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  1. Hnykill22

    i7-8700k runs insanely hot even at stock speeds ?

    Has it been running at these temps from the start or did this happen over time?. i would start by re-applying thermal paste and make sure the cooler is seated the right way. this is not normal. i suspect bad contact with the cpu cooler.
  2. Hnykill22

    Good airflow case recommendations

    Corsair Obsidian 450D. has real good airflow and big open holes in the case. not that fine mesh that some cases use.
  3. Hnykill22

    Are you buying Intel Coffee Lake?

    I'm sticking with i5 7600K @ 5 Ghz for now. it seems to be able to keep up with current and upcoming games for now.
  4. Hnykill22

    Computer boots to bios every time

    This can happen if the battery on the motherboard is going empty. then it can't hold the BIOS startup options and boot's to BIOS right away so you can adjust the settings.
  5. Hnykill22

    Local Co-op PC games?

    Borderlands 2 and Saints Row 3.
  6. Hnykill22

    Unigine Superposition Benchmark not Good Enough for Steam

    Somehow this benchmark is fps capping my system to 30 fps in extreme, 60 fps in medium and 120 fps in low .. dont know why ? ..have a X99 system with i7 5820K @4.4Ghz, 16GB DDR4, 1070 GTX Pascal and a 24" 144Hz monitor. but it is capped somehow at 30 fps in extreme ? i have no v-sync. be sure of...
  7. Hnykill22

    You Really Shouldn't Delid AMD's Ryzen 7 CPUs

    For a 2ºC decrease, fuck no. AMD did a good job with thermal solution on this chip. give it a proper cooler and you are done. i don't even think lapping it would do any better than delid. and it gave just 2ºC decrease, so no it is as good as it gets there.
  8. Hnykill22

    Team Blue vs Red

    My i7 5820K @ 4.4Ghz and GTX 1070 will do for now in my computer. but i am upgrading for my sister and a Ryzen 1700X and a GTX 1060 6GB will probably be the choice there.
  9. Hnykill22

    Any way to limit lower multiplier during 5820K OC?

    What cooler are you using ?
  10. Hnykill22

    Your PC ATM

    Not the best pictures but the only one's i have :/ The front is not missing above the DVD drive. there is a NZXT Sentry 2 fan controller there with touch screen. but the camera made it look like there is nothing there :Þ
  11. Hnykill22

    I'm on a boat

    Impressive ! great work :)
  12. Hnykill22

    Can't get new display to run @ 144hz

    AMD 7970 can run 144Hz with ease. just do a clean install.. try this. http://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/AMD-Clean-Uninstall-Utility.aspx Then install latest drivers for the GPU card and make sure you are not using limited cables and such.. should work.. you know.. its not a...
  13. Hnykill22

    An upgrade from a 7970

    Went from AMD 7950 OC to gtx 1070. shit just aint the same. now my 120/144hz monitor stay's at 100+ fps on on all games at utltra. i had to eat noodles the whole month, but when new month came. i regregeted nothing ! big ass Palit Gtx 1070 super Jetstream just gets things done. hope you can...
  14. Hnykill22

    Thermalright Unveils the AXP-100H Muscle CPU Cooler

    Good looking cooler.
  15. Hnykill22

    ASUS STRIX RX 480 runs hot, is that okay?

    You can also make your own custom fan curve profile. But the 480 card does run a little hot normally.
  16. Hnykill22

    EVGA Announces the SuperNOVA G3 Power Supplies

    I have a Supernova G2 1300W and it is dead silent. i mean i dont really hear anything from it ever. and my computer is up on the table next to me.
  17. Hnykill22

    How important is the sound your tower makes to you?

    Thats exactly the sound from a well build computer.. a gentle humming sound. Big fans, low noise.
  18. Hnykill22

    How important is the sound your tower makes to you?

    Certain noise in the room like from a computer can affect your mood. high frequency makes you tense. the brain hears this and reacts to it. even when you are not aware of it. and shit.. im not even talking about coil whine ! shit that sound hurts.
  19. Hnykill22

    How important is the sound your tower makes to you?

    I have this thing to.. cant stand a high pitched computer with lots of small fans just at full rpm making noises. good airflow case to start with.. have a Corsair Obsidian 450D. Kraken X61 cooler and a Palit GTX 1070 Super Jeatstrem card. 2x 140mm fans blowing in at front. and 2x 140mm fans...
  20. Hnykill22

    Anybody regret going red?

    After having AMD 8350 for some while and AMD 7950, i gave up seeing so many having Core i7 and superior GPU's. so i got my self a X99 system. I7 5820K @4.4, and a GTX 1070. and im not looking back. and suddenly games started playing games at 1080p at Ultra. 100+ fps. im not going back until...
  21. Hnykill22

    Non Rattling 140mm Horizontal Fans with Impeller Facing Up

    I have been driving 2x Noctua NF-A14 PWM 140mm almost 24/7 now for a year. facing up on my Kraken X61 cooler. extremely quiet and move a lot of air on low RPM. sleeved long black cables and a 7v Adapter for even lower silent running. good fans.
  22. Hnykill22

    When did you start playing adult games as a kid?

    DooM.. then straigth to Quake 2, Action Quake and Quake 3. then i stopped playing online. did a little Unreal Tournement for a while. 36 years old now. cant play this stuff anymore. i hate being killed over and over again just to respawn and do it again. 10 years of respawning does that to you...
  23. Hnykill22

    OFFICIAL Mafia III (Discussion)

    It's a good story line. gameplay and platform. what i can see, most people have something to say about the graphics. now there is SweetFX, unlimited fps and other changes just in few days. and it looks and drives good. few patches have come and the game is getting pretty good. but i'm gona wait...