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  1. J

    2 questions to save time......:)

    1. I use a Pioneer DVR-215 drive and its meant to be able to run anything (disk-wise). I want to format my hdd, so I bought a pack to DVD+R (4.7gb) to make it easy (file transfer). everytime I try and bring my files to the disk, it doesn't allow it, even after pressing retry. can...
  2. J

    my card is about 100 years old and......

    its nearly dead. its a first generation nvidia 8800GTS 640mb. its currently water cooled. day to day stuff its fine, but it crashes while playing steam games mostly. so, my question is - What card do I get next, ATI or Nvidia, what model?? I haven't a lot of cash spare and I need...
  3. J

    cleaning a W/C system....

    I had heard that running a mixture of white wine vinegar through the pipes for half an hour. if thats true how much vinegar should I add to 1 litre of distilled water? cheers if you can help.
  4. J

    The difference between systems

    if you look at the chart you will see the slight differences on programmes. The reason why I changed to the gigabyte was becasue the asus set up was so unstable. everytime I played a game - no matter what set up I tried it crashed. imo total rubbish. changed the mobo and it runs like a dream and...
  5. J

    Noisy HDD............

    since coming off a raid setup and back to a single HDD, the disk makes a funny noise....... it sounds like a zx spectrum loading up, does anyone know why?? thanks
  6. J

    pc freezes when palying games can u help??

    when using the pc for games such as coh or cod4 I get random freezes, sometimes you can ctrl alt del them sometimes you cant, my specs are: E8400 ASUS P5K-e 4gb PC-8500 REAPER 700w COOLERMASTER PSU X-FI SEAGATE BARRACUDA 160gb HARD DRIVE. WATERCOOLED System details are: ram set at...
  7. J

    [Case Gallery] Water Cooled Mozart TX

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: cpu - C2D E8400, mobo - ASUS P5K-e, ram - 4gb pc8500 Reaper, sound - Xfi, case - thermaltake Mozart TX, HDD - seagate barracuda 160gb. COOLING - external 400mm res. xspc cpu block, EK gfx block, 8x thermaltake 120mm fans, tygon tube, feser black...
  8. J

    pc crashes all the time.....!!

    just built a new pc and everytime I play cod4 or coh it crashes. If i play basic games it runs fine. I have done this so far.....: updated nvidia drivers updated windows xp tried it with virus turned off checked the firewall approvals turned xfire off. it still crashes. I have...
  9. J

    Upgrade???? please help.

    I'm currently using a water cooled 8800gts 640mb bfg gfx card and I wish to upgrade. my budget is about £175, but I'm unsure what would give me the best gain. can anyone help please.....cheers if you can.
  10. J

    Upgrade??? Help I'm stuck....

    I'm currently using a water cooled 8800gts 640mb bfg gfx card and I wish to upgrade. my budget is about £175, but I'm unsure what would give me the best gain. can anyone help please.....cheers if you can.
  11. J

    BFG 8800gts with ek water block

    check this number out on a well known auction site..... 130206149477 bargin.........:)
  12. J

    ATITOOL with a virus????

    when doing a sitesearch on techpowerup it said that the atitool was connected to W32/Sdbot.worm.gen virus, could it be true....?
  13. J

    Optical drive................

    i need an optical drive that does everything, he says......lol but it needs to burn and play both dvd's and cd-roms. it doesn't have to be that fancy, just do a good job. thanks for your advice if you can give it. cheers.
  14. J

    What would you upgrade and why?

    cpu - e6600 - has been oc'd up to 3.845. gfx - 8800gts 640mb mobo - AW9D-Max Ram - 2x 1gb OZC DDR2 800 - 44412 case - Lian Li PC7 - II PSU - Hiper 580w Type R Cooling - 2 water cooled loops - cpu @ 27 deg c - gfx - 37 deg c HDD - 2x Seagate Barracuda in RAID. would you upgrade anything...
  15. J

    to upgrade or not to upgrade?

    i got this ram atm http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=MY-072-OC&groupid=701&catid=8&subcat=813 as its only £35 if i buy another lot and make my system run 4gb will i see any difference? I'm currently using 32 bit XP pro, so I know it wont all show. thx if you can help.
  16. J

    which is better and why..............

    a 8800gt against a 8800gts 640mb. with the new cards coming out I'm unsure. many thx.
  17. J

    call of duty MP help please....

    updated everything possible, ports open, using latest drivers and still the MP game shuts down after 5, 10, 15 minutes. they worst thing is that it need a full restart. can anyone over some advice please thx.
  18. J

    Fan wiring

    I taken a fan out of a dell pc and it looks very fast, if i remember it wasnt noisy either. most 120mm fans are 25mm wide, but this one os about 40mm. My question is - I want to run this from a molex and it comes with 4 wires. Which wires do I use. the colours are -...
  19. J

    visual c++ runtime error

    does anyone know why I'm getting the above........ it shuts down internet explorer. thanks if you can help.
  20. J

    A-Clio A380 case - perfect for water cooling.

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=003&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT&viewitem=&item=130132602685&rd=1&rd=1 will sell direct thru techpowerup - hence the post. Link for info only.
  21. J

    Write back cache

    what is it and is it worth turning it on........? when turned on it makes my burst speed jump up majorly.. many thanks if you can help.
  22. J

    [Case Gallery] New W/C set up - dual loop

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: » cpu - Intel core 2 duo E6600 overclocked to 3.683, » Memory - OCZ DDR2-800 (444-12), » Gfx card - BFG 8800gts overclocked slightly, » Motherboard - ABIT AW9d-MAX (x975 chipset), » PSU - Hyper Type-R 580w modular, » Soundcard - X-fi, »...
  23. J

    Lian-Li PC-7

    on the above mentioned case is it possible to place two low profile hdd in the two floppy bays? many thanks
  24. J

    water cooling radiator posts

    does any one know where i can get a set of radiator posts. there used to externally mount a radiator to the top of the case. many thanks if you can help[ - its doing my fruit in............:banghead:
  25. J

    dual compartment...?

    does anyone know of a pc case that has a dual compartment, I know of the TJ-07 but its £200...................:eek: many thanks if you can help.