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    We Need a Lost Cryptocurrency Crawler: 4 Million Bitcoins Lost in the Ether

    With Bitcoin there will only be 21,000,000 coin ever mined! There are Altcoins like Eth, Zcash etc.
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    [WTB] Looking for a MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X 8gb.

    Any single 8 gig DDR4 sticks?
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    AMD Says Vega Delays Necessary to Increase Stock for Gamers

    There high wattage may keep miners from wanting them. Miners don't want to lose money because power cost. The average miner will use 1050 ti, 1060 3gb an 1060 6gb, 1070's. 1080's and 1080 ti's use to much power.
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    Ethereum Takes Literal Flight; Mining Conglomerates Rent Airplanes for Transport

    Maybe they should stop seti and folding it's a waste to!! Blame the miners. Some people need to learn the facts before crying.The average miner is not buying 50 cards. Maybe 2 to 4 cards. Your big farms like this thread start off with buy 1000's of cards. It's not just them it's Hospitals...
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    AMD Radeon Packs: Expensive Motherboards, Monitor only for Few

    They did it because of the miners would of bought up all the stock. Had a video but this site won't link it at the time frame. You would have to watch the whole video.
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    [WTB] Looking for a MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X 8gb.

    Looking for a - MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X 8gb
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    Steam Offers Batman Arkham Knight Refunds After Second Failed PC Launch

    I am one of the lucky one's. I've been playing it with no problems.
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    TechPowerUp NVIDIA Shield Tablet Giveaway

    I too HATE facebook!! An no matter what, will never have a fb account.
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    Mad Catz Announces the M.M.O.Te Tournament Edition Gaming Mouse for PC and Mac

    I have the Rat 7 and the MMO 7. And I like this new one and it cost a lot less the then the MMO 7.
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    Is Western Digital really this bad now or am I just unlucky?

    I would never use a WD Green drive for the OS! In fact I would use a Green drive period. I only use WD Black drives and in all the years I have had only 1 WD Black drive screw up. And I have about 40 of them. I haven't bought a drive in about 6 years and they all run 24/7
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    [WTB] SST- RadSupport09

    Thank you Sir. I lost that link about a year ago. And could not remember the name of the website.
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    [WTB] SST- RadSupport09

    Hi, I'm hoping someone has these. I have a Silverstone TJ09 case and I am looking for the SST- RadSupport09 for mounting a 240 mm radiator to the inside top of the case. Please let me know if you have these and pm me. Thank you.
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    help understanding ssd's

    Is a ssd with a higher iops read and write and a lower read and write megabytes faster then one with higher read and write iops and and higher read and write megabytes? Sorry I am trying to understand. I want to buy a new one soon. And I notice that one of Samsung's ssd had a read and write...
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    Need help with which is better for gaming.

    Then why do they make ram speeds up to 3200 mhz and motherboards that support up to 64 gb of ram?
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    Need help with which is better for gaming.

    I need some help. The Asus z97 Sabertooth only accept 1866 mhz ram speeds. Nothing higher. I plan on playing games a lot. So would I be better off getting a different motherboard that accepts high speed ram? I was looking at the Asus MAXIMUS VII HERO, It accepts ram speeds from 1333 mhz to 3200...
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    [WTB] Intel 4770k

    Got one. Please close thread.
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    [WTB] Intel 4770k

    I don't delid and I don't over clock. And over the years never had a cpu die.
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    [WTB] Intel 4770k

    Well there are cheaper on the forums if you can fin them. I Miss 2 BNIB 4770k that where listed for $240.00-$245.00. And just 2 days ago I lost on a 4930K that was listed for $315.00.
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    [WTB] Intel 4770k

    Looking for a BNIB 4770k. Just paid for one but the seller said it was missing. So I am looking for one again. Let me know what you got. I do not want a non K 4770!! __________________