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  1. boruvka

    Disconnect HDD while OCing?

    The reboots are no problem - possible BSODs and sudden reboots while the HD is writing any crucial data could be a problem. While I never disconnected the HDs when oc'ing, it can not hurt to do so. But if you do no serious work while trying out the limits, I see no danger.
  2. boruvka

    Intel rumored to drop prices by 61%

    According to the German newspaper "Die Welt", Intel is about to start a price offensive and lower the prices for its PC processors by up to 61%, although dual-core processor prices will only drop by 15%. The newspaper quotes as sources the taiwanese mainboard manufacturers Micro-Star...
  3. boruvka

    SLI disabled on 1697 motherboards

    Just got a mail from EPoX Germany: They will just start delivering the first boards in two weeks' time! And it'll be as cheap as the Asrock SLI-Satan32 or whatsitcalled (60,- €)! The EPoX has a lousy layout (they always do) but comes in a nice old school green (they always did). HSF on...
  4. boruvka

    SLI disabled on 1697 motherboards

    Alas, the non-Asrock Boards (I didn't chekc the Asrock boards, though) by Epox and Abit (UL8 pro) are nowhere to get... did nVidia throw all newer Uli chipsets on a heap, started a bonfire and danced around it, happy to have eliminated the best competing chipset on the market? I was ready to...
  5. boruvka

    NVIDIA nForce 590 Details Leaked

    Hmmmm.... I'd very much like to know whether REALLY nV takes advantage of until know unknown ways how to boost inter-component "communication" or, rather, deliberatly slows down non-nV components to force people into buying nV-only-systems... it's really the consumer who suffers when the big...
  6. boruvka

    100,000 Disney DVD players recalled

    Quite what? Quite prone to overheated laps? Or rather just quiet? ;)
  7. boruvka

    Internet Explorer 7 Will Not Be Integrated into Windows

    Security issues? You bet. But what they do not say, the step will rather be to not annoy even more antitrust agencies worldwide. They may have simply outlived Netscape in the great browser wars long, long ago - but now they still, or again, face the same charges of incorporating into an OS...
  8. boruvka

    Dungeons and Dragons

    If you speak german (and soon, there'll be a french version, too) you could try out this free MMORPG - it's a browser game (so it runs on the old grey box at work, too ;) and really any PC, Mac or even laptop without proper 3D hardware, all you need is an internet connection, a browser...
  9. boruvka

    Abit shows of new Fatal1ty AN9 based on the nForce 590

    Well, not bad, but... the board I would like Abit to release LIKE NOW!!!! is the UL8pro with that last screaming Uli1697 chipset. They (Abit) do react to customer mails (that's already more than half of the other manufacturers manage) but claim not to be able to report a release date. Excuse...
  10. boruvka

    AMD to raise prices on CPUs - AM2 pricing to be revealed on May 15th

    This makes sense if there is no real contender to the soon pricier product... and yes, that seems to be the case, Intel has no real alternative to offer. Which is bad, in the short-term interest of consumers (higher prices), but good even for us consumers in the long run (Intel being Goliath...
  11. boruvka

    Annoying behaviour at WinXP startup

    Xplorer2 is a highly configurable file manager, offering many more options and tools compared to the windows explorer. http://zabkat.com/x2lite.htm Look at the "Feature comparison table" way down on the page linked to above :) it's fast, has better preview features and multiple windows to...
  12. boruvka

    Annoying behaviour at WinXP startup

    You, trog, are closer to the issue than zekrahminator... might be that this is after all a windows "feature", to "help" users who might otherwise bother M$ they don't get back to "my computer"... i really never knew what the "my computer" was for anyway, i use xplorer2 (one cool piece of...
  13. boruvka

    Annoying behaviour at WinXP startup

    Sorry - my fault. I should have mentioned that this happens even on a clean, new install - turn off desktop icons, get a "my computer" popup. That's my impression at least. So I am looking rather for a workaround for that noisome popup problem that expecting unwanted guests on my HD. I...
  14. boruvka

    Annoying behaviour at WinXP startup

    Hell-o. Every time Windows (XP, SP2, all recent updates relevant to my usage installed) boots up on my main system, a window pops up (or rather: is already maximized). It's the "my computer" window, if that's what it's called on english windows versions(?). The very thing that contains all...
  15. boruvka

    which cpu coolers? poll

    The Big Typhoon wins all tests, the ArcticCooling Freezer 64pro is not that far away from the top and by far the cheapest. Choose what you need, the best or a reasonably cheap but still stron performing HSF. All other mentioned coolers are in comparison overprized - being weaker, but not cheaper...
  16. boruvka

    New online payment system announced for Germany

    The new payment system named Giropay might turn out succesful - for the first time, most of the important market players are onboard (several banks which hold a market share of 85% of Germany's online private banking as well as ebay). [---] With Paypal still being not-so-very popular in...
  17. boruvka

    Quad-core-CPUs: Publicity now, in store shelves 2007

    Intel just announced that they will, just like AMD, offer quad-core server CPUs in 2007. Multiple cores will probably be THE method of choice for chip manufacturers to increase raw computing power in the near future. And what suits the professional server market, soon makes its way into SOHO...
  18. boruvka

    Is "voucher" a german word?

    True, Sapphire buyers have this freedom of choice already. And no, it's no german word. It's ultimately derived from the latin word vocare, "to call". http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?search=voucher&searchmode=none
  19. boruvka

    A64 Overclocking Guide

    Oh - good to know. I'm quite torn apart which Socket 939 board to buy: - should have all the OC goodies (lockable PCI bus / abundant RAM dividers = more than just DDR400,333,266,200! / VCore&VDimm settings up to x,8V / >2 fan connectors / by-MHz-settings of HTT) - a plus (but no no-go)...
  20. boruvka

    What CPU do you have? Vote!

    This seems a good opportunity to delete my sig and move the contained info to the user profile :) and announce publicly I already ordered an Opteron 144. I'll grease the pig and chase it like hell of course once it arrives at last :cool:
  21. boruvka

    ABIT merges with USI

    Yep, that's been rumored to happen a while now...I'm still glad Abit may avoid going bankrupt this way, they were always the enthusiast's best friend in the business! I hope that, the merger being sorted out, they will lose no time to finally FINALLY release the UL8pro with ULi 1697 chipset...
  22. boruvka

    Microsoft code name "Vienna"

    IT news service heise.de pointed out the funny coincidence that Vienna (the city) is at the forefront of open source software embracers and will probably never use Vienna (the OS) herself. Vienna reportedly uses a special Linux distribution, named accordingly of course (Wienux).
  23. boruvka

    Arctic Cooling Company lack of help

    I got an answer from ArcticCooling (not very comforting, in terms of answering my question) very quick, by eMail. So be patient, maybe your answer will not come so quick, but maybe answer your question. To ask for both, speed and insight, would be very bold indeed. :)
  24. boruvka

    Know any good browsergames, anyone?

    I'm playing a browser-based text-only RPG some time now (role-playing-game for you folks new to the matter) and would like to know whether anyone has other tips for great free browser games. Why? They have several cool pro's: 1) You can ask anyone across the world to join and no one has to...
  25. boruvka

    Win a 1GB Crucial Ballistix Tracer Memory Kit at amdgamer.com

    The small print says: "You must reside in the United States or Canada to participate"