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    Old school / melancholy gaming build

    So , yeah, i needed a 2nd physical pc in another room. My main rig is 2700k + 760 GTX, so like i said this is for the good old times. Bought some stuff from ebay dirt cheap, combined with what i had laying around and voila. And i also wanted a good cpu. What i have: E5300 Foxconn G31MXP-K 1x...
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    Smallest mATX case

    Hi. I'm experimenting with this build. Basically i'm trying to find the smallest case that will fit everything that i have. I really like the Corsair 350D or the Fractal Mini R2 - but i want even smaller. Mobo: Asus Maximus Gene V Z77 - 244 mm x 244 mm - mATX PSU: Seasonic X-1250 W - 190...
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    Mini Wifi laptop card for Asus Maximus Gene V

    So, like the title says, i want to buy a mini wifi laptop card (maybe also with Bluetooth) for my motherboard the Asus Maximus Gene V Z77 that has the mini pcie adaptor. Any recommendations please also including the antennas ? For example: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00A4I3AGE/?tag=tec06d-20...
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    SSD and Video(s)

    Gaming and video editing machine at @ 1920x1080 So far i have these: - i7 2700k (use it at stock speeds) + Thermalight 120 Extreme + 1155 adapter plate - Asus Maximus Gene V Z77 - Seasonic Gold X-1250 W - Crucial Ballistix Tactical Tracer 16Gb (2x8) 1600 Mhz CL8 1.5v - Good airflow &...
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    Best video card for my PSU ?

    I have a Seasonic S12II 500W PSU with 17A+17A. It's +5 years old. Currently i have an it an e8400 @ stock + Asus GTX 470 (and minor stuff 4-5 vents , 2 hdds, 1 drv-rw) I will upgrade to an i7 2600k and an GTX 780. Will my PSU still be enough to handle the upgrade ? Thank you...
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    Upgrade CPU + GPU for gaming

    Hi. New here and i'm also trying to catch up with technology. My current pc, that lasted ~ 6 years in gaming event at medium for the hard games at full hd. E8400 + 8 gb ram + Asus 8800 GT, changed it to a second hand Asus GTX 470 to play Crysis 3 on medium. Did it's job but i think it's time...