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  1. das müffin mann

    New build for fallout and Deus Ex from a guy whos been away a while

    yeah i think i'll just add some ram, a ssd, and a new gpu. at least for now. Thanks for the help guys!
  2. das müffin mann

    New build for fallout and Deus Ex from a guy whos been away a while

    right on, with that in mind i'm thinking the most economical route would be to double up the ram and swap the gpu. About the gpu, is evga still a pretty solid manufacturer? i was also maybe thinking about switching up the motherboard, i could use a little more room/slots to expand and the...
  3. das müffin mann

    New build for fallout and Deus Ex from a guy whos been away a while

    hey folks i've been away for a few years for medical reasons and i haven't been keeping up to date on my tech news. So i'm asking all you wonderful folks what would be the cheapest way for me to upgrade my rig (or an entirely new build) so i can spend my days wandering the boston wasteland or...
  4. das müffin mann

    Mass Effect 3 saved games

    thank you sir, you just saved me a lot of time.
  5. das müffin mann

    Mass Effect 3 saved games

    Alright i just picked up Mass Effect 3 for the pc, along with all the dlc. I already own all 3 for the 360 (-dlc) and i'm wondering if anyone would know where i would be able to find 100% paragon/renegade saved games for mass effects 1/2. I really just want to play 3 for the dlc, and i'd rather...
  6. das müffin mann

    problem with virtual drives, daemon tools

    OK so my trial version of daemon tools pro expired, so i uninstalled and downloaded DT lite. everything was peachy through the installation process, the launcher said it installed successfully, windows said otherwise. when i click on the windows error message, all that it tells me is that it...
  7. das müffin mann

    Anime Nation

    these days it's a reflex
  8. das müffin mann

    Anime Nation

    has anyone else seen ghost in the shell 2.0? it's an updated high-res version of the original (which, in my opinion in on of the most fluid and visually striking animated movies. ever.) it's only available in Japanese w/English subs. Which i don't mind at all; but i think that the ghost in the...
  9. das müffin mann

    Anime Nation

    thanks for the suggestions (and something to browse through in math), i'm not familiar with either one but i can't wait to check them out. I've heard people talk about hellsing, i've even caught a glimpse or two here and there, but i've always passed it up. if only i had know about the...
  10. das müffin mann

    Anime Nation

    alright folks it's been awhile since i've been around but i need all the infinite wisdom that this thread can offer. basically i'm board. i need something new to watch. I've just rewatched samurai champloo, cowboy bebop and ghost in the shell. any suggestions? Death note is one of my more...
  11. das müffin mann

    [FS/FT] i7 920, EVGA E760 Classified, 6GB DDR3

    a great deal indeed. can't wait for my new toys to arrive. this also happens to be my first post in years.
  12. das müffin mann

    METAL Heads club

    i've been listening to a lot of snoop dogg, sublime, and cynic lately
  13. das müffin mann

    METAL Heads club

    lamb of gods new stuff was very disappointing to me, it didn't have the impact or the progression that you noticed going from places to ashes and then to sacrament, wrath just sounded like b sides off of sacrament, nothing really stood out has anyone seen the lineup for mayhem this year? its...
  14. das müffin mann

    Square Enix Delivers Games to PC Users Via Steam

    few spelling mistakes also a video review http://xbox360.ign.com/dor/objects/904861/the-last-remnant/videos/LastRemnantReview_112408.html
  15. das müffin mann

    Fallout, Fallout 2 & Fallout tactics (PC)??

    fallout and fallout 2 are THE SHIT highly recommend them
  16. das müffin mann

    Anime Nation

    guys if you ever watched dragonball as a kid check this out http://forums.techpowerup.com/showthread.php?t=85139
  17. das müffin mann

    rip audio from video

    yeah i have been using that site all day its handy
  18. das müffin mann

    rip audio from video

    hey i need a little help finding a program that will rip audio from video (like youtube) (but into mp3)
  19. das müffin mann

    TPU! Dedicated Game Servers.

    custom map css server would be THE SHIT
  20. das müffin mann

    Final Fantasy XIII

    ffx was the last one worth playing, and even then so many damn cut scenes
  21. das müffin mann

    22 waves of zombie's!

    did you kill 666 zombies?
  22. das müffin mann

    need help finding a program

    hello i need some help finding a program to easily rip audio from an avi file
  23. das müffin mann

    a couple of gothic 3 screenies

    so how is the game? i've been thinking about picking it up
  24. das müffin mann

    cod 5

    actually our tanks were crap compared to the panzer and the tiger...seriously crap the Sherman well it just wasn't on par and tbh im not sure Russia could have held back the Nazi's if we didn't open up another front (im leaning more towards no, but there is no way to tell) although Hitler was...