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  1. Miguel2013

    TOSHIBA Satellite L655D-S5159 laptop mobo replacement or repair

    Laptop "running power" led lits is the only led that lits when runing from batery. but I don't see anything post on the screen or even a SSD activity or ssd led light blinking. when using power cable the "wall power led" lits but same no activity ssd nor screen displays anything. I did check for...
  2. Miguel2013

    getting "bsod" on windows 10 need diagnose why

    I get this problem once every 4 or 5 days and only after just loading into windows never when windows has been running, I'm guessing is a startup related problem but I don't know it could be a faulty ram, sound card, windows itself etc. What's the first step to getting this clarified?? it...
  3. Miguel2013

    Malware bytes license agreement doesn't display when clicking on its link when installing

    I made a video about this and is anoying. I want to read the conditions of what II'm installing on my hardware and something goes wrong. Anyone had this same issue?
  4. Miguel2013

    Samsung 850 evo doesn't show as supported by samsung magician

    I just bought this drive and wanted to check its health but got what's on the photo. What other good software I can use to check its health or TB written. What could cause this?
  5. Miguel2013

    How co check health of an SSD and also performance issues?

    hi I just bought a samsung 850 evo 256gb and I want to see if I can improve anything? -does the sata cable has to be rated sata3 or any sata cable from 10 years ago? -what about optimization software settings, what software from samsung or other? -no defrag? -how to check it's smart health...
  6. Miguel2013

    Thermal tape/glue/adhesive or super glue for ram tiny heatsinks?

    I have this problem on my gpu hd5770. the heatsinks been coming off at a rate of 1 per year and I'm worry. check photo I think these are all the heatsinks that are off I will have to reglue them soon. Should I use the same heatsinks if so what glue should I buy? can I use just use dollar store...
  7. Miguel2013

    I need to improve the performance of my HD5770 1GB ddr5

    when I play this game "Urban terror" or even "wow" but most the first, I don't get the graphics that I should be getting I feel something is slowing the engine down or the map texturing drawing and stuff. my pc is pretty fast it has 1333mhz ram and 3.4ghz cpu 4cores is just like a 6 year old...
  8. Miguel2013

    [WTB][US] Need a wired used or new ethernet gigabit or fastEthernet - pcmcia or usb card for laptop

    Has to work well on linux like xubuntu 16.04. I have 2 fast ethernet pcmcia but don't work well on that OS. something like TP-Link or Edimax not limited to those of course. willing to pay between 5 and 10 dollars depending on the card. I don't have anymore :( I prefer USB connection as I can use...
  9. Miguel2013

    where can i find a domain registrar that throws free web space?

    I looked at namecheap, their domain cost and service is good and so is the price of their web hosting for the first year but I can't afford the renewal cost for the second year. Is there another one that would charge me $8 or $10 per year for a .com or .net and gives me free web space on the...
  10. Miguel2013

    [WTB][US] Samsung 850 evo 256GB

    Hi I need a SSD samsung 850evo for my desktop computer, I need the one that looks like an HD not the PCI-E one. I live in Utah. also would need a sata3 cable. I can pay in paypal or money order for example. I can also making a website for you here is an example of what I can do...
  11. Miguel2013

    Is it possible to backup windows 7 and install it on a new SSD?

    I have windows 7 installed on a HDD since 2012 and I just got a new trion 150 480GB SSD supposedly 10 times faster. I want to continue using my well maintained system on the faster drive. Can I just just copy all the system files that is c:\windows\ and c:\program files\ and have it ready to go...
  12. Miguel2013

    Need a 4TB family backup solution is it safe?

    from my understanding using a disk based mechanical HD is best for long term storage because of the durability due to not using it everyday compared to compact flash or sdhc cards that need to be plugged every once in a while and their slower speeds being removable although keep look very...
  13. Miguel2013

    Grid 2 demo pro at the wheel

    Hi I'd like to leave my video here and let you decide my skills from this game in very hard level. I posted a video for Grid1 close to 3 years ago here at the time I wasn't good haha.
  14. Miguel2013

    Asrock 970 pro3 mobo northbridge chipset too hot

    Can someone tell me if the screen can go blank when this chipset is very hot, 1.2v for northbridge for example? it was at that voltage when the screen went blank, I have it at 1.1v right now but it still very hot I can't touch it for longer then 2 or 3 seconds and don't know if the screen may...
  15. Miguel2013

    Is my VGA failing? how to confirm

    I have a amd system that randomly makes the led lose video signal I touch the heatsink of the video card and is cold and the fan is running and the cpu water block is cold to the touch the memory modules are warm and at stock 1.5v Some time ago I forgot to plug the vga cooler. the pc stayed on...
  16. Miguel2013

    can I solder wires with a silicon gun?

    it's for my turbo module fans for the S1 Accelero.
  17. Miguel2013

    need turbo module (fans) for ARCTIC Accelero S1 "Asus HD5770"

    Need the fans pictured, power cable unsoldered after a little cable adjustment inside the metal sheets of the heatsink. I would need 2 units preferable because the don't seem to be robust. Thanks.
  18. Miguel2013

    My Zumax 650W PSU broke, can I replace it with a Thermaltake 430W

    The model of the Thermaltake is XP550 NP it's 430W below is the photo, I want to know if that will support my current setup. The specs are on my system spec link by my profile button. Notice I have 4 sata 1 harddisk drives making 1TB and the rest it should be clear.
  19. Miguel2013

    I am confused about the power voltage switch on m power supply

    It's a ZU650W model from Zumax at www.zumaxpower.com I've been to the site but couldn't find a photo that shows which selector refers to which voltage. I was playing with it after a power outage. Here is the photo of what I think is 110v, It shows 110 but the switch with the crack is slide over...
  20. Miguel2013

    What soldering iron tip and gun I need to remove caps and other chips on my 2005 mobo

    Hi I'm david vincent, I'd like to know what kind of gun I would need to play with this mobo DFI LP ultra B, I want to see if I can save it changing its caps around, anyway I have a what I believe is a 30watts gun without a tip, I was looking at eBay and found newer guns for like 3.75bucks I...
  21. Miguel2013

    [FS][US] Adobe Creative Suite Standard

    Hi I have an old set of disks and manuals from 2005 from Adobe, I don't know what is for I assume is an older version of cs6 with such programs, I bought it on a yard sale but never used it cause I don't have a mac. Here is what is included in the package: Disc 1: Installer 1 Disc 2: Installer 2...
  22. Miguel2013

    I have a Maxtor 80GB DiamondMax HD ATA/133 that I want to save help me!

    Years ago... around august 2010 I was doing something on my sister's computer, when I connected the power cable up side down to this HD when it started smelling burned. I inmediately knew something went wrung. I really wanted to take it as a new opportunity to learn something new. I didn't...
  23. Miguel2013

    [WTB][US] [WTB]Mobo + CPU + DDR2/DDR3

    First I'd like to know if this combo on ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/COMBO-DP45SG-MOTHERBOARD-LGA-775-Q9550-QUAD-PROCESSOR-4GB-MICRON-DDR3-I-O-/262199998178 is or not a good deal or can be improved by your own stuff to sell, if you can beat it or can suggest me a better deal on a website please...
  24. Miguel2013

    How to make my ebay listings look thrilling

    Hi I sell memory cards on ebay and I while trying adding img tags for the html portion of the listing, ebay removed them. But then I come across this...
  25. Miguel2013

    Does anyone here still play winning eleven 8 for pc?

    I hope someone does, as to me is the best soccer game ever made to this day at least for the computer. It is not perfect may be but is a lot better then what konami now does, even the pes 2016 that I tried wasn't as good in terms of gameplay control of the ball, we8 does more precisely what you...