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    Does a motherboard affect general Performance

    I think so. For example, some mother board fit you case well. It works well with your ventilation system. Sometimes the extra heat may hinder the performance of your mobo. Case, motherboard and cooling system really matter.
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    Dumb dude looking for help with buying a new video card.

    First, upgrade your PSU to 550w or better and get HD6870
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    GTX560 Ti 1GB (asus) or HD 7850 2GB (sapphire)

    7870 without a doubt
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    I'm not using Consair so can't really tell you if it is a good one. but it shouldnt be bad with this much of reviews.lol Mine is arctic p531 5.1 however, it can vibrate during games.LOL
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    2500k - are these temps ok?

    The temperature looks good actually.No problem at all. :-)
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    Laptop overheating problem

    Go get a cooling pad. It cost only around $30.
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    Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary

    Its 25th anniversary now? Huge fan of this game! LOLLLL
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    Which GFX GTX580 3gb or HD 7950 3gb?

    I rather get HD7950 than GTX 580, but it is pretty expensive tho:-\ How much is the used GTX 580?
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    Arctic Unveils the MC101 Series Trinity-Powered HTPCs

    I guess it is the trademark thing. They are producing PSU called "Fusion 550", maybe that's the reason. :-\