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  1. Rik55

    Catalyst 11.3, when?

    11.3WHQL Just uploaded to AMD servers. Links on AMD site should change soon.
  2. Rik55

    Morph. Filt. and Tessellation Missing from 11.2

    @xsever Make sure any integrated graphics is turned off in the BIOS. I believe the 790GP-UD4H has a HD3300.
  3. Rik55

    Morphological AA Help!

    MLAA HD6/5series on Vista hasn't been officially released. 10.10e is Win7 only. Cat10.12 will soon be available. or use this driver http://www.megaupload.com/?d=PDEV25WV or try program Radeon Pro. This should enable the function on all capable drivers.
  4. Rik55

    AMD Catalyst 10.11

    10.11 insn't for the HD68** series. The HD6 series will be included in next months 10.12WHQL. Latest for HD68** series under Win7 x86/x64 is the 10.10e Nov9 Hotfix. http://support.amd.com/us/kbarticles/Pages/gpu88-catalyst-10-10e-hotfix.aspx - 10.10e HD68** Win7 (for users with Vista...
  5. Rik55

    AMD Catalyst 10.11

    10.11WHQL being uploaded to AMD/ATI now-
  6. Rik55

    Morphological AA officially coming to HD5xxx cards "soon"

    http://support.amd.com/la/kbarticles/Pages/GPU87AMDCat1010eHotfix.aspx (The Latin America AMD Spanish page Cat10.10e but it links to incorrect file name) Cat10.10e Hotfix Win7 9th Nov at this time, just click on the link below, no download manager required...
  7. Rik55

    Funny fan reading RV730 GPU-z v0,4.6

    OpenCL1.1 is in the Stream SDK and you need either Cat10.7 update OpenCL support, 10.8 or 10.9 Cat driver to support it. You've got 10.9WHQL which will work with OpenCL. You just need to install the Stream SDK2.2. DirectCompute 4.1 & 5 is part of WindowsRTM or Vista SP2 with the DX11 Platform...
  8. Rik55

    Funny fan reading RV730 GPU-z v0,4.6

    @TrebleTA Install the ATI Stream Software Development Kit 2.2 with OpenCL 1.1 to install OpenCL. The OpenCL driver file isn't yet part of the Catalyst Suite. http://developer.amd.com/gpu/ATIStreamSDK/Pages/default.aspx DirectCompute4.1 is available on the HD47** & HD48** cards.
  9. Rik55

    Where are the scaling options in ATi CCC 10.6?

    If connected via HDMI, it'll be an underscan/overscan issue. CCC - Graphics - Desktop & Displays - Right Click Small HDTV/Monitor at the bottom - Configure - Scaling - underscan/overscan-set to 0%
  10. Rik55

    10.6 Causes LOW FPS in BFBC2 For Crossfire User's.

    New Catalyst Application Profile June 18th http://www.rage3d.com/xmp/
  11. Rik55

    X-Setup Pro Closes Shop

    Text from X-Setup Home Page:- All comes to an end ... Dear Customers, Because of the insolvency of WUG all operations regarding X-Setup Pro have been shut down. We thank all customers, partner and friends for their support during this time. We hope you had as much fun using X-Setup...
  12. Rik55

    Cat10.5 - 8.732 is Live

  13. Rik55

    d3d11 AppWindow::do swap(): device removed On Xfire 5870 and 5850 set up????

    @20mmrain. Try matching the memory clocks on both cards yourself at a MHz slightly under the card with the lowest default clocks. ie match the clocks with a slightly underclock. some nvidia 400 sli users are experiancing the same error. This was their solution.
  14. Rik55

    d3d11 AppWindow::do swap(): device removed On Xfire 5870 and 5850 set up????

    To be honest, I think they released it to coincide with nv's 256 and expected ATI to do the same and release 10.5. Only 10.5 has the OpenGL extension GL_ARB_tessellation_shader which is only supported in OpenGL4 on the 5 series.
  15. Rik55

    d3d11 AppWindow::do swap(): device removed On Xfire 5870 and 5850 set up????

    HD5 series Tesselation on OpenGL works with OpenGL4 Final, which Is in Cat10.5-8.731 PS: some nvidia 400 series in SLI get the d3d11 AppWindow error aswell. Tesselation is very gpu heavy. Resoved with slight increase in memory voltage with a slight reduction in mem clock speed usually fixed...
  16. Rik55

    Asus Radeon 5850 BIOS Flash Error

    Sounds like you have a locked flash rom. atiflash -unlockrom 0 But 80c is a good temp for the 5850. Do you have any crashes or artifacts at full load.
  17. Rik55

    d3d11 AppWindow::do swap(): device removed On Xfire 5870 and 5850 set up????

    Unigine has just released revision 2.1 of Heaven Benchmark. http://unigine.com/products/heaven/
  18. Rik55

    GPU-Z 0.4.3 crashing

    Had some issues myself with the original upload of GPU-z 0.4.3 and my AntiVirus. This original upload was getting quarantined with Norton360. Downloaded from various locations. GPU-z, the revised version is passing AV scanning no problem.
  19. Rik55

    4850 + BFBC2 Crash

    The shared memory is part of the DirectX specification for texture caching and isn't user accessible. Everybody has this.
  20. Rik55

    4850 + BFBC2 Crash

    That ASUS BIOS update won't be for your card. It was for a very specific limiter batch of parts with the Part/Number: of *-C3CGG0-* & *-C3CGK0-*. These numbers will be on the box your card came with. If it doesn't flash it, it's not your card. I had a look at your BIOS. Is that the original...
  21. Rik55

    HD3870X2 & SPC Conviction MEGA CRASH

    http://support.amd.com/us/kbarticles/Pages/ATI-Catalyst-10-4-a-Hotfix.aspx This is the only drivers for SC Conviction on the HD3000 series. Remember to install the Application Profiles. There's also a patch for the game (Patch 1.02) I also heard that some new Retail Boxed versions now...
  22. Rik55

    Cant Flash Bios

    @DasRob Are you upto date with Flash, both activex and plugin versions now at RC4 (5 May 2010).
  23. Rik55

    Crossfire ATI Vapor X 5850's power usage!

    Brilliant. That Corsair is an excellent choice of PSU.
  24. Rik55

    Crossfire ATI Vapor X 5850's power usage!

    I've done a bit of checking. They recommend Quality 600W PSU for a couple of reference 5850's in xfire. But the VAPOR-X HD5870 2GB, it requires a 6pin & 8pin pci-e power for each card and is slightly overclocked with even more OC headroom which is why they recommend such a high PSU. It's so you...
  25. Rik55

    Crossfire ATI Vapor X 5850's power usage!

    This is what it should read. I'll pass it on & get GG to send off an e-mail to get the page updated. I think they are probably being a bit overcausious, but with 900W, you will be pretty safe. I'm sure you will get a lot of people posting after this that are using a quality 750-800W PSU...