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    ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1080 Ti PGF Edition Graphics Card Pictured

    Anyone know what this is? ZOTAC OC+ external overclocking module
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    Is $150 worth going from 3D 24 inch to 3D 27 inch - For gaming/movies

    go 27 I think 27 offers a nice improvement over 24, especially when opening two or more windows for multitasking. And based on your viewing distance, I would go with the 27 inch. You'll appreciate the larger size and won't notice any problems with pixel density at 30-42 inches.
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    Digital Storm Ends the Pre-Built vs. DIY Debate with VANQUISH Line of Gaming PCs

    Impressed Not the components I'd pick but I'm impressed. PCpartpicker lists the total for these components at $897. Only $100 mark up to cover build costs and 72 hours of testing.