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    Alphacool Intros HDX5 Cooled M.2 RAID Add-on Card

    to muddy it more...you'd want to be able to mostly cool the controllers and raid chip...the nand not so much. Nand runs better n lasts longer 'warm'...
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    Intel Core i3-8300 Detailed - First Quad-Core i3

    In addition to lack of turbo, I'd bet the main difference will be a MUCH smaller cache.
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    VIA Labs VL820 becomes the World's First USB-IF Certified USB 3.1 Gen 2 Hub

    I'm a bit fuzzy on the part about '1 upstream port and 2 downstream ports'...isn't 3.1 bi-directional and symmetrical? tia
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    Radeon RX 480 Cards Can Successfully be Flashed to RX 580

    With any kind of luck, the 470 may flash to a 570 as well...the little extra clocking headroom may be worth it. I'd be skeptical if I were flashing a 'lesser-binned' or budget oriented card model. Will wait and see if/when someone tries flashing a Sapphire 470 4GB Nitro+ card 'up' to a 570 4GB...
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    AMD Cuts Prices of the Radeon RX 470 and RX 460

    I'd be willing 2 bet that we'll see some smokin' hot deals on the 470/480s for cyber monday and xmas sales. Now that supply has had a chance to catch up, it should be a free for all for the 1050Ti, 1060 3gb, 1060 6gb, 470 4gb, 480 8gb cards all fighting for the same market share...hope not too...
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    AMD Cuts Prices of the Radeon RX 470 and RX 460

    "...RX 470 4 GB is cut down to $159.99, from its $169.99 launch price." Launch prices for the 470/480s have been a load of crap from the beginning. The 470 starts at $200 at newegg unless u settle for a cut down single fan hsf. Until just this week, the 480 was even worse...but now the egg has...
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    MSI Announces the Z170A Gaming M6 Motherboard

    Looks awesome...tho it's connected to a 16Gb pipe, I wonder what kinda bandwidth it can actually pump out to/from a single device. If it has the chops...I'd like to see an m.2 (PCIE 4x) powered external usb3 enclosure in the future. IOPs would suffer but as mainly a seq. R/W storage device, it'd...
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    OCZ Showcases Vertex 460 Solid State Drive at CES 2014

    Doesn't seem different. The Vector 150 already uses tosh 19nm toggle afaik...I could be mistaken. Edit: This is a Vertex not the Vector...so the only difference is a slower clocked barefoot 3 for the Vertex.
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    Any SSD better than Samsung 840 PRO?

    Agree totally...the EVO is in the 'middle' of the line up so to speak. It's main attraction is the RAPID feature: from Anand: The cool part is that Samsung will also be enabling RAPID through the Magician toolbox for the 840 Pro as well!!! Now THAT is gonna be a beast! As far as what is...
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    V7 Introduces New V7 Elite 2.5-Inch Solid State Drives

    Yet another SF line up. Probably uses LSI's latest SF-2281 revision which is a plus for sure.
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    Apacer Announces SATA SLC-Lite SSD Solutions

    Sounds like a refreshed version of 'eMLC' nand that's been around for a long time...maybe just a lil cheaper. ;)
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    Radeon R9 and Radeon R7 Graphics Cards Pictured Some More

    Next question is ofc...how well will they o/c? Hoping the 260X will allow a decent O/C cuz that's right in my 'Best Bang for the Buck' price range of $120 to $150.