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  1. rockleez

    Which P67 Motherboard?

    At the moment I'm using amd but thinking of switching to Intel i5 2500k, GTX 560ti route. I have a budget of £110 for the motherboard but don't know which to choose because there's so much choice, I'll be using it for mainly gaming and maybe light overclocking. If someone could help, it would...
  2. rockleez

    Uprade to nvidia gtx 560

    I have a 550W Corsair power supply, at the moment i have a ati 5770, will i be able to switch to a GTX 560 or will I have to upgrade my psu? Thankyou
  3. rockleez


    Psp Slim (Custom Firmware) with Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights + Case + Charger. Pm me for an offer £75
  4. rockleez

    Asus M4A79XTD evo faulty ram slot

    I'm trying to install 2x2 GB of the 3rd and 4th slot but whenever i try to boot it up it doesnt post and then when i take the 3rd slot ram out it works, i kno it isnt the ram because i've tried 2 sets of ram, ive had this half a year now, is there anything i can do? New motherboard? Thankyou
  5. rockleez

    Overclocking help

    I'm still new to overclocking so need a lil help :) , I have a Phenom II x2 550 and i don't know how to overclock it to its best or do anything in the BIOS, could someone guide me what to do? BIOS pic below: Thankyou :)
  6. rockleez

    M4A79XTD EVO Ram slot broken?

    I bought a ballistix 2x2GB 1333mhz early February and its been working fine since 3-4 months ago, blue screens and sudden freezing have been happening but as soon as i took out the one stick it worked fine, so i thought it was a faulty stick, but i put the other stick into the other slot, and...
  7. rockleez

    Sound suddenly not working

    since today, everytime i try slide the sound on the bar to go up, it goes against me and goes back down to 0 Does anyone know the problem? Thankyou
  8. rockleez

    ASUS M4A79XTD EVO Phenom II X6 compatible

    I have the asus M4A79XTD EVO with the latest 2001 bios, but does anyone know if asus will bring out a new bios to support the new AMD Phenom II x6 cpus? http://event.asus.com/mb/2010/m4_6cores/ On that link it shows all the asus mobos that support the CPU, but as you can see that mobo...
  9. rockleez

    [WTB][EU] DDR3 2x2GB 1600mhz

    Anyone selling DDR3, 2 sticks of 2gb?, as my sticks are tested faulty and need some brand new ones, Thankyou
  10. rockleez

    New build blue screen problem

    Sometime into a game i get the bluescreen error which shuts my computer down and i have to use windows restore, when it does and get back onto my desktop i get this Check for solution never does anything, and those 2 files that describe the problem, should i delete them? what could be...
  11. rockleez

    Hard Drive Problem

    I've been experiencing blue screen shutdowns between gameplay and i've had to use the windows restore option each time and i've run HDTune Pro and i got this: Does anyone know what the problem is?, and it says a damaged cable if so, does anyone know which cable? Thank you
  12. rockleez

    Corsair H50 Watercooling Kit

    I've heard its suppose to compete or be better than the high end air cooling heatsinks, has anyone had any experience with them? Is it worth it? and how does it go against air cooling? Thanks.
  13. rockleez

    Phenom II 550 Voltage

    Im a new guy to overclocking/building, I've got a Asus M4A79XTD-EVO board and knocked the multiplier up to 18.5 and got 3.7GHZ with this voltage below.. Is that lowest voltage i can get? cos everytime in bios i change the voltage it wont boot, i've left it on auto and then it works...
  14. rockleez

    Unlocking and Overclocking issues

    I have a M4A79XTD EVO mobo, Phenon II x2 550 BE and Crucial 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 1333MHz/PC3-10600 Ballistix Memory Kit CL7 (7-7-7-24) 1.65V. I've got the latest bios for it 0704 but when i try overclock, even put in the stock settings it wont boot, everything is on auto and i've put in the ram...
  15. rockleez

    AMD Phenom II X2 Unlocking

    I've heard the AMD Phenom 550 II x2 can be unlocked to be a quad core, I've checked and it says my motherboard can do it. But can all Amd phenom 550 II x2 unlock?
  16. rockleez

    AMD memory channel

    As far as i know, AMD motherboards only support dual channel ram, is that right? what happened if i did tri channel?
  17. rockleez

    [WTB][EU] 150GB Velociraptor or Raptor X

    Looking for a UK seller, who's selling a 150GB Velociraptor or a Raptor X Thankyou.
  18. rockleez

    Case Modding

    I have an Antec 300 and cable management is a pain, theres barely/no holes to put any of your cables, just one at the back with cable ties. Is there such thing or a place in the UK that u can send ur case or back panel so they can do the cutting of the holes for you? Thank you.
  19. rockleez

    Problem with Xigmatek Dark Knight

    I was informed that the Xigmatek Dark Knight is compatible with AM2+ which means it fits with AM3 which my motherboard is :M4A79XTD - EVO but i'm having trouble fitting it, The clip isn't long enough and it only fits in one side, so it doesn't sit square on the CPU, Is there anything i can do??
  20. rockleez

    Best Speakers for Budget of £100

    Anyone got any recommendations for speakers with good subwoofer?
  21. rockleez


    I'm building a computer for the first time and i need help on wiring, there are two chassis cables, one says 'AC'97' and the other says 'HDA' can anyone help me by telling me which socket they connect to? Thanks.
  22. rockleez

    Best Monitor for a budget of £112

    Should i get a 19'' or a 22''? What monitors do you recommend ? https://www.pricelover.com/product/A...Time/VW193D-B/ OR http://www.kikatek.com/product_info....ucts_id=104787 OR http://www.misco.co.uk/applications/...402895&CatId=0 OR http://www.microdirect.co.uk/Home/Pr...black-DSub-5ms
  23. rockleez

    Size of ATI 5770 and 5850

    Can anyone tell me about the size differences of the ATI 5770 and 5850? Is the 5850 much bigger? Would it fit in a normal case (Antec three hundred)?
  24. rockleez

    Best PSU Brands

    Can anyone help me to tell me the best brands for power supply units. All i really know is: -Corsair -Antec Anymore?...
  25. rockleez

    UK component sites

    www.scan.co.uk www.ebuyer.co.uk www.novatech.co.uk www.pricelover.co.uk www.watercooling.co.uk www.chilledpc.co.uk www.specialtech.co.uk www.dabs.com www.maplin.co.uk www.aria.co.uk www.amazon.co.uk www.coolercases.co.uk www.thecoolingshop.co.uk www.thewatercoolingshop.co.uk...