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    EVGA Classified X58 Motherboard Unveiled

    I'd definitely look into getting one of this.
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    Recommend a FAN Controllor for me

    +1 on the Scythe
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    Mass effect

    I'm looking forward to Mass Effect 2 cause the first one was amazing.
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    New memory

    Yes, I believe a bios update should fix it.
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    Guitar Hero

    Why not? A Beatles GH should be interesting.
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    Budget PC

    I think the 4670 should run fine with the an intel board.
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    Pc Gaming in 2009

    I hope they get Diablo 3 out. I've been waiting for that one for a while now.
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    Anime Nation

    Sweet pic. I just started watching old Gundam episodes a few days ago.
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    [Case Gallery] selfmoded HAF 932 black editon

    Great job on the rig. On the last picture, what speakers are those and where did you get them?
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    Games you got rid of once finished.

    Most RPGs that I've played. But then I've already put too much hours on them.
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    EA surrenders to DRM anger.

    :laugh: I've always wondered what the intro was saying.
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    Farcry 2

    Yah I was a little disappointed with this game too. Had high expectations when I bought it too.
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    Really want one of these... So bad.

    I'd have to save up for a few weeks to get this one.
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    Sony Launches Teaser Site for Revolutionary New Vaio Laptop

    That's a good marketing ploy, I think. Hope it turns out to be actually good.
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    Koolance Release Sneak Peak of their New Thermal Management System the TMS-200

    Looks cool. Any temp release date?
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    Well well look at my crazy ddr3 settings

    Congratulations. Those are pretty good numbers.
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    Asus 4850

    Thanks for the info guys. I was looking at that a while ago. Good thing I didn't get it.
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    NewEgg's Mail In Rebate PSU's

    Thanks, thinking of getting the second one.
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    Rise Of The Argonauts ( released today )

    I just rented this game today and I gotta say it's pretty boring. Not much action for an Action-RPG.
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    tomorrow I go quad...maybe?

    I love my Quad. It's definitely the way to go if you're still thinking about it.