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    BUG Report: GPU-Z Fails to Provide Graphics Related Information

    I wanted to report a problem that I am am experiencing using GPU-Z. The problem seems to apply to all stable versions that I have tried (0.7.1, 0.4.6, and 2.4.0). When trying to query information using the GPU-Z utility, no graphics related information is provided. I first noticed the problem...
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    GPU-Z .0.6.0 Fails on Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 1

    GUU-Z fails to run on Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 1 and an error is displayed when trying to run the application. I have attached a picture of the error.
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    Interpreting AMD/ATI Video BIOS

    Many AMD/ATI Video BIOS information in GPU-Z have information between parenthesis. I have attached a window image of GPU-Z 0.6.0 showing Sapphire Radeon HD5570 information with the information in parenthesis blocked out. What does the information between parenthesis represent?
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    Flashing RAM Modules That Contain Bad SPD Information

    How can memory modules that contain bad SPD information be flashed with correct SPD information? I am familiar with SPDTool ( thread with tool ) and Thaiphoon Burner ( http://cbid.at.tut.by/ ).
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    SPDTool "Fix Checksum" menu item

    SPDTool 0.63 ( http://forums.techpowerup.com/showthread.php?t=20349 ) has an option under the "Edit" menu "Fix Checksum". What checksum is fixed and when should the menu item be used?
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    Flaw in GPU-Z 0.1.5

    GPU-Z 0.1.5 uses Microsoft GDI+. GPU-Z 0.1.5 depends on "gdiplus.dll" and will fail to run when not accessable (meaning in the application directory or directories defined in the system PATH variable). To fix this problem gdiplus.dll must be made accessable or dependancy on it must be removed.