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  1. BazookaJoe

    TechPowerUp Announces TPUCapture v2.0

    I know it might be a bit tricky, but would it be possible to implement DPI Scaling linked between the zoom preview window and the Mouse movement? I use the zoom a lot but when working on someone else s machine (with a cheap mouse) it can be nearly impossible to select accurately when fully...
  2. BazookaJoe

    Corrupted file RAR

    I might be being too obvious here, but are you sure the file you have downloaded is not just in a NEWER RAR version? Many people I know are still using RAR4.xx, and that is not compatible with the 1Mb+ compression libraries used in RAR5 format. In this case it would also report a corrupted...
  3. BazookaJoe

    Vibe Therapy Meridian

    Simply Fantastic. I expect to see more.
  4. BazookaJoe

    Too much sitting linked to shortened lives

    Stress Induced Cardiac Fatigue caused by believing every other study linking practically anything to death found to reduce life expectancy by shocking percentage! No really You should be very worried about this!
  5. BazookaJoe

    Computer turning itself on

    Ok, I realize this may be a stupid suggestion... But I got a new PC about a year ago, and my PC also started turning Itself on - at random times... See the thing was I also had a brand new super sensitive mouse - and my motherboard supported all these new charge your USB devices whilst I'm...
  6. BazookaJoe

    Does Hyper Thread help multitask?

    To answer the title question : I have a 4770K - and It's a bit of a mixed bag with HT for me. Anything that is NOT really really well optimized for many threads ( MOST games - and yes many games do use more than one core but when you step from 4 cores ALREADY on a 4770K to 8 virtual cores...
  7. BazookaJoe

    Sukam Inverter - is a voltguard necessary?

    Looking at the technical sheet for this inverter it seems that it already has equivalent or better surge protection already built in. It is difficult to say for sure without testing that exact equipment, but it does not appear to be needed.
  8. BazookaJoe

    New 3DMark Sky Diver Benchmark Available

    Score : 27,193 (Just the Sky Diver Test) Is this ok?
  9. BazookaJoe

    Mionix AVIOR & NAOS 7000

    Had a Razer Diamondback 3G before, but it finally gave in to years of my furious game raging, it lasted well but nothing lasts forever, I wasn't really happy with the newer Razer offerings (I prefer a very ambidextrous mouse - and a Razer has a habit of making side buttons out of rubber that...
  10. BazookaJoe

    TPU's WCG/BOINC Team

    That's why they call me Slim Shady... I'm back... I'm Back... Don't all get too exited :) Anyhoo yeah I'm back and I've got a little i7 4770K / 780Ti action going on now, got my WCG back up and running this week. (Not seeing those juicy GPU units at the moment? Was exited to see the 780 chew...
  11. BazookaJoe

    List the Games installed on your system ATM!

    Games right now : WolfTeam Borderlands 2 Supreme Commander : Forged Alliance
  12. BazookaJoe

    Maximus VI Gene with internal Wifi card

    This is an example of an extended range USB WiFi device - there are many models - this is just one example. Some people may also want to use a USB Extension cable to move the WiFi device further away from the metal of the case - In particularly large homes - or buildings constructed of very...
  13. BazookaJoe

    Maximus VI Gene with internal Wifi card

    Look I'm no expert, but since the real experts are late to the party let me get started with : the case would likely dull the signal somewhat as they are sort of intentionally designed to block RF to reduce interference - not saying it wouldn't work - but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't work GREAT...
  14. BazookaJoe

    Low-end GPU vs. integrated - worth it?

    I think no matter how you look at it - mobile versions ARE scaled down and DO perform less. I'm afraid something simply does not magically half in size and power consumption without effectively doing less work at the end of the day - For sure my desktop i7 gets a LOT hotter when I'm using the...
  15. BazookaJoe

    Low-end GPU vs. integrated - worth it?

    OK I may have missed a few posts here - there is a lot to read - but I recently built a new i7 4770K system - and have to wait a few months for cash to re-spawn for a GFX card. I have never used the new generation of integrated GPU's but the last time I even looked at on board graphics they...
  16. BazookaJoe

    Rapoo Debuts the H6080 and H6020 Wireless Headphones

    You simply cannot sell anything to English speaking markets with the word "Poo" in it. To be clear - "Poo" is alternate word for "Feces" in English, if you are not a native English speaker. You WILL lose sales because of this. No self respecting anybody will want anyone to know that they have...
  17. BazookaJoe

    How can a free web hosting be offered? I don't understand how it's possible.

    Typically with any "Free" service what you get is a basically functional service, with a number of commonly important features locked away behind a "Premium Membership" option. This is how it is sustainable for businesses to offer free web hosting, or any other similar service. They typically...
  18. BazookaJoe

    anyone else beta testing Elder scrolls online?

    I would love to sign up - but all it does is ask your Birth Date - then direct you back to the main page - I assume Beta signups are closed :( And yes I did try a number of various dates after the initial 2 or 3 failures all with the same result.
  19. BazookaJoe

    Debunking the video screen dpi myth

    Well luckily I grew up in a far away archaic continent that as it was always the last to receive any new technology, often landed up avoiding all of the early adopter mistakes - so I have lived in the land of full progressive my whole life. (We just had to wait 10 years longer before we got...
  20. BazookaJoe

    Debunking the video screen dpi myth

    I think this fellow has just lost the plot a little. I'm not saying WRONG, I'm just saying perhaps not entirely on track with the origin of this supposed myth. To the best of my knowledge (and I my self may be wrong) this 72dpi screen standard came about in the very early days of widely...
  21. BazookaJoe

    Anyone else feel there's something missing from today's games?

    It seems we can at least both agree on this :)
  22. BazookaJoe

    Anyone else feel there's something missing from today's games?

    From your point of view that may be true - but perhaps your point of view is a little too narrow for you to see the forest for the trees. (Off topic back story nested in Spoiler) THAT said, I still strongly stand by my first statement - Games have become hollow and soulless that are NO...
  23. BazookaJoe

    Anyone else feel there's something missing from today's games?

    As already said "The Soul Is Missing" for both games and music in general. (And perhaps even movies - Hell Tobey Maguire still looks 22 and they have ALREADY re-made his spiderman remake FFS!) When the technology was new people made a game "Because they had a great idea and/or story and wanted...
  24. BazookaJoe

    Should I get a USB Wireless adapter or PCI Wireless adapter?

    Yea look WiFi is already SO MANY MANY times slower than USB, even on its best day it makes no real technological difference, other than POSSIBLY, if you believe that you are going to be on the very edge of your routers WiFi signal, that some internal WiFi cards have nice big antennas on a length...
  25. BazookaJoe

    Best HDD Clone Software?

    At this point a redundant response, but I too have used Acronis to much satisfaction