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  1. SystemViper

    [FS] Rampage II Extreme - Asus Z270G Gaming - MSI Z270I ITX - 1080Ti LIGHTNING X - Seasonic 1000w Platinum - Kingping F1 Dark

    Items for sale, Pm me with offers. Thanks, also have more pics if interested. Everything is premo. - ASUS Rampage II Extreme LGA 1366 Intel X58 ATX Intel Motherboard Almost new in retail box - (look on ebay you won't find it cheaper) $150.00 - Asus mATX Strix Z270G Gaming (Wi-Fi AC) -...
  2. SystemViper

    Gaming and Server Build - X99 / 5930k / 32G / Thermaltake Core P3 TG Snow

    HI, I am starting my gaming and server build out, I don't game too much plus I need a server for my files. I have always loved TPU for posting my system builds,... Here is the build list. case - Thermaltake Core P3 TG Snow ATX Open Frame Panoramic Viewing Tt LCS Certified Gaming Computer Case...
  3. SystemViper

    [FS] closed

  4. SystemViper

    WTB/WTT: OLD working hardware, Mobos, CPUs, GPUs, & Lots - Clean out your Closets...

    Clean out your closets... Hi, I am looking for working OLD hardware. Please keep reply to PM's or Email I am 59 and an avid overclocker, i overclock anything for fun, planning a winter overclock fest. I am looking for old hardware but i need to get it reasonable since it's going to be for...
  5. SystemViper

    [WTB][US] [WTB] Broken Dell Inspiron (E1505) or 1500 series laptop

    Hi, i am looking for a Broken Dell Inspiron (E1505) or 1500 series laptop must be in nice shape and have internal problems, i have one that i jsut broke the keyboardso i am looking for one that i can replace the guts.... or even a 1500 series that is just retired because of it's...
  6. SystemViper

    [FS][US] SALE $140.00 Antec TPQ-1200 1200W

    SOLD Antec TPQ-1200 1200W Quick Sale - paypal only. Antec TPQ-1200 1200W 140.00 guarenteed nmot to be DOA, in great shape SOLD Sale 125.00
  7. SystemViper

    [FS] FS : Xeon W3540 W3530 - GIGABYTE GA-X58A-OC 4850X2 lots more

    Hi time for a summer sale, i will be posting lots of stuff paypal only usps priority shipping will ship global if buyer pays heat in sig (150+) plus a 50+ trrader rating...
  8. SystemViper

    [WTB][US] Wanted Socket 1156 Board Could Be ATX or Micro

  9. SystemViper

    [FS] ASUS Crosshair IV Formula + Athlon X2 5200 AM3 CPU + Corsair 1600c9 2x2G combo Deal

    Up for sale is a Sweet Combo Deal Retail ASUS Crosshair IV Formula AM3 AMD 890FX SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX AMD Motherboard A Athlon X2 5200 AM3 CPU and a Set of of Corsair 1600c9 2x2G Price: sold so you get a running board, chip and ram to get yourself up and running asap...
  10. SystemViper

    [FS] Socket 478/479 (2) P4G800 DLX plus 20 chips and fast ram

    Socket 478/479 (2) P4C800 DLX plus 20 chips and fast ram HI, I was planning on playing around with the socket 478/479 overclocking so over the last few months i have put together a big inventory of stuff to play with. This is the perfect combo for someone that wants to play with socket 478/479...
  11. SystemViper

    [FS] 3x1G Dom GT's 2000MHz C7 / Gig DQ6 / Crosshair IV Formula

    PRICE DROP 3x1G Dom GT's 2000MHz C7 / Gig DQ6 / Crosshair IV Formula Have some stuff to sell... Payment Paypal only no echecks no dibs or holding anything first come first served HEat 160+ in sig and OCN trader rating 45+ all positive All guaranteed to be not DOA Price Drop...
  12. SystemViper

    [FS/FT] [FS] Fluke 52-2 Series II Dual Input Thermometer & Fluke 62 Mini Infrared Thermometer

    Up for sale is a used Fluke 52 II dual probe thermometer & Fluke 62 Mini Infrared Thermometer. Has some light scuffing on the yellow rubber. Works like new. The Fluke 52 II was calibrated when I purchased this item. Very easy to operate. Paypal Only No e-checks heat 150+ in sig OCN...
  13. SystemViper

    [FS] [FS] [Global] i7 980X - Batch is 3013A540 - $825

    [FS] [Global] i7 980X - Batch is 3013A540 - Price Drop $810.00 Price Drop $810.00 Picked up a i7 980X - Batch is 3013A540 about a 2 month ago to play with, only tested tht it works, never got to play with it. But need some funds for the new year so this chip is for sale. check out ocn...
  14. SystemViper

    [FS/FT] High End 775 motherboards, Rampage Extreme - Biostar Tpower - GIGABYTE GA-X48-DQ6

    PRICE DROP - High End 775 mobos, Rampage Extreme - Biostar Tpower - GIG GA-X48-DQ6 New Years sale :drink:.....:drink: - Tpower - $175 - Gig X48 Dq6 - $175 - Asus Rampage Extreme X48 - $300 HI, Been overclocking 775 chips for the last 6 months, gonna take a break, I have...
  15. SystemViper

    [WTB] [Wanted/WTT] Gtx580

    Looking for a GTX 580 if you have one give me a holler and lets rock out a deal :toast:
  16. SystemViper

    [FS] E8400 - $65.00 / 1090T + Asus Crosshair 3/ Gskill DDR3/ Patriot DDR2 1150 (PC2 9200)

    SystemVipers Items For Sale Some stuff is marked to sell fast, make offers in PM thanks for looking HEAT 160+ positive OCN Trader Rating 40+ positive Well known of XS and TPU Paypal only No Echecks I ship USPS Priority Reasonable offers considered, if you lowball and get no reply...
  17. SystemViper

    [WTB][US] BIOSTAR TPower I45 LGA 775 or Rampage Extreme

    Hi, i am looking for this specific board, also if you have some older overclocking stuff, don't hesitate to let me know you never know! reasonalbe give me a shout!
  18. SystemViper

    [FS] 1090T - e6400-e6750-e6850-e6500k-DD Black Torture Rack-4850x2

    Hi, have a bunch of stuff to sell, will post a pic later on tonight. Paypal only No E-checks Guaranteed not DOA Priority Shipping... http://www.heatware.com/eval.php?id=62101 ALL Offers please do in PM E6500K never used $75.00 E6750 - $75.00 E6850- $85.00 E6400 - $50.00...
  19. SystemViper

    [WTB] old cheap pciE video cards.

    Hi, looking for your old, your weary, your tired and hungry,,, :rockout: i am interested in buying your old video cards :pimp: i am only looking for reasonable priced cards, :rolleyes: must be working condition but if you lost the cooler, no problem ;) lost the box, no problem ;)...
  20. SystemViper

    [FS] FS: HIGH END SYSTEM - Asus Rampage 3 Extreme - XEON W3570 - CMGTX2

    Hi, I decided to peel this off from my regular FS thread because i thought it was a special deal and it will only be on same for a limited time because its special to me and I don't really want to sell it but if i can in the next few days then i would. But i hope i don't have to..... But...
  21. SystemViper

    [FS] X3380 - Q9450 - QX6850 - Asus R3E - MSI BB Fuzion - i7 920 - w3570 - 4870x2 -gtx285

    Hi, I am selling a bunch if 775 stuff and some X58 and my MSI Big Bang Fuzion. Need some cash and don't know where to start, so i found the stuff easiest to shoot a pic, but if you need somethign give me a shout i got lots more... No trades, Paypal only No Echecks!!! Will ship global...
  22. SystemViper

    [WTB] ViewSonic VG2230wm LCD Monitor

    Reasonable ViewSonic VG2230wm LCD Monitor thanks for looking
  23. SystemViper

    [WTB] CHEAP DDR2 2x2G

    HI, i am looking for Cheap DDR2 2x2G sticks. noit reasopnable but cheap, not worried about speed, jsut working 2x2G Don't tell me that the Egg lists thm at 99.00 and you want 75.00 , buzzer sounds on that deal...no way! it's just about at end of life, so say what you may, but i only want...
  24. SystemViper

    [WTB] Good Overclocking Socket 478 Board and ram

    Good Overclocking Socket 478 Board and ram thanks for your time
  25. SystemViper

    [WTB] WTB (2) 5770's or 5750's - 775 Chips - cheap ddr2 - Gig Extreme

    HI, looking for (2) 5770's or 5750's reasonable, any 775 chips... cheap- also cheap DDR2 and also Gigabyte Extreme I am putting togehter several systems (775) for my son's friends, so i am doing them at cost and am looking for rock bottom prices... You know kids got no cash...