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  1. ghost101

    ASUS EAH5970 - Radeon HD 5970

    The memory should be the same. Even though its 2GB (unless this has changed for the 58xx cards), the same stuff has to be mirrored on each 1GB sets of vram. This should increase memory bandwidth, but not the memory total.
  2. ghost101

    Does GPU-Z really state valid Current?

    Cheers. Never came to my mind they might be changing the voltages lol. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buck_converter I am glad I never thought of doing electronic engineering.
  3. ghost101

    Does GPU-Z really state valid Current?

    I think its all done via capacitors. But I know very little about this kind of stuff, so don't take my word for it.
  4. ghost101

    Does GPU-Z really state valid Current?

    Don't know how old you are, but you would normally get taught this in school around ages 14-16 in physics. Power(P) = Voltage(V) x Current(I) So holding the power constant, any change in voltage must be matched by a change in current. This is what a transformer does across electricty grid...
  5. ghost101

    Does GPU-Z really state valid Current?

    A HD 4870 on the enermax 620w psu will be fine. Stop worrying. edit: I see you have the psu already. The psu may be faulty, but 36A on 12v rails is enough. edit2: I see that you think that "amps" may be wasted. But what the specs mean that 22A load can be put on any one rail at one time. But...
  6. ghost101

    Does GPU-Z really state valid Current?

    Yes. My HD 4890 core actually has 80A of current passing through when under intense load. Of course thats not at 12v, but only at ~1.3v. e.g. 76.5A @ 1.3125v = 100.4W This is the core power consumption alone. You need to add the vram power consumption and any other components.
  7. ghost101

    Does GPU-Z really state valid Current?

    GPU-Z is not giving incorrect readings. The voltages are different from that of 12v rails. For example, if the gpu core is at 1.2v and draws 60A, then it is using 72w. Assuming 100% efficiency transforming of current thats 6A at 12v. Note: I don't actually know how PSUs change voltages, my...
  8. ghost101

    ATI 5870 pops up on newegg

    What about crossfire though? Do the stores really want to piss off the high end customers?
  9. ghost101

    European Commission Publishes Decision Concerning Intel's Abuse of Dominant Position

    The EC doesn't exist to protect firms but consumers. The fine helps European consumers. It is upto AMD now to launch a civil case in Europe. However I'm not sure exactly how it will work. The EC is a fairly new institution and therefore things like this set new precedent. As for unwritten...
  10. ghost101

    European Commission Publishes Decision Concerning Intel's Abuse of Dominant Position

    The semantics surrounding what a monopoly is and isn't doesn't even matter. ANYONE with large market power can abuse their position. As for comments about the fine only hurting Intel currently and not reversing the past. It is a punitive punishment which is supposed to put people off doing it...
  11. ghost101

    European Commission Publishes Decision Concerning Intel's Abuse of Dominant Position

    Wow at Easy Rhino's attempts to defend Intel. Basically giving free reign to market dominant players to crush the competition. Think about what would have happened if Intel continued to do this upto the present day. There would be no AMD alive today. Intel would be free to charge whatever they...
  12. ghost101

    Radeon HD 5870 1 GB Gets First Listing

    If that price is roughly correct, it must mean the MSRP is $399+tax as some sources suggested. If its $299+tax that store is ripping off dutch customers. Since they claim that they are generally in-line with the market, $399 will be the MSRP it seems. Remember to adjust for your local tax...
  13. ghost101

    I cannot believe what i'm seeing here no way is this cooler on this card

    There is no VRM cooling. How does this card not die...
  14. ghost101

    Radeon HD 5870 Aggressively Priced: Report

    I also advise ignoring the preorder rip off prices overclockers uk will undoubtedly have.
  15. ghost101

    Radeon HD 5870 Aggressively Priced: Report

    Don't worry. It won't be £299. Brits just like to complain. The HD4870 was around £200 on release. I bought the HD4850 on release at £120. US price of both cards were $299 and $199 respectively. The £:$ exchange rate is slightly worse this time around though. So prices will be a bit higher.
  16. ghost101

    what make is this cooler ?

    Hey you were looking for those thermal pads before my hinting post got deleted on overclockers uk. I said, "auction site" and so it got deleted even though ebay is mentioned 485 in their forums for the last 24 days. Heres the stuff...
  17. ghost101

    What are your plans for Windows 7 ?

    Already preordered 2 retail copies for £45 each. Have used Windows 7 Beta/RC on laptop since release. Will put one copy on my laptop, and not sure if I'll use the other on my PC. I don't really see too much of a benefit to warrant me losing the money I could get from selling it in January when...
  18. ghost101

    Intel Appeals Against EU Antitrust Verdict

    I think people will find that the ECC doesn't go solely after American companies but all companies which abuse their market power. http://ec.europa.eu/competition/news_archive.html Look through the news archive and you'll find that the 1bn euro fine isnt even the biggest handed out. Theres a...
  19. ghost101

    (Needed) Gaming PCI Express x1

    http://www.emachines.com/products/products.html?prod=EL1200-05w Has the NVIDIA® GeForce® 6150SE chipset which is actually an nforce 4 chipset. So unless e-machines have removed the 16x lane slot to cut costs, there should be one.
  20. ghost101

    The I-phone Killer

    That is a lot of effort to go to for a mediocre joke. edit: okay its an ad for nova scotia
  21. ghost101

    AMD HD 4890 Design Contest Submissions

    Some are very nice pieces of work. Good luck to all those that put the effort in.
  22. ghost101

    XBOX Natal will be a 'new' console

    So why would there be a new console? The article makes no sense.
  23. ghost101

    XBOX Natal will be a 'new' console

    I thought this was project natal
  24. ghost101

    some temp. query on HD4890

    http://www.cooltechpc.com/c/ctpc/std/sku=ZM-RHS70.html $8, probably cheaper elsewhere. But first look at post 199 here, apparently you can use entire red plate. http://forums.techpowerup.com/showthread.php?t=90117&page=4
  25. ghost101

    4890 highest core clock

    Oh thats brilliant. Thanks, might work a lot better. Hopefully won't get in the way of the S1.