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    Razer Updates Its Successful BlackWidow Chroma Keyboard

    Plenty of much better keyboards, for many years since before the Blackwidows, even RGB lit. Razer/Corsair are grossly marketed so everyone thinks they are the thing to get. They aren't, they're some of the bottom tier, especially in their price ranges.
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    ASUS Radeon RX 460 STRIX OC 4 GB

    Except Async isn't magically going to make these grudge worthy framerates in most games to 50-60+, and the 2GBs more of VRAM seems mostly a waste with this type of horsepower behind it. This card has no balance, it would've been fine at 2GB, maybe 3GB. Before the argument piques that this is...
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    ASUS Radeon RX 460 STRIX OC 4 GB

    My biggest issue with the RX460/470 isn't really that they are totally awful, it's that they would have to be priced down quite a bit more. The RX460 doesn't seem like it's doing the proper generational thing, it's not creating a new performance segment, they're dropping a card into the same...
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    PSA: No your 9xxx gpu is not worth 350 dollars

    He's not talking about brand new.
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    Is ASUS really this bad about video card warranties?

    In my last 3 MSI RMAs, which were all at the brink of their warranty, MSI sent a replacement back of a newer line that was equal or stronger. No fuss. All of my MSI cards may die but at least the support is 0 argument and immediate. Ridiculous what I read about most companies on here.
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    New headset?

    Personally I got some PC360s for 150 used - brand new, and some PC350s for 75. Headphone deals are all over the place. That was like 3-4 years ago as well.
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    New headset?

    This, skip around brands that honestly have no place in audio and just seem like they're guessing half the time.
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    AC Syndicate using only 2.5GB RAM out of 8GB ???

    The Ultra HD texture packs are literally known to have 0 visual benefit, and just crush your framerate by half, I don't know what the guy in the youtube video is doing but I was getting sub 30-40 FPS with it on my GTX 970, without it I get a solid 60FPS at all times though. Also a 970 with...
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    **ENDED**Giveaway Time-**Dark souls 3**

    I would adore to win Dark Souls 3, one of my most anticipated of the year by far. :D
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    Galaxy S7

    Unfortunately, CDMA destroys me, I actually really want to try the new Xiaomi Mi5, but can only SIM card that. Has to be a GSM carrier.
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    Galaxy S7

    Unfortunately in Maine, Sprint has somewhere along the lines of 0 reliable service unless you happen to be on the busiest street in the top 5 Cities. My mother only stayed with them because retention department gave them a boost modem free phone upgrades on three plans and two year discount on...
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    Galaxy S7

    No worries, I've worked customer service/call centers as well and it really puts a bad taste in your mouth. I'll say so far the S7 really blows me away, but I despise contracts and have no desire to spend 700-750 on one. But damn that thing is a monstrosity in almost every single aspect. (Also...
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    Galaxy S7

    Alright, you pretty much side stepped my point all the same. My only point was the megapixel wars have pretty much been pointless for a few years now, everyone running Sony's 21+ Megapixel sensors haven't been using them all that well (Even Sony themselves, which is just as peculiar as...
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    Galaxy S7

    Should probably actually go read into the technicalities, the camera on the S7 looks ludicrous compared to the S5/S6. Not that they looked bad, but the jump is probably the most astounding since something like the S4 (Or the best since the Note 4.).
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    Crucial BX 200 480 GB

    I get where you're coming from but, not the best comparison, if you paid for this review you should probably get a refund. This isn't software, and the comparison makes very little sense.
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    I7-6700 or I7-6700K for $95 more? (Mini ITX build)

    Funny thing is the GTX 970 has the 3570k and the 980ti is in a 3470 PC. We just haven't seen the need to rebuild the other half of the weaker one until Broadwell-E most likely, told my roommate I would probably get him a 6 core i7 then if he was up for it. Irony is the fact that the Skylake i5s...
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    Still Use a Software Media Player for Music? If so, what? (Poll)

    Jriver for music, MPC for videos.
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    Newegg shipped RAM in bubble mailer

    I think I've been getting ram for the better part of eight years shipped like that, not just Newegg either.
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    Need your opinion about my internet subscription

    This sounds about right, being on Time Warner for a long time with no other choice in my area, we actually have to buy their best plan to not get throttled constantly. Best plan only being 50 megabits as well, which is honestly not that great for what the household does. On any lower plan, we...
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    AMD Outs RSCE 16.1.1 Hotfix, Improves Fallout 4 CrossFire Support

    Nah, Betheseda is fine spanking along an engine that technically dates back to Oblivion, if not possibly older. Obviously it has shown no weaknesses at all, bug free!
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    Zotac GTX 980 Ti Amp! Edition Review

    That's pretty concerning if you're getting 50 celcius idles with the fan off, my card typically is 35-45 celsius worst case scenario which is beyond acceptable.
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    Mobile OS survey :)

    Not sure where you're looking but I see live links for back to even CM11 on Cyanogen's very own download site, tried a few of the older ones and they seem fine. Not positive if the S4 is using a universal rom or not so I won't link anything for certain. But first result in google was their...
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    Mobile OS survey :)

    Pretty much CM or a variant based on CM. It actually typically sways if I do or don't buy a model now a days.
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    Don't buy the gtx 970, display crashes with every game

    Seriously, only company I've had that would give me 4 RMA's in a short span of time is maybe MSI, but honestly I make the slightest aggression to their CS and they do anything for me so far. Even without a registered serial.
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    Don't buy the gtx 970, display crashes with every game

    Weird, never even heard of this before, three builds deep with GTX 970s as well. But alright bud.