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    [Case Gallery] Centurion 5

    once again.... you have done an awesome job of wiring your case. beautiful!!!! the only thing that's not so hot in this case is that OOOOOLLLLLDDDD video card. but the thing that i really like about this system is the doubling in speed on your overclock. that's awesome!
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    [Case Gallery] seawasp

    i don't get it why didn't you just watercool your whole system instead of phase change on just the cpu? and another thought, we really need to see some more pictures please! i sure hope that you aren't lugging that around to lan parties though, i'll bet that thing weighs a ton!
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    [Case Gallery] AirCooled QUAD SLI

    Are you planning any upgrades? since you call yourself HeavyH20, are you going to watercool your rig? i like that stacker case, but for all that money you've laid down to get those parts, you're just going to leave to be a ground dwelling machine? that sucks, for such a piece of artwork that...
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    NVIDIA's Upcoming 7950GT & 7900GS

    In my opinion, all it is is just a new card that will probably cater to those people who just need the NEWEST card on the block; to me, the 7900 gt has just as much muscle as the "7950gt" and now, since you have the option to get a 512mb variant of the 7900gt, then you can go on your merry way...
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    [Case Gallery] Sladesurfer's rig #2

    Brrrrrr.... please post some specs as soon as you can, cause i am thinking of upgrading my system to include a Core Duo processor, and i want to know how they perform, especially with one of those vapochill units in there! otherwise, 9/10(just cause of the vid card). just one question though...
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    [Case Gallery] older light show mod

    can't you hide that light that is SOOOOO visible over yur CPU heatsink? i mean, aesthetically pleasing...
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    [Case Gallery] Tt Armor T.E.C cooled processor / Watercooled graphics

    looks kina messy well, to me it does at least. if i were you, i would have gone with smaller diameter tubing, just so it doesn't look so cluttered. if you were to run 3/8" or 1/4" dia. tubing, then it would probably open up some space to see inside to that corsair memory w. those flashy LED's...
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    [Case Gallery] Light Show

    needs some improvements i don't know what anyone else thinks, but in my opinion, the case light is supposed to be hidden in some fashion, but oh well, and what the heck is up with the duck? it makes it look kiddish.
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    [Case Gallery] V1000

    nice!!! if you could add a pic of your comp when its on and has the side panel off, so we can see your whole setup, that would be great, but other than that, you seem to be one of the brave souls that took to crossfire, i like sli, but you have done ONE HELL OF A JOB! WELL DONE!!!!!
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    [Case Gallery] Arctic Azure

    wow, fan overload???? dude, nice setup, but you spoil the view with all of those fans, and i don't even want to ask how loud that thing is when its turned on! since you asked for some positive criticism, here's what i have: 1) lose some of those fans( you only want air moved through your case...
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    [Case Gallery] Cube of Fire rev.3

    how much $ did you spend? so with the new parts and all, how much mullah did you spend on your machine total? i've been thinking of going SFF the next time that i build a new system. but it looks like you've done a nice job on it though, even if the temps are a little on the high side, LOL.
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    Socket F hits the streets this July

    wow has anyone heard if they're going to only release this socket type for the opty's? b/c if they did, i think that it would make it harder for people to change their motherboards. so, in my opinion, i think that they had better change all of the processor lines to be on the new chipset, or...
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    [Case Gallery] The gaming pc

    can't you see that there are (2) processor bays in there? i mean, the processor fan is kind of noticable. duh.....
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    [Case Gallery] NO case

    i thought that this was a CASE gallery dude, at least keep your components alive and put it in a case . without a home, there is no protection for your investment. this is solely my point of view, but its your stuff, but i wouldn't have taken anything out of the boxes until I had a case, but...
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    [Case Gallery] Old School

    looks like an original pentium processor, most likely around 100-200 mhz, a really old dual socket motherboard(most likely TYAN), some nasty looking ribbon cables (EWW), a 200W PSU, a DLINK video card(16mb), a Verex case, a LAN card combined with a tv input, and a serial port card(for...
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    [Case Gallery] Ultimate 478 MMC

    what the heck dude you need to take care of your desk. it looks like its about to fall apart!
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    [Case Gallery] Funkole`s cs 601

    nicely done get some lighting in that case of yours, slap a window on that bad boy and your are set my friend. my suggestion is to get white lights, they look sick, and with that silver paint that you have on your case, that would look SICK!!!!! only a suggestion though.
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    [Case Gallery] AGP NEVER DIE

    lookin good try using the flash a little more so some more of those inside shots of your case look a little more detailed than shadows. nice overclock though on the cpu.
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    [Case Gallery] Stacker

    nice setup try straightening out those wires and zip tie them together(make sure to use a yellow zip-tie). then i think it will look real swell. otherwise, how does it game? even though you don't have much storage space due to each being so limited(74GB). well done. do you have a window on...
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    [Case Gallery] Black64Cooler

    lookin kinda crowded how in hell did you cram all them tubes into that case? they make your computer look tiny in comparison. looks good enought to drool over, i have to say.
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    [Case Gallery] The best budget sleeper ever! (~$650 after rebates!)

    nice please don't remind me of how ugly the insides of pre-built computers, especially those from emachines can be. i hate the look of ribbon IDE cables. but the specs of your system look good. nicely done on the resourceful thinking and some smart shopping you did. that's what black friday is...
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    [Case Gallery] Xion-1337

    deja vu? wow, i see a resemblance to my case. they almost look the same. don't worry about the a%sho&es that give people a bad vote because they have crappy pc internals. i'm still running on socket A and it does what i need; for now! the color green looks so sexy though, i have to give it...
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    Zalman shows off new graphic card cooler

    i think so check out www.zalmanusa.com
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    [Case Gallery] Kid's First Build

    ok, so i think something's a foot i know that most p4's are pretty good with the whole heat problem. but i hardly doubt that you are able to run a 1GHz overclock and still maintain a reasonable heat number. i know that many of the people that run watercooling even run just as warm as a stock...
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    [Case Gallery] Update: A Work in Progress

    thanks thanks a lot i realize that it isn't the best, but it does me fine. FOR NOW THOUGH! quake 4 plays well, even thought the recommended processor speed for the game is 2GHz, and i only have 1.8