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  1. Tsukiyomi91

    Need For Speed Payback

    It's official! EA & Ghost Games have unveiled a new trailer of the upcoming Need For Speed Payback, slated November 10th this year. https://www.ea.com/games/need-for-speed/need-for-speed-payback From what I see, it's a mixture of NFS 2015, Fast & Furious & The CREW. It's probably what an NFS...
  2. Tsukiyomi91

    Yay or Nay? Bloatware removal tool for Windows 10

    source: http://www.lowyat.net/2016/107880/microsoft-creates-tool-for-removing-bloatware-from-windows-10/
  3. Tsukiyomi91

    Razer CEO being mad over Corsair's Scimitar design

    https://www.reddit.com/r/pcmasterrace/comments/3fww99/razer_ceo_mad_at_corsairs_new_scimitar_mmo_mouse/ Is this a marketing ploy or just hatred?
  4. Tsukiyomi91

    AMD unveiled the Radeon Pro Duo.

    Fresh news from my local IT scene: http://www.lowyat.net/2016/98158/amd-radeon-pro-duo-goes-official-the-worlds-fastest-graphics-card-featuring-two-fiji-gpus/
  5. Tsukiyomi91

    AMD Throwing the Gauntlet at Intel for releasing biased & unreliable benches.

    Permalink: http://www.lowyat.net/2016/92684/amd-calls-out-intel-for-using-biased-and-unreliable-benchmark/ **credits to Lowyat.Net**
  6. Tsukiyomi91

    Unknown Project: Custom-built Bitcoin mining rig on a budget

    As the header implies, I might or might not build a custom Bitcoin miner, but no harm in asking right? Anyways, the budget would be $1000 & below, so ANY suggestion builds is appreciated.
  7. Tsukiyomi91

    Rumor Mill: NVIDIA Begins Production of HBM v2 for Pascal GPUs for Q1 2016

    Permalink: http://www.lowyat.net/2016/92803/rumour-nvidia-to-begin-mass-production-of-pascal-based-hbm2-gpus-in-q1-2016/ **credits to local IT news site Lowyat.NET**
  8. Tsukiyomi91

    WIP: mITX Steambox PC

    Greetings. I have a new upcoming rig. This time, like what the header states: a Custom Steambox. While I do know that there's tons of parts out there to build one, I'm kinda scratching my head in choosing which part is best without regretting after purchasing it. Anyways, the budget limit will...
  9. Tsukiyomi91

    Gaming laptops under $1000

    Greetings. I'm currently saving up for a laptop that can play most games on 1080p without much problems (at Medium-High) as I'm replacing my old ASUS K40AB in which has served me as a light usage laptop for almost 6 years. Here's some criteria in which is needed to be fulfilled: Brand: ANY...
  10. Tsukiyomi91

    SLIed GTX760s or single GTX970?

    Hello fellow forumers, I am somewhat between a rock & a hard place to decide on up rig's upgrading path... whether to get a Z97 based SLI ready motherboard, a new CPU & another GTX760 OC (reusing the rest of the parts like HDDs, RAM, PSU, Casing etc) OR just get a new GTX970 from a number of...
  11. Tsukiyomi91

    Future Upgrades for current rig

    Got a question. I was wondering about giving my rig an upgrade after I deemed my 3rd Gen Core i5 "obsolete", the upgrade will be SLI ready as I'm ready to spend more on my current build. Budget is under $1,000 which has the following hardware: - Devil's Canyon Core i5 chip - affordable Z97...
  12. Tsukiyomi91

    Upgrading to SLIed GTX760

    Need some tips on my somewhat affordable upgrade for my current rig... I wonder if a 650W Power Supply Unit is enough for a pair of GTX760 cards running in SLI mode? For the motherboard, I found one that supports both SLI & CrossFire X for cheaps (under US$120) while the RAM I'll be taking the...
  13. Tsukiyomi91

    Decent SSDs under $160

    Criterias are: - more than 120GB. - Read >400MB/s, Write >200MB/s. - uses stable controller & firmware. - ANY brand: Intel, Kingston, AData, Samsung, Plextor or OCZ. Usage: Primary boot drive with a few games in it. Help would be appreciated.
  14. Tsukiyomi91

    Downsizing current gaming rig to mini-ITX.

    I was wondering whether it's a good investment to downsize my current gaming rig since it's a little too big & bulky... Any decent Z77 Chipset-based mini-ITX motherboards out there under the US$200 price tag? And a nice AIO CPU Cooler Kit to go along with it (also under US$200 price tag). Casing...
  15. Tsukiyomi91

    Upgrading/Improving my gaming rig

    Hello to all forum members. I'm currently finding a perfect upgrade for my desktop PC rig. With plenty of small form factor casings like Bitfenix Prodigy, EVGA Hadron Air & others, along with plenty of mITX boards from vendors like ASUS, Gigabyte & others. Current budget here should be somewhere...