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    r290 poor perfomance on mmo(blade&soul)

    Hi guys as my title says i am playing the past months blade and soul! I had to change cards because i had a evga 780ti classified but the card died and it is processed for rma so i had a spare msi 290 twin! The problem is that with my 780ti i could play the game like a champ no fps drops nothing...
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    [WTB] Looking for Gtx 780 Ti/780 6gb

    Hi I am looking for a Gtx 780 Ti! EVGA Classified would be the best option but don't mind other Brands also! Also,a gtx780 6gb would be a good option! I live at Greece and have bought items from different sellers without big shipping costs so that won't be an issue I suppose as long as the...
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    [WTB] GTX 2x580-590 Classified or matrix 2x580 platinum

    I am looking for a GTX580/590 classified either one of them or gtx 580 platinum matrix! as for gtx 580 i want 2 of them! I am at Greece i can cover shipping as long as the cost is at a reasonable price! Also i dont have heatware but i have person that can vote for my credibility and many...
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    [WTB] Looking for gtx580/gtx680 evga

    I am looking for a gtx580/680 only evga! Life warranty is prefered!Best offer wins! :-P Thank you for looking!