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  1. Thefumigator

    How many people still use sound cards?

    -Sound Blaster Live (died, which explains my avatar) it was really cool when the unofficial kx drivers were installed. -Emu 0404 for making music. It also died. It was the best sounding card I ever had, -Sound Blaster Audigy RX for ASIO 2.0 music playing and recording. Very good sound card...
  2. Thefumigator

    Unable to boot from old ssd after installing M.2

    I own two motherboards that have one M.2 port each. An MSI A320 Grenade and a Gigabyte AB350 Gaming In one of the motherboards when installing an M.2 everything goes fine, but in the other motherboard you get 1 or 2 sata ports disabled, depending on which M.2 you install. If its a SATA M.2 you...
  3. Thefumigator

    FineWine===>FineVinegar FuryX Aging Horrible in 2017

    I personally don't believe in "good aging" of hardware in general. But sometimes you have a winner in the purchase game and sometimes you don't.
  4. Thefumigator

    hdd 100% usage

    have you disabled windows defender? (not the service, the whole av) also the cloud based protection.
  5. Thefumigator

    How to Schedule Auto shutdown when internet get disconnected?

    I think I know what you mean, so what's happening is that the computer shutdowns when you turn it on, as it detects there's no internet (because system is booting) I would try this: shutdown -s -f -t 60 -c "Internet disconnected." and shutdown /a the first command will shutdown your...
  6. Thefumigator

    Christmas acer laptop

    If you prefer, you still can revert it back using the factory restore procedure, there's a hotkey on every new acer laptop/PC. just my two cents
  7. Thefumigator

    hdd 100% usage

    just to make sure, can you check your windows 10 build number? just run CMD and you will get it on top of the console windows:
  8. Thefumigator

    hdd 100% usage

    HDD 100% is a windows 10 known problem, you must install windows updates for the problem to go away (not sure which update solves this, but I always install all updates for windows). If you need to resolve the issue right now, without installing any update, just disable superfetch service...
  9. Thefumigator

    PC problem?

    Of course you have the right to your own opinion. As I do. But lets face it, if it wasn't for ryzen intel wouldn't be that worried, releasing great processors like the i7 8000 at a much affordable cost than before. We have to be agree on this...
  10. Thefumigator

    Help with biostart b350 gt3 motherboard

    The GT5 is quite better, and its only 70 bucks. Still there are better options there for around 100 bucks, but I'm not an overclocker.
  11. Thefumigator

    PC problem?

    I strongly disagree.
  12. Thefumigator

    Stripped GPU heatsink Screw

    I have to be honest, I had exactly the same problem once and I just turned clockwise the whole heatsink while pulling it up. Not the best method I agree...
  13. Thefumigator

    PC problem?

    no its not "finicky" and its not "less plug n play", I just had to update bios version to get the most of ram speed tho. What happened to the GPU and smoke and whatever is platform independant. Sh*t just happens. You can't blame it on intel or AMD.
  14. Thefumigator

    G751JY AC charger disconnects while gaming.

    That's not normal, any laptop should work perfectly fine with or without battery installed this is the problem Your new battery just discharged completely and now the AC adapter needs to charge the battery AND power your notebook at the same time. Too much power consumption makes the AC to...
  15. Thefumigator

    Computer shuts down when playing a game

    Most likely, check just in case if the fan cooler spins... Yes, but we must not forget that a psu could be unstable on low load too.
  16. Thefumigator

    Computer shuts down when playing a game

    Mmm, never heard of AzzA.... is it 80plus at least? Also check RAM with memtest or whatever.
  17. Thefumigator

    Lenovo to use chinese Zhaoxin x86 CPUs? (VIA's back!)

    Via please bring back the Volari series GPUs... and make them perform great so all miners will have another choice and leave our geforces and radeons alone!
  18. Thefumigator

    What's on your hardware wish list ?

    not sure why, I'm completely in love with this laptop (please don't laugh at me):
  19. Thefumigator

    Why was I so positive 16:10 was the future of gaming? ... 21:9 is king?

    I own an 21:9 AOC ultra wide and sometimes I feel I need more vertical space, but I'm on "productivity" not a gamer.
  20. Thefumigator

    AMD Ryzen 1400/1600/1700 massive bottleneck in GTA 5

    I have a ryzen 7 1700... but my GPU is a RX470... also I don't have the game. But if I borrow a copy I'll try to test it out. Not sure about how to make a youtube streaming and gaming at the same time, I'll check it out.
  21. Thefumigator

    AMD Ryzen 1400/1600/1700 massive bottleneck in GTA 5

    Man, AMD ryzen is a amazing processor. Its one of the best processors for gaming among intel processors. The difference is 10% compared intel cpus in single threaded performance. We all know that. There's no way that extended distance scaling works ok on any system. If you think extended...
  22. Thefumigator

    How to recover data from RAW Hard Disk

    I'm afraid it seems your HDD is dying. Backup and replace. Try the settings that revin mentioned
  23. Thefumigator

    AMD Ryzen 1400/1600/1700 massive bottleneck in GTA 5

    If the CPU is the bottleneck why is not 100% in use? To me its GPU memory going whaco. I mean, <<CPU is not 100% >> and <<GPU is not 100%>> = memory bandwith not enough. Poor optimization also. I also don't believe in the youtubers video opinion either. As I told before, I've seen the same...
  24. Thefumigator

    AMD Ryzen 1400/1600/1700 massive bottleneck in GTA 5

    Probably poor optimization or GPU memory being the bottleneck.
  25. Thefumigator

    I think I found my new monitor... but only on Amazon

    Just personal opinion here, I always go AOC, either for TV or monitor. I've got a 29" ultra wide non-curve and it was the best purchase I made in years. Hope it lasts