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  1. ChronoDog

    Titan ITX status. (placeholder)

    Position B is awkward either way you put the case - both horizontally and vertically, since whatever you plug in it will sort of be "stuck in the middle". I vote for position A, but perhaps closer to the middle of the panel (height-wise), that would make more sense imho.
  2. ChronoDog

    Titan ITX status. (placeholder)

    Lazzer, please let us start throwing our money at you already! I want that case of yours so badly, after trying a few different layouts myself, none of which proved to be efficient enough... If the power supply is the only thing holding you back, then please, sell me one without a PSU - I'll...
  3. ChronoDog

    "Bios reading not supported" with 0.6.4 and 660Ti

    As the title says. I wanted to submit my Zotac non-AMP's original BIOS using GPU-Z, but that seems not to work. At the same time, the database already has a Zotac GTX660Ti AMP BIOS in it :wtf: Is there another way to submit? (file attached, just in case)
  4. ChronoDog

    Catalyst Default Colors

    This may seem like another made-up issue to many, but it's been driving me nuts for quite a while now :banghead: I'm currently using a Radeon HD 5770 (reference) and a Dell U2410 (A02) in the Game Mode color setting. For those of you who don't know, the Game Mode on Dell's displays is a mode...
  5. ChronoDog

    Titan ITX status. (placeholder)

    One could always order this Corsair adapter or a similar product from Coolermaster :)
  6. ChronoDog

    Titan ITX status. (placeholder)

    I highly doubt it that any company would be able to offer a full-aluminum case with all of these features for much less than that, just look at the pricetags on the likes of the Luxa series by Thermaltake. Either way, I think that this original idea is worth fighting for, and would be quite...
  7. ChronoDog

    Titan ITX status. (placeholder)

    Please don't get discouraged because of FNW, it's not the same. They will make damn sure their case will not be available anywhere, and to be honest even if your case ends up costing $500, I'd still buy it - and so would many others here. One thing you should definitely do is start some...