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  1. 3volvedcombat

    Battlefield 3 vs Modern Warfare 3

    Well, its one of those threads again (I did search to find some reasonable results but I can add on). -So now it's close to both big releases, and everyday this thought runs threw my head "Which will prevail and show the other out in the true sales popularity battle? !!!! MW3- Most...
  2. 3volvedcombat

    DLC and $, why pay more and more?

    Hello TPU, I'm a bit worn from playing a couple of games, NFS:Hotpursuit(2010) and Black ops ect ect.. The point of this thread, is more of a opinion sided reflection of basically the quality of games and the re-occurring trends that are copied as we progress further in this day of age. One...
  3. 3volvedcombat

    New 24/7 Acceptable? Or move to i7?

    Thats my new 24/7 Overclock, everything crisp, stable. Just finished a 6 hour session of call of duty: black ops. My question is should I stick to my q9550 quad core, Or move up to a i7 for great efficiency and maybe future proofing in games? Or stick with my current platform and Overclock.
  4. 3volvedcombat

    I need a case.

    I need a case that I want to be portable. Portability is my main concern. I have a full atx motherboard, ep45-ud3p. GTX 470 Corsair TX 750 Corsair H50 cooler 2x250gb hardrives 1x Dvd burner. Some cold cathodes. Im looking to house my Main Sig rig in a case like the NZXT vulcan...
  5. 3volvedcombat

    I have 6gb of ram but a 32-bit OS?

    Hello guys, I just realized when i reinstalled XP home edition on my machine, it was 32-bit Here is the situation. I have 6gb of ram, On a 32-bit OS, the OS only recognizes a measly 3.5gb of ram. Will I still get a performance Improvement keeping the ram in there? Im pretty sure I...
  6. 3volvedcombat

    Having trouble OC'ing My GALAXY 470!

    My certain problem is not a necessarily bad problem but I really want to accomplish my goal. I have a Galaxy GTX 470 As you can see above, This is a Generic GTX 470 with a nvidia bios What I want to do is necessarily Uncap the voltage on my GTX 470. Right now I can overclock to...
  7. 3volvedcombat

    Overclock to match GTX 480 at stock speeds?

    So ive been reading reviews, and Im still happy with my GTX 470. It can bench 840Mhz on the core, and be stable at 800core. What ive seen though, is a nice raise on the memory and 755-750Mhz on the core of this video card, makes it as fast as a stock clocked GTX 480. So im going to bump my...
  8. 3volvedcombat

    Tips to get higher scores in 3dmark06

    So far ive been benching my q9550 and GTX 470 with my 1066Mhz ocz rev2 platinum ram. Last time i benched i got 24,780k in 3dmark06- my goal- hit 25,000k. at 24,780k my clocks were cpu: q9550 @ 4335Mhz RAM: OCZ @ 1220Mhz 6-6-6-15 timings 2gb of it. Video card: GTX 470- 835/1670/1850...
  9. 3volvedcombat

    Hey TPU/Your GTX 470 overclock results!

    Im asking for what kind of overclocks you guys get with your GTX 470's. What bench-able clocks you guys have also. Im curios because I hear some people can barly get 650 core and some people can get 800 core using the same voltages. so post up some e-peen overclocks. Also guys- when...
  10. 3volvedcombat

    Just pulled the trigger on 470!

    Well I saw a drop to 279.99 for a nice galaxy GTX 470- reference heatsink in matt gray. Got just cause 2 for free and star craft 2 coupon. Im using a GTX 260 right now So would the upgrade be really nice in performance in benchmarking? Was it worth it at 279.99 :) I have masive...
  11. 3volvedcombat

    Corsair H70 Updates.

    http://www.corsair.com/news/press_release.aspx?id=1593139 >>^^IMAGES for download inside of press release info<<<^^^ Post All updates you guys have seen about the cooler Ill Update as soon as I can or Like Others in this thread when I see it For-sale. August 1st is Live SKU LIVE date Today...
  12. 3volvedcombat

    Upgrade from a GTX 260.

    Im not super clear on what im going to do in the next week, but ill probably be blowing half my paycheck and birthday money on a card once I get it. I have a GTX 260 right now, But I want a card and here are the requirements. My psu can power anything so. I want to get 25,000 3dmark06 or...
  13. 3volvedcombat

    I need Deals On Video cards GTX 470 up?

    I need to know were to get some deals here guys I know at newegg right now, 297 for a MSI GTX 470 in california. I was wondering if you guys know any better deals, anything, or HD 5850 with reference cooler But im looking at the 470 more Right now so :)
  14. 3volvedcombat

    Multiple chips to overclock!

    I Did some system pulls on some LGA 775 processor systems that people just decided to throw away :laugh: Heres what I got: 2 x E6400 B2 stepping processors 1 x E2180 Processor 1 x Celeron D 352 Processor I got my test bench at home and I have a H50 Water cooler What clocks do you...
  15. 3volvedcombat

    q9550 overclocked- H50 cooling- Future Plans maybe?

    Temps are decent not pasting 55c under everything i do. I was wondering if i should upgrade my cpu/platform now? or stick with this q9550 and bump clocks later on for better performance with bigger cards? Just a thought. Also is there any better buy it cooling solutions then the H50...
  16. 3volvedcombat

    [FS][US] EVGA 192-core GTX 260- Details Inside!

    EVGA 192-core GTX 260- 80$ + shipping! Hey, and before we start off THANK YOU for viewing my FS thread. Prices are very nogatiable and you can send me a offer on anything below via PM. ***NOTE*** Shipping UPS or USPS, Next day when item is sold ***NOTE*** Shiping to only lower 48 states, no...
  17. 3volvedcombat

    GTX 470 or HD 5850, Its too early for me.

    Sense my dad is slowly leaning towards getting some new stuff, ill probably get some headroom to buy a new dx11 gpu, and eventually sell my 2 month old bfg tech gtx 260 and evga 192 core 260 record holder What im deciding and, i already want to make a decision on is to whether buy a HD 5850...
  18. 3volvedcombat

    CoD Modern Warfare 2 - FREE WEEKEND

    Guys Check out Steam right now, The Spotlight and news section there is actually going to be a free weekend for cod4 mw2. But I cannot get a download and I Believe the cause is the servers are being overloaded and I bet it true. Yeh ill never buy the game because I don't have 50 dollars...
  19. 3volvedcombat

    The Cheapest Dualcore PC **SHIPED** on newegg

    ^^^^^^ Thats right there is every single part i would need to build a full working dualcore PC for 300.68 dollars SHIPPPED........ Fully shipped. You can make a 300 dollar PC, but if people forget to put the shipping under the charge with taxes included it could make it a 360-400 dollar PC in...
  20. 3volvedcombat

    q9x50 clock for clock vs Deneb WHO wins?

    This is a thread wondering what is faster clock for clock when it comes to encoding and video gaming. I seem to be confused on the fact of what is faster clock for clock. I did think a q9x50 12mb cached yourkfield is faster clock for clock then a Phenom II deneb core. Am i right, is it true...
  21. 3volvedcombat

    H50 Water Cooling MOD!!!! HELP NEEDED!!!!!!

    From what ive seen on some forums and threads, some people have modded there H50 water coolers for the better look and sometimes better performance. Right now just to get this strait, i know this voids the warrenty, i know this will make it were i have to refill the loop, and i KNOW that fungi...
  22. 3volvedcombat

    [WTB] Sleeved 24-pin/6-pin/8-pin/3-pin extensions.

    Dead now, Gave money to someone who needs it :D
  23. 3volvedcombat

    [FF] Nvidia 8000 series Collection :)

    Im looking for DEAD or working 8000 series graphics cards. I want to collect every 8000 series graphics card with heatsink or without and make a model case with every video card pinned up. Im looking for...
  24. 3volvedcombat

    Sony Giga Pocket PVR? HELP ME OUT!

    I have a Sony Giga Pocket PVR, Well it took me a while to find the name of it punching in pin numbers in google. :laugh: This card seems to not be anywere for sale haahahahaa. Can someone help me out on this... I need to know how much this card is, cause it was basicly from a system pull...
  25. 3volvedcombat

    Need help with water cooling :D!!!

    I need some help with a water cooling Idea. Can some TPU'zerz help me out :D I want to get into water cooling my GTX 260s, then have interchangable blocks in the future for new video cards when it arrizez to upgrade from them. (if ever :laugh:) I have a Corsair H50 mini little kit for my...