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  1. blobster21

    Razer & Ignition Design Labs Bring Gaming Grade WiFi Networking to Homes

    Oh there's a gaming grade now.....
  2. blobster21

    nicehash has been down all day..

    somehow unrelated to nicehash but still on topic : i had an overall dissapointing experience with Kraken, last week they stopped honoring my orders to buy bitcoin when it was around $6600 and they remained dead silent for 5 days. I was finally able to withdrew the €300 i injected in + a bonus...
  3. blobster21

    Strange "crashes" in Ubuntu

    If you were to determine if it's WCG crunching which is the cause of this black screen, you should reboot your computer and let it run for an hour without doing anything on it (ie no crunching either) If after an hour the desktop comes back and is still snappy, then your previously unresponsive...
  4. blobster21

    Atari Team Teases Us with Photos of Upcoming Ataribox Controller

    Amazing ! stupefying ! truely innovative ! / N O T
  5. blobster21

    'Scientist', 61, prepares to prove the Earth is flat by launching himself in homemade rocket

    How i wish i was there when he ultimately realize that the earth has always been a cube. (and don't tell me god doesn't play dice after that)
  6. blobster21

    SOLVED - Archer C7 + TL-SG108E = Wifi without net - all network devices need diferent IP address

    Any recent power outage you'd like to mention ? Did you try to factory reset the Archer C7 settings, in case something is causing the issue ? Another wild guess : it could be a power draw issue, seeing as you connected up to 8 devices...
  7. blobster21

    SOLVED - Archer C7 + TL-SG108E = Wifi without net - all network devices need diferent IP address

    Can you take a picture of those devices, to see how they are connected to each others ?
  8. blobster21

    Any genius here can make a Win 7 NVMe USB ISO for me?

  9. blobster21

    Sparc Coming Later This Month to Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

    How long before we get to play a 1on1 light cycle game ?
  10. blobster21

    How to reconfigure HDD from raid to normal operation?

    This. From an elevated prompt: diskpart then list disk sel disk X (where X is the drive number of your WD SE 4TB) clean create part prim sel part 1 format fs=ntfs quick assign exit
  11. blobster21

    CPUs Bear Brunt of Ubisoft Deploying VMProtect Above Denuvo for AC:O

    There's no such thing as an Ubisoft game. Unless you refer to the usual Ubisoft mess ©®
  12. blobster21

    W10 Task Host error on restart

    something worth checking : https://bobmckay.com/cloud-sass/solved-left-click-not-working-windows-10/
  13. blobster21

    W10 Task Host error on restart

    Which version did you install ? The latest, or some previous release ? Having trouble with a brand new installation is never too good :/ You can always perform a file system integrity check with this method ...
  14. blobster21

    NETGEAR Launches Two Gorgeous Ethernet Switches for Your Home or Office

    Gorgeous, gorgeous....it's very subjective !
  15. blobster21

    Xigmatek Intros the Prosper Tempered Glass Chassis

    greazy fingerprints all over soon !
  16. blobster21

    [Workblog] Project Reversed Gaming Build by JejeLaPelle

    Hundreds of hours poured into this, but it's well worth the efforts. :clap:
  17. blobster21

    Raidmax Intros Thunder RGB Series Semi-modular PSUs

    More nyan cat PSU, yeah !
  18. blobster21

    Help! best color for gaming!!! YCBCr444 8bpc vs YCBCr442 12bpc Vs RGB 12bpc

    You are overthinking this. WHATEVER looks best i guess ?
  19. blobster21

    New Image Hosting Features

    yes, totally !
  20. blobster21

    German Company to Sell Binned Core i7 8700K With 99.9% Silver Heatspreader

    I'll just pretend i didn't read this. Anything with the derbrowner trademark can be safely ignored.
  21. blobster21

    [Solved] Distorted headphone sound after upgrade

    Boot on an ubuntu live CD and play some music (youtube), you'll see soon enough if it's windows or your hardware.
  22. blobster21

    PC doesn't power down after holding power button for 4 seconds

    Time to buy a new power button i guess ? :roll:
  23. blobster21

    iPhone 8 or Galaxy Note 8 ?

    Something to take into account before buying an iphone : pick your country and review the repair cost for the model you want to buy.. https://support.apple.com/iphone/repair/service/pricing/localeselector 200€ for a simple screen replacement, here in Europe.
  24. blobster21

    Z97 Gaming 5 RAM Issues

    I have a MSI Z97 gaming 5 too (MS-7917). I see you flashed your bios already (for some reason i couldn't flash anything above 1.11). WHy noy play with the XMP switch to see if it makes any difference. edit : according with https://fr.msi.com/Motherboard/support/Z97-GAMING-5.html#support-mem ...
  25. blobster21

    Getting NO-Where with HP 8460P

    :banghead: sometime, things refuse to work, no matter what you do :banghead: