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    Skype for Windows 8 Unveiled

    2.6$/minute !! Isn't that really expensive? I'm from ARG, so not really an idea of telephone fees in US, or AUS, but that does seem really expensive. Edit: You are right, I'm sorry.
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    Scythe Announces New Easy Mobile Rack

    About pricing? Haven't seen the video, work.
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    COUGAR Introduces Entirely New Gaming Product Line

    I cannot help to think of an old lady buying these to flirt with a young boy. Branding :banghead:
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    Giada Intros a Mini ITX FM1 Motherboard

    That´s a the standar elite price.
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    SteelSeries and Gunnar Optics Introduce SteelSeries DESMO Gaming Eyewear

    Great, no more cheetos to my eyes! Anyway, I cannot believe these don't offer Linux support.
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    [Case Gallery] Coin Operated PC Version 2

    I voted 9/10 because: Well, I like it a lot. This is for bussiness too, isn't it?
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    Texas Memory Systems Unleashes the 900 GB Gorilla RamSan PCI-E SSD

    Now I'm happy my motherboard has 7 PCI-E slots!
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    [Case Gallery] SandyBridge rEvolution

    Consider sleeving the front panel cables and hiding that plug in the front. That's it, nice looking system.
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    PowerColor HD 6850 SCS3 Silent Graphics Card Final Iteration Pictured

    What's your case temp? Mine is around 28 C, and the card is never lower than 40...
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    AMD Gaffe Has AIBs Ship Radeon HD 6790 with Too Many ROPs

    Please back up that bios! AMD lucky marketing is the best one ever!
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    [Case Gallery] Water d3m0n

    I voted 10/10 because: I don't know what's to it but I love how the black in the panel looks. Also like the tubing color when uv-lighted.
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    [Case Gallery] death machine 2

    I voted 1/10 because: .
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    Sapphire Adds Muscle to Mainboard Line

    Why the front panel audio that way up?
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    Sapphire Readies PC-CI7S42P67 Motherboard, Combines LGA1155 with Hydra

    En español es no vale! :P Yay for Sapphire Mobos! Only would expect them in white.
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    Corsair Announces Obsidian 650D Mid-Tower Case

    Damn you corsair! Come to Argentina!
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    [Case Gallery] Retro Zalman Case

    I voted 8/10 because: .
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    MSI to Integrate Killer NIC with Motherboards?

    Stop it NIC! No one cares about you, stop lying to manufacturers!
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    [Case Gallery] BlueRazor

    I voted 1/10 because: Your first photo actually made my eyes hurt. User withdrew this vote on: Dec 17 2010 21:42
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    [Case Gallery] no case

    I voted 6/10 because: What? Hate trolls. Looks really nice with the dark HS, and all.
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    Active Media Products Ships Mini Red Pop Can USB Flash Drive

    Plastic or alluminium? 2nd would like, first hate.
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    BitFenix Unleashes Colossus Venom and Window

    Seriously generating a year of hipe and bringing those shitty cases to the market. Get lost BitFenix.
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    Zambezi AM3+ Core Logic Slated for Q2-2011

    No USB 3?, DirectX 10? I'm a huge AMD fan, but this is hard.
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    Cooler Master Intros HAF-X NVIDIA Edition Case

    Not only ugly, but nVidia themed.
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    [Case Gallery] Jar.IT

    A couple sugestions that might help you; Turn 180 CW the fan in the back so you'll be able to route the cables. Duct tape those cables too. Get shorter Satas and/or route them beneath the HDD, also the power one.
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    [Case Gallery] Antec Twelve Hundred V2

    I voted 1/10 because: Mostly 'cause I don't believe the ten is accurate. The photos are bad, and the alcohol bottles in the last! What? Aaand I agree that you should mod it, at least black interrior, the primer gray default is the most awful thing. User withdrew this vote on: Dec 4...