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    memory Overclocking on the HD 7950 is this normal ?

    hey guys i have a question about memory frequency i have a gig WF3 hd 7950 so I've managed to oc to 1307/1900 max oc bench - 1280/1800 stable gaming , but the thing is about that memory if i oc it from 1250 to 1800 or 1900 I gain only 1-2-3fps in games like metro crysis 2 bf3 - alan wake...
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    need Ur opinion and answer's to buy an hd 7950 ore 2x 7850

    hey guys :) I'm thinking to get 1 HD 7950 ore 2 X 7850 so i need Ur opinion and answer's about this : 1: I've never use any cf setup , it was always sli over the past , so my question is do amd have something like N inspector to use it when new games out to work out the cf ? 2: i've...
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    how to disable sli ?

    hey guys i have a real big problem i own a gtx 590 (2*gtx 580) , and now i have one broken gpu in this gtx ( i guess it's gpu A ) , after a fresh setup of win 7 (before format and starting a new setup of win i had no problem ) , if i boot with the good gpu (switch display connectors )...
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    how can i fix my gtx 590 ?

    hey guys ! i have a problem with my gtx 590 ,and the problem is the card is broken :D so i don't know how to fix it :( and yeah i lost the warranty of my card by changing the cooler to a waterblock ! and the nooby stuff that i lost the cooler ! so the big question is how the card...
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    how to make a chrome and flame design to my case ??

    hello guys i have some question for you about modding my case my case is :antec 900 1: How to make a chrome mirrors like this because i bay a chrome paint but i have just this so i change the color to this not bad !!! so any idea ?? 2: how to make aflame like this ???? a really...