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    Storage solution needed

    Storage issues Hello, You can perform disk cleanup or can use CCleaner so that the files can be removed.. You can definitely save new storage and do your work!!
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    I cant access to my wifi router

    Wifi router Hello marcosamerio.. If you are unable to connect access your wifi router then there must be some problem with connection. I think the following step scan help you to connect it properly to wireless router. Connect your computer to the wireless router. Although you can access...
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    I cant access to my wifi router

    Wifi router Hello.. You check the network connection and try to find out if it is correctly connected. There must be some configuration errors. Well, I remember a friend of mine also faced the same problem. He called up a live support firm and I think he was recovered from his problem. If...
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    Slow speeds when copying on external drive

    Slow Speed Hiii..... Since you are facing from slow speed problems.. You need to take care of your computer very well otherwise it may stuck some day later.. So, first perform disk cleanup so that all your cookies are clear, update your PC with some antivirus. You can follow the steps and I...