've been confused about that ever since it was mentioned, because it said they would finaly abandon GART and use IOMMU, which is very confusing and...
  2. Benetanegia

    Universe/galaxy as a sentient lifeform. What do you think, possible?

    Ok this has nothing to do with the Gaia Hypothesis and the likes, although it does follow a similar basis. I don't think that the universe on itself could be a living being, but could an hypothetical universal civilization -human or with mixed races- act as a sentient being? It's an idea that...
  3. Benetanegia

    New 3DMark 11 tech demo "High Temple"

    The title says it all. The lastest video demo of 3DMark 11 titled "High Temple", showing a tesselated jungle. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntbMUIJGa_0