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    [WTB][US] I desperately need a new GPU, but only have trades.

    I currently have an XFX 4890 with an aftermarket cooler, nvidia 560 TI refurb that I bought from Microcrenter and a 5850 ( either an Asus or Powercolor, I am waiting for aother card from another forum). I would be interested in the Luan Li case. What model is it ? BTW, I have heatware under...
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    [FS][US] Mobos and Video cards

    Counting my pennies...
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    [FS][US] Mobos and Video cards

    What cpu's do you have ?
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    [FS][US] FS: 990FX boards + ref pcb 7970

    -bump only, nothing else
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    [FS][US] AMD Athlon II X4 640.

    Bumped and PMed a few days ago on another forum... and no reply. Guess I'll try again here. PM sent.
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    [FS/FT] TB13's FS/FT Thread

    I don't need that 939, but I want it so bad.....
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    Is the sabre-tooth still for sale ???

    Is the sabre-tooth still for sale ???
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    [FS][US] AMD x6 + AM2+ motherboard + DDR2 RAM + Sound Card = Insanely low price!

    Bump for a solid board. And a PM to Exeodus... the plot thickens...
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    [FS] ATi Sapphire Atomic 4890

    Just curious if this ever got sold.
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    [FS][US] 1100T AMD Phenom II Black Edition

    Am interested and also in the Chicago area ( O'Hare ). I can do cash or paypal, but I'd like to know a starting point to see if we're even close. Heatware is under waveforme.
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    [FS/FT] Ocz ddr3 ram

    Can't believe you still have these... PM sent.
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    [WTB][US] AMD am3/+ X4 CPU

    You do know that both Chicago and Westmont MicroCenters have the 960T in stock for $89.99.
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    [FS] Epic Ram, BBSE, Hyper MGH-E, PSC, Dom GT, GTX8, Trident, 2500ks cheap, 2700k

    Wow !!! Hmm, waiting on a deal for a 2500K from another forum... but if that falls through....
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    $48.99 Samsung 30nm DDR3 1600 hitting 2133?!?

    Just hit the local MicroCenter here in Chicago to pick up another set... for future purposes. Website for MC showed that they had 10+ at Chicago store. When I got there, they only had 1 set left. Turns out someone had placed a web order for 30 sets.
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    [FS] Msi gtx580

    Bump for a good trader... he changes hardware more often than most people change underwear. I know, I know...TMI.
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    $48.99 Samsung 30nm DDR3 1600 hitting 2133?!?

    What's with this stuff ??? I have it at 2133mhz, 10-10-10-28 1T@1.5v on a vanilla Asus P8P67 that I picked up at MicroCenter as an open item for $62. Rig "seems" a bit faster in Windows and some benches are up... slightly. But, are there any practical differences running the ram at this speed...
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    [WTB] 2500K & P67\Z68 Motherboard

    The man has computer CRACK !!! Come here... here's a small taste.. :respect:
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    [WTB] 2500K & P67\Z68 Motherboard

    Another SandyBridge for you ?? Geez. This IS war !!!
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    [FS][US] 2600k combo & i7 970

    Bump, cuz I've only looked at the 970 about a dozen times.
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    [FS] KRDucky's PC Part Cleanout

    PMed on the a-data.
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    [FS][US] Intel Extreme DX58SO LGA 1366 Mother Board

    Any clue which bios version ?