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    Asrock 939DUAL + Zalman 9500

    Heys, I recently baught the 939dual with the zalman 9550 cooler but to my dismay, the two just wont go together :( Is there any purchasable backplates in the uk that I can buy to be able to mount the heatsink to this board ? Ive seen two on quietpc.com, a scyth universal kit and a...
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    X800 VIVO Capabilities

    Is it just my system or is the latest ati wdm unified driver totaly broken ? At first i thaught it was down to something broken in the os, so I clean installed everything, but still same issue. Since catalyst 6.3 I have not been able to use video in in any way. Never really had a problem...
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    Vantec Iceburg 5

    Is it my imagination or is the Vantec Iceburg 5 the same heatsink/fan as the Jetstart JACSH1 right down to the same packaging as reviewed by this site. http://www.vantecusa.com/p_ccba5c.html http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/Jetart/JACSH1/
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    How to Record from VIVO card.

    I have recently got my Asus VIVO x800 pro card and am trying to do something with its vivo features. At the moment im finding it next to useless as ATI Multimedia centre seems to be only for ATI BBA cards so cant use that :( TV prog just instantly crashes. Also the provided PowerDirector 3...