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  1. guitarfreaknation

    [ANDROID] Aviate Invitation Code Needed

    Hey guys. Really interested in trying this software for Android and I know some guys here know what's up. If you have an extra code please share. PS, I'm not actually anti AMD ;)
  2. guitarfreaknation

    [FF] 2x Arma 3 Alpha Lite Steam Keys

    Just saw n3rdf1ght3r's post and remembered I have 2 steam keys for Arma 3 Alpha Lite. First come, first serve so reply and first 2 replies will get em'. EDIT: 1 key gone to GSquadron. EDIT: 2nd key pending... EDIT: 2nd key gone to Durvelle27 ALL OUT
  3. guitarfreaknation

    Weird Issue with GIGABYTE z77x-ud3h

    So at first I though my OC settings were causing this but then I realized that whenever I try to OC even a bit, after I do all the stress testing and make sure the OC is stable and shut down my pc, the BIOS tells me there is a stability issue. This happens any time I change from stock clocks...
  4. guitarfreaknation

    i7 3770k Clock doesnt decrease when vcore decreases.

    The last few days I've noticed that my clock speed does not decrease with voltage even on stock settings. I never used fixed OC so anytime I OC I always use dvid to set offset and it all worked flawlessly (vcore decrease and so does clock speed). Now, any setting I use doesn't decrease clock...
  5. guitarfreaknation

    Arma 3 Alpha on Steam

    http://store.steampowered.com/agecheck/app/107410/ Anyone got this yet, or having any intentions in getting it?
  6. guitarfreaknation

    Weird 4890 CF behavior in CCC && GPU-Z

    I've tried to google this stuff but didn't find anything useful. So, I recently upgraded to Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H and the first thing I noticed is that CCC thinks I am not running CF even when I am. Also, GPU-Z report that CF is disabled. The only time CCC acts normally is when I right click on the...
  7. guitarfreaknation

    What are your 3770k Temps and Voltages?

    I have been messing around with the vcore and just wanted to see what you guys get in terms of temps and voltage VS clock. I'm currently on 4.5 GHz with 1.2 vcore. Any suggestions or tip? (I am really new to IvyBridge)
  8. guitarfreaknation

    Budget Upgrade from 4890 CF

    So, I might be in a market to upgrage my GPUs and I am looking for a budget replacement that would give me better performance (obviously) and better power consumption/less heat. Preferably a single-card setup. Although if I can find 2 decent cards to SLI or CF, that would work. Also, what...
  9. guitarfreaknation

    Intel Confidential CPU Q9550

    Ok, so apparently I have one of these and I have not realized this until I upgraded and looked at it. I bought it from a guy on craigslist years ago, when I had 0 knowledge on computer hardware. Can someone elaborate more on this topic? Does it have an unlocked multiplier?
  10. guitarfreaknation

    New mobo and cpu, can i get rid of my old stuff?

    Hey guys. I am not one for making too many transactions on forums so I need some input. I just got a 3770k and ud5h and I am wondering how much can I get for my old mobo and CPU on the net. The stuff I need to get rid of are Q9550 and gigabyte ep45T-ud3p and 4 sticks of Kingston 1066 MHz ram.
  11. guitarfreaknation

    Any deals on gaming laptops?

    My cousin is looking to grab a gaming laptop and since I am not big on laptops I thought I would ask. His budget is about $1300 and PS, no he is not gonna go for a desktop (no space). He is currently looking at an ASUS with a 660M. Any help will be greatly appreciated. :toast:
  12. guitarfreaknation

    Looking for a budget laptop. Any suggestions?

    Just as the title reads, I am looking to buy a lappy for school, and I do not want to spend over $600. PC is for school so will be mostly used for web browsing and simple programming. No netbooks (too damn small). I really dig this (mostly the way it looks :p but the specs are not bad as far...
  13. guitarfreaknation

    Withone with a GA EP45T-UD3P run 1600 RAM?

    Hey. Just wondering if there are any people who ran 1600 ram on this board. Even though the gigabyte website doesn't say its supported. "Support for DDR3 2200+/1333/1066/800 MHz memory modules " Can I run the ram @ 1333? If so, would I have to tweak with the timings? (Originally the RAM...
  14. guitarfreaknation

    Coolit System's ECO A.L.C. has failed me miserably.

    Last night I noticed my system wouldn't boot. It just restarted frantically and beep. So, I figured I would reapply the thermal paste ( which I thought was the issue originally.) Upon closer inspection I noticed that some sort of liquid was in the PICe sockets and in random places on my...
  15. guitarfreaknation

    PC Reboots Continuously. No Post Screen.

    Hey folks. I was playing some L.A. Noire then went out. Several hours later I come in to Boot my PC and it just continuously reboots and doesnt even get to the post screen. I've tried clearing CMOS but now it just beeps while rebooting over and over. Specs are on the left. Any ideas?
  16. guitarfreaknation

    Most Stable Driver for 4890s CF

    Hey all. So Ive been playing Civ 5 for a few weeks and I starter crashing on 480th turn. I'm gonna reinstall directx but am wondering if this is caused by my drivers. Now the question, what would be best, most stable driver for 4890 CF configuration?
  17. guitarfreaknation

    Movie Maker in Windows 7

    Hey folks. Im trying to compile a little movie using clips I took with FRAPS and it is stuttering and when I preview my movie its just awfully slow. That is fixed when I export it of course. I just want to know is there anything I can do to give it a boost? *Please dont give me your...
  18. guitarfreaknation

    24-SSD Raid Setup

    They took 24 SSD's to make this raid setup. I didnt see this on TPU. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96dWOEa4Djs
  19. guitarfreaknation

    775 to 1366 Advice.

    Hello good people of TPU. I am thinking of Finally selling my chip and motherboard and go for a i7, X58 system. Is it possible to do it with minimal damage to the budget?
  20. guitarfreaknation

    Hitachi travelstat 2.5'' drive

    Just for kicks, I want to connect this drive to my pc see if I can use it for backup or something. How would one connect this to a sata cable? This is the drive...
  21. guitarfreaknation

    Install a x86 game on a x64 os

    Pulled out an old original Max Payne game and its giving me the error. Any way I can bypass the error on the installer and play the damn game?
  22. guitarfreaknation

    Win7 Webcam Driver Model PG088AA

    Ok, I found this old web cam laying around a few months ago but I couldnt find a compatible windows 7 driver (64-bit). I gave up on it but I though I'd post here in case someone has the same web cam. This is the cam: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0009JR4XS/?tag=tec06d-20 The model: PG088AA
  23. guitarfreaknation

    Best Video Codec Pack? BVCP

    Ive been using K-lite for a while, also tried CCCP i think is the name. Was wondering what is the best video+audio*** codec pack for 64 bit win7 out there? Also a fan of MPC.
  24. guitarfreaknation

    Top Slideshow Software

    Hey TPU. A friend asked me to make a slideshow for her and I want to know if any here used some nice software for that. I am looking for something on the advanced side, not some small free program weighing 20 megs. Would be really good if it has a feature to adjust aspect ratio and some nice...
  25. guitarfreaknation

    Good software to make a chart or sheet

    My uncle and I are running a little PES tournament and I need some software to make a nice little chart with teams and score and such. Something similar to this,