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  1. VulkanBros

    7th of July

    The date my GTX970 is going in retirement ;) https://www.computerbase.de/2019-06/navi-radeon-rx-5700-xt/
  2. VulkanBros

    G-Sync - via HDMI or DisplayPort?

    I have a G-Sync monitor (ASUS) and GTX970 (ASUS) (see spec) .... When using DP, the monitor sometimes goes black, and the only way to get it back, is to connect a HDMI cable. I have updated the GPU via: Nvidia DP firmware update tool - not helping - and the error does not come all the time...
  3. VulkanBros

    Where did the Asetek test go?

    @Wizzard - or was it, as the name suggested, just a "test"? ;)
  4. VulkanBros

    Trim nVidia drivers

    From Guru3D: https://forums.guru3d.com/threads/nvidia-driver-slimming-utility.423072/ https://www.guru3d.com/files-details/nvidia-driver-slimming-utility.html Handy I would say ...
  5. VulkanBros

    Cross platform gameplay

    Would be nice if that happend..... https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2018/08/bethesda-tries-to-force-sony-to-stop-blocking-cross-console-gameplay/
  6. VulkanBros

    Future Of Aviation - Supersonic, nuclear, with lasers

    https://edition.cnn.com/travel/article/oscar-vinals-future-of-flight/index.html 18 pictures
  7. VulkanBros

    Stunning photos of abandoned Soviet tech

    https://edition.cnn.com/style/article/danila-tkachenko-restricted-areas/index.html?gallery=%2F%2Fcdn.cnn.com%2Fcnnnext%2Fdam%2Fassets%2F180302132054-danilatkachenko-1.jpg 11 pictures
  8. VulkanBros

    Internet browsers

    Which do You use - and why? Security reasons, speed, feel, looks or something totally different? And are there missing any vital browsers on this list? (I know. many of them are based on the same browser engine, Gecko, Chromnium and so on - but still) FireFox (BETA) (Nightly) Chrome (BETA)...
  9. VulkanBros

    EPlan font needed

    Hi, We have an old filling machine, where parts of the electrical wirering is burnt. The machine is from 2006/2007 and all documentation is in PDF files. Unfortunately is the company that build the machine, not existing anymore, and when I try to open the PDF files, is shows only dots and tells...
  10. VulkanBros

    The Escape from Tarkov

    Anyone playing this? https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/preorder-page and if yes, is it any good?
  11. VulkanBros

    Thermal pads for VRM circuit (STRIX GTX 970)

    I have just changed the thermal compound on the GPU, as it was getting hotter. The old compound was stiff and almost dry - put some GELID Extreme on, and is now fine with the temps again. But - I also removed the VRM heat sink to check the pads, and in that process, I damaged the pads (they...
  12. VulkanBros

    4 x 8 GB or 2 x 16 GB - which is better?

    Hi In my new RyZEN machinery i want to upgrade the memory - but is there any differences/limitation between using 4 x 8 GB vs. 2 x 16 GB? My intention is to use: CORSAIR CMD16GX4M2B3200C16 ver4.31 in either 4 x 8 or 2 x 16
  13. VulkanBros

    RYZEN AM4 motherboad BIOS´s

    Sorry - @R-T-B has already taken care of that: https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/search/23708116/?q=BIOS+Digest&o=date&c[title_only]=1
  14. VulkanBros

    Chance for Socket AM4 motherboards review in near future?

    Just a question.....
  15. VulkanBros

    No RyZEN review on TPU - why?

    Just wondering. Have heard that there where delivery problems up to launch, but that is some time ago. Will there be a RyZEN review on TPU?
  16. VulkanBros

    'impossible' EM Drive really does work

    Leaked NASA paper shows the 'impossible' EM Drive really does work http://www.sciencealert.com/leaked-nasa-paper-shows-the-impossible-em-drive-really-does-work
  17. VulkanBros

    Test of 60.000 spinning HDD

    Could be nice to have those stats over SSD disks https://www.backblaze.com/blog/hard-drive-reliability-stats-q1-2016/
  18. VulkanBros

    Linux (Ubuntu) in Windows 10 Anniversary Update (Microsoft in bed with enemy)

    If you have Windows 10 x64 with the Anniversary Update installed, it is now possible to run Linux within a Windows prompt. Turn on "Developer Mode" Restart PC In "Turn Windows features on or off" Select "Windows Subsystem for Linux" Restart PC In a command promt type bash...
  19. VulkanBros

    IGP / dedicated

    What determines when a dedicated GPU is kicking in? Is it the workload (software controlled) or is it hardware based? And when the dedicated GPU kicks in - does the IGP totally stops working? And is there differences AMD CPU v. IGP vs. Intel CPU v. IGP in terms how they work with a dedicated GPU?
  20. VulkanBros

    FreeSync or G-Sync or both?

    Hi, I am on the way to buy a new monitor (2560 x 1440) (under 5ms Gray-to-Gray) and min. 120 Hz. I have a GTX 970 - so is it better to buy a G-Sync monitor? Or is there a monitor that has both technologies? I don't know if my next GPU will be an AMD or nVidia - so could it be better to by a...
  21. VulkanBros

    Remix OS

    Sounds interesting.... http://www.cultofandroid.com/77953/remix-os-is-the-freakin-awesome-android-desktop-youve-been-waiting-for/ https://www.droidmen.com/how-to-install-remix-os-2-0-computer-laptop-pc/ Download officially here: http://www.jide.com/en
  22. VulkanBros

    Gigantic lightning filmed from the International Space Station

    Blue Jet lightning - 50 KM above the earth
  23. VulkanBros

    Wolfenstein - The Old Blood

    Looks....eehhmmm....interesting.... http://www.wolfenstein.com/en-gb/
  24. VulkanBros

    GPU Tweak.....

    Soo...is GPU Tweak entirely written by you W1zzard or only the "add-on" GPU-Z ?
  25. VulkanBros

    My little Linux on RISC project - need help

    I have and "old" HP B2600 RISC workstation (served as a robotics server). It was installed with HP-UX 10.20 Now I want to install a free Linux/Unix OS on it....BUT the only linux distro I can find that supports RISC CPU (hppa) is Gentoo Linux Anybody that knows other Linux/Unix distros that...