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    Nodejs single page application

    I've never used Angular.js before, but if it is anything like Backbone.js, it should have some sort of router. You should be able to map functions to your routes to display the appropriate partials when the user goes to various urls.
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    Noob Ubuntu question

    It works to my knowledge. I'm running Ubuntu 13.04 64 bit on my laptop, which doesn't have uefi.
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    Wanna Try Out New TechPowerUp Design?

    I actually can't get to the site on my laptop. Just redirects to the standard TPU. Running Firefox 20 on Ubuntu. Desktop works fine (Chrome and Windows 8).
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    I got a Bioshock key to give away

    I'm interested!
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    Your resolution?

    1920x1200. It's pretty sweet.
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    Giveaway: THQ Medley Steam Keys

    Sent you a friend invite (Duke Devlin IX)
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    Split String - Java

    What you wrote throws an error when compiling. Should be: String[] temp = MetaData.latitude.split("°|\'|\"") The regex stuff does work though (Thanks for showing that Kreij! Didn't know about that):
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    Giveaway: THQ Medley Steam Keys

    After a hard days work, I like nothing more than just listening to music and browsing the web. W40K: Space Marine
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    StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Infests Stores March 12, 2013

    That's a bit of a stereotypical look at MMO players. The last MMO I played, most of the players I played with wouldn't have fit that description. Most were adults with jobs, family, personal lives, etc, who put that stuff before the game.
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    TPU blacklisted

    I wanna see these sites
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    Planetside 2 Clubhouse

    I absolutely love this game. I played the original for many years, and the sequel doesn't disappoint in my opinion. Wish I had more time to play though :(.
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    Giveaway: Deus Ex Human Revolution

    Count me in. A friend of mine recommended it to me, so I want to see if it's as good as he says it is!
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    Very Slow Internet Owners Group!!!

    Must . . . resist . . .
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    Steam Expands Beyond Games, to Offer Software Soon

    Interesting . . .
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    Good Free Virtual Machine maker

    I've used virtual box in the past and have had no problems with it. It's free.
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    Windows 8 Box-Art Revealed

    Perhaps the saying "there's no such thing as bad publicity" applies here?
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    Swiftech® introduces new Maelstrom 5 ¼” Dual bay Reservoir

    Wait wait wait, when did I become a 5 1/4" dual bay reservoir?
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    Multi Giveaway: Shogun 2: FotS, Dirt: Showdown, Deus Ex:HR & The Witcher

    Deus Ex: HR, 'cuse a friend of mine recommended it!
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    Windows 8 has reached the RTM milestone

    Ah, gotta love arguments over opinion. /sarcasm /killmenow
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    The Filthy, Rotten, Nasty, Helpdesk-Nightmare picture clubhouse

    Perhaps they're discussing why their owners let them get so disgusting?
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    Crysis 3 single player interactive demo

    I probably won't get the game, but I like the fact that you can use that crossbow while cloaked. I'd have a lot of fun with that.
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    Giveaway: Assassin's Creed II

    'Cuse I enjoyed the first one and want the play the second!
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    Sins Of A Solar Empire : Rebellion

    So what's different about rebellion compared to the SoASE and the previous two expansions?
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    Refurb Items, your thoughts?

    I've bought two refurb items, an alienware m11x r1 and an evga p55 motherboard. The laptop is still running great and you can't tell I bought it used. The motherboard, however, was defective from the get go.