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  1. Thermopylae_480

    Remove Linux Desktop Icons

    Is there a way to remove the trash, computer, and home icons on the desktop in Fedora 13? I like a clean desktop and I don't use those icons.
  2. Thermopylae_480

    Open Office and Fedora 13

    Okay, so I installed Open Office on my laptop with Fedora 13. I opened Write, and everything worked fine. Awhile later I restarted my laptop and went to open Write again and... absolutely nothing happens. I'm not to great with Linux so I would appreciate so advice on this matter. I'm...
  3. Thermopylae_480

    [Case Gallery] Test2

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: none Mods: none none
  4. Thermopylae_480

    IBM may Create more Formal Chip Manufacturing Ties with AMD

    Industry analysts, and sources, have speculated about the possible creation of a more formal relationship between IBM and AMD. Such a relationship may result in a possible merger between the two companies in the future. An IBM takeover, or joint venture company may result. Such a merger would...
  5. Thermopylae_480

    [WTB][WFF]512mb PC100/133 SODIMM SDRAM

    I need 512MB of PC100/133 SODIMM SDRAM for my laptop if anyone has any they're willing to part with please let me know. It can either be one 512MB module or two 256MB modules. If you want to sell it or give it away, both would be excellent. [NOTE] SDRAM only not DDR SDRAM please. -Thanks
  6. Thermopylae_480

    Sapphire HD 3850 512MB

    Whenever I try to alter the GPU clocks with this card it crashes the system. I had to uninstall and re-install my drivers to fix it at one point; uninstalling ATITool didn't fix the problem. ATITool version is 0.27 Beta 3. Overclocking using ATI Overdrive is successful. The log is attached...
  7. Thermopylae_480

    Motherboard Won't Support Newer Video Cards

    I just bought a Sapphire HD 3850 and it does not seem to work in my motherboard. Neither will my brother's 8800GTS. Both cards seem to work fine in another system though. My old XFX 6800 GS worked fine though before I sold it yesterday. Neither card will display anything.
  8. Thermopylae_480

    High-Speed Internet Helps Cool the Planet

    Tempted to obsess over how another personal habit helps or hurts the Earth? Keep surfing with cable or DSL and you might save carbons in the process, according to the American Consumer Institute. The world would be spared 1 billion tons of greenhouse gases within a decade if broadband...
  9. Thermopylae_480

    Ati 3870 512mb

    How come these cards are cheaper than 2900XT 512MB, are they better. I'm not up with video cards these days.
  10. Thermopylae_480


    I would like to confirm World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King. Today a friend, attending BlizzCon, was able to inform me that Blizzard is in fact planning on releasing the rumored new expansion. Apparently, the new level cap for the expansion will be level 80 and will be located in...
  11. Thermopylae_480

    Problem With 24-bit SB Live!

    I can't seem to get my friend's SB Live! to work. It isn't even being detected as new hardware and none of the drivers from Creative will install. When I remove it and place it in my computer it is automatically detected, Window's XP drivers install, and it runs flawlessly. 1) I've tried...
  12. Thermopylae_480

    C&C LAN Connection

    When I try to play C&C3 over LAN I can not see the other people on the LAN, so I can not join the game. They on the other hand, can see me. When I try to host a game they can see the game, but when they try to join the connection times out. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have: 1...
  13. Thermopylae_480

    Internet. What's the point?

    Park Associates, a Dallas based market research firm, recently preformed a survey of internet subscription in U.S. households. It was discovered that approximately 29%, or 31 million households, do not currently have internet access and do not plan on subscribing to any service within the next...
  14. Thermopylae_480

    File Server

    FileServer I created a file server in using WinServ03, and got it all up and working. It prompts me for a password and user account when I want to access those folders from a different computer on my network, which is what I want it to do. However, it stays logged in. So I can repeatedly...
  15. Thermopylae_480

    WinServ2003 Internet Access

    I installed Windows Server 2003 on a computer I want to use as a server eventually. When I try to connect it to the internet it can't acquire the DHCP and DNS information from my router. When it fails it sets its own local IP. I tried manually setting an IP address and the address for the...
  16. Thermopylae_480

    Computer Maker Dell Contends with Investor Lawsuit Over Dealings with Intel.

    The lawsuit, brought about by investors, accuses computer maker Dell Inc. of "secretly receiving approximately $250 million a quarter in likely illegal kickbacks payments" from its long time partner Intel. This money was supposedly received in return for an exclusive purchase agreement for...
  17. Thermopylae_480

    Wireless Router

    Is there a way to use a wireless router to connect to a wireless network? Kind of like using the router as a wireless network adapter, and having it connected to your computer via ethernet.
  18. Thermopylae_480

    Windows Vista Tech Support

    This thread is for aiding in the technical support of Windows Vista. Those who own Windows Vista may use this thread for the purpose of seeking aid in any problems which may arise. As more an more users adopt the new OS undoubtedly problems will arise, and be more frequent for an extended...
  19. Thermopylae_480

    Windows Vista Support

    As Windows Vista has now arrived, for better or worse. Perhaps it would be wise to create a Windows Vista sub category of the Software section. No doubt the transition will result in some problems. As more an more users adopt the new OS undoubtedly problems will arise, and be more frequent...
  20. Thermopylae_480

    Test DMA Page Registers

    I installed an Arctic Cooler 7 on my motherboard today. When I went to re-boot my computer I hear it's built in alarm go off, and I get error code 39, on my motherboard which says "Test DMA Page registers". I have no idea what this means. I tried clearing CMOS, with no effect. I'm pretty...
  21. Thermopylae_480

    Windows Live Messenger Error

    Whenever I try to sign into Windows Live Messenger, I get the error code "Error Code 8100030d," and can't connect. I uninstalled Zone Alarm, so it's definetly not blocking it. I can't think of anything I've done in days to cause this. It just stopped working. I tried re-installing Windows...
  22. Thermopylae_480


    Is there a way using HTML or CSS to make a webpage layout to look the same when viewed at differnet resolutions. Everything seems to get out of allignment when viewed at different resolutions.
  23. Thermopylae_480

    Dual 12V Lines?

    Alright everyone. I'm in the market for a new PSU, because my old generic one is causing system instability. Please explain Dual 12V Lines? It seems that it just causes less amperage to be on each 12V line. What is the advantage to this? Does this allow you to get away with less amperage on...
  24. Thermopylae_480

    UT2004 Networking

    What a hastle. For a game that is supposed to be marketed toward multiplayer it sure is hard to create a server. We've tried opening a bunch of ports, but other computers are still unable to connect over the internet. Any suggetions?
  25. Thermopylae_480

    Intel V//V

    What the heck is a Intel V//V? :wtf: Is this supposed to be Pentium D?