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    Unigine Announces Valley GPU Benchmark

    Hi all. I have a small Problem with my Valley bench. Today i received my 2. 7970, lucky boy. ^^ Ok befor setting it to CF i want testing it, everything fine etc. Now i start valley bench like every time before but it leave me now a error message; After that ( confirm or exit no matter ) a...
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    AMD Radeon HD 7790 CrossFire

    Why Skyrim needs to be crossfired? Skyrim cant go higher than 60fps. WoW, cmon are you serious? Whats the need in this game for more than 30-40fps? Its more interessting that this 300bucks Setup beats a GTX670 in some fps Games. I just hope there will be more 2Gib Versions.
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    Show off your WCG farm

    Not at once, 3 Different ebay auctions, lucky with the pair of MSI. Get them for 100bucks. But the 7770 gets more workunits done, i'm not with this. The vliew5 architecture was very powerfull with the right task. My current Sys
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    Silverstone Strider Gold ST65F-G 650 W

    This PSU lols me. ^^ 6Pin PCIe, fails at Holdup... If there is not Silverstone written on, i thing this can be 30$ NT from Discounter.
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    Radeon 5850 FPS problem

    First and very importend is, we need a portrait-picture of your friend. :roll: without it hard to say what went wrong on da pc. :shadedshu
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    Show off your WCG farm

    hihi Ion, your boxes remember me on last year, when i saw many ginnimtiB< Boxes on special mining forums. :D --- Ex Systems; Pic1 Q6600, Asus Maximus X38, 2x 5850 Pic2 Q6600, Asus Maximus x38, GTX460 Pic3 960BE, MSI FXA890GD80, 4x HD5850 Pic4 1090T, MSI FXA890GD80, HD5870+ HD5850 CFired Pic5...
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    Guide to running multiple GPU work units

    Does the Multi-Wu setup work on old HD58xx Cards too? I remember that i run this here on one 5850;
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    Guide to running multiple GPU work units

    I've bin away from Corsair products since 2 Years and it was a good decision. The Quality managment is not the same like few years ago, it seems they slaughter their name. Look for the NZXT Kraken review and get surprized.
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    Guide to running multiple GPU work units

    :eek: impressive...it works omg...:respect: It it also possible on Cypress GPU > 5850? maybe i buy one for my old Dell Dimension. It only had a 9500Gt that crunches a bit for Einstein.
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    Guide to running multiple GPU work units

    But my CPU has only 4 threads, or it dosn't matter? -- I founded Bkk Crunching team to support a small crunch Community and to make my wife proud. ;) It's ok when other like to join, but it's not that important.
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    Guide to running multiple GPU work units

    That is what i see last minutes, i run the Beta before. Now it works, thx. solved.
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    Guide to running multiple GPU work units

    Now boinc pass a very few CPU Wu last hours ago. Anybody have the same Problem before? Do i need change some settings in the manager?
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    Guide to running multiple GPU work units

    Try the tool several times, only get one working gpu Wu @ 7950..Win7 boinc client up to date.
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    TSMC ASIC DATA EXTRACTOR 8 gpu's supported

    nice tool thx. Two 5850; ASIC Type: Cypress PRO (5042 grade) Production Location: TSMC Fab 12 300mm (Hsinchu, Taiwan) Production Year: 2010 (Cards made pre-2010 : Substract 10 years) Production Week: 48 ASIC Revision ID: 112 Wafer ID: 5 ASIC Quality rating by Iddq: 71.875% (higher value...
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    My Corsair TX750 and GTX280

    i owned a tx750 2 Years ago by my self and i put a 285, a 9800gtx+ and a 8800gts on it, no Problems with this set up. I run it for Folding@home box. Maybe your psu is still broken by its own/individually. I sold it all in the bay, dont needed anymore. But all components run very smooth.
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    Sexy Hardware Close-Up Pic Clubhouse.

    Is this the new E-Car from Chevrolet i heared about? :roll: --- one more from me for the topic. ^^
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    Before: ROPs @ 16 - After: ROPs @ 4...

    Today i spend 4-5 or more hours to restore my 5870 by an flashing accident. :ohwell: My target was the msi 5850, but the 5870 msi Bios File hits the Club3D 5870 in the same system. uuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO F*ggggg are my last thoughts i can remember...
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    Sexy Hardware Close-Up Pic Clubhouse.

    my little contribution for this topic. EKL Alpenföhn Matterhorn with stock fan. Cools down a 1090T with 3,6Ghz undervolted.