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  1. Hardi

    NEW Unigine Valley Benchmark 1.0 Scores

    R5 1600 @ 3.8GHz + GTX 1070 @ 2025/2202 = 4013 (yeah i know valley shows gpu clock @ 2062, but thats was only for a few seconds at the start, 99% of the test it ran @ 2025mhz, but if that's a problem then you can add it as 2062mhz)
  2. Hardi

    Unigine Heaven 4.0 Benchmark Scores Part 2

    Ryzen 1600 @ 3.8GHz + GTX 1070 @ 2037/4000 = 2407
  3. Hardi

    Your PC ATM

    not much, but i'm happy.
  4. Hardi

    Share your CPUZ Benchmarks!

  5. Hardi

    NEW Super PI 1m scores

    got bored
  6. Hardi

    How is this 3D Mark 11 score?

  7. Hardi

    Is your system overclocked?

    No need for me, everything runs good enough. my cpu is actually undervolted quite a bit, so i'm on the other end of overcloking : P
  8. Hardi

    AMD Catalyst 12.8 WHQL Software Suite Released

    "Over/underscan settings are correctly restored on system reboot" finally
  9. Hardi


  10. Hardi

    When was your last system boot?

    my stats
  11. Hardi

    The Linux screenshots thread

    some little changes..
  12. Hardi

    The Linux screenshots thread

    been playing around with debian lately...
  13. Hardi

    What distro are you running?

    Arch user over here : )
  14. Hardi

    Best 500GB hdd

    Samsung 500GB F3 is on platter.
  15. Hardi

    What's your boot time?

    Win7 x64, Athlon X3 435, 4GB DDR2, Samsung F3 500GB
  16. Hardi

    WTH are the ATI 10.7 Drivers?

    26th > http://www.legitreviews.com/news/8599/
  17. Hardi

    Processor GFlops Compilation

    Add Me just some undervolting stabilty testing, but might as well add this to the list too. Hardi | AMD | Athlon II X3 435 @ 2.9GHz | 025.1375 | 08.668 | 64bit |
  18. Hardi

    WPrime Benchmark

    there seems to be some typo in my name, and i have a 435, not 425 : P 15. Hardi x3 - Athlon II X3 425 3242 MHz - 15.219
  19. Hardi

    WPrime Benchmark

    let's add another tri core to the list too
  20. Hardi

    HD tune Thread

    smth slower for a change : P Samsung HD321KJ - 320GB SATAII