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    COUGAR Value Line of PSUs Designed to Run Quiet

    That was - as well - what I thought first.
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    ASUS GTX 670 DC Mini 2048 MB

    Well OK then. I would also point out (as a disadvantage), that the PCB and the cooler are higher as the mounting bracket. Could ba a problem in some cases, maybe with the Prodigy. Higher card cause troubles or crashing with the ODD slot: http://pics.computerbase.de/4/1/8/7/6/29.jpg
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    ASUS GTX 670 DC Mini 2048 MB

    Good review :) But this cant be a disadvantage of the card. If you want performance like this and a quiet card in an ITX system the card has to be 2-slots high. Its a disadvantage of the case if its not supporting 2-slot cards.